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Products custom-designed for Kalakriti. Decorative Sheets.

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1 Products custom-designed for Kalakriti

2 Decorative Sheets

3 One-Design Sets These sets contain 100 sheets of one design per set. Each sheet measures 30 x 40 inches. Each sheet is 90 to 130 gsm in density. The sets cost between INR 3,000 to 5,000. If more than 20 sets are ordered, then price for each set will be INR 2,500 and no additional shipping charges will be applicable. Festive Pebbles (left) & Cherry Blossom (right).

4 Vintage HennaRosette

5 Ethnic DivaFestive Black

6 Pink Paisley Royal Red

7 (Clockwise from top-left) 1.Black & Grey Flowers 2.Tangerine & Gold Flowers 3.Pink & Yellow Daisies 4.Lavender & Gold Flowers

8 Multi-Design Sets These sets contain 100 sheets, 10 sheets per each design. The material and thickness of these sheet varies per design; some are embossed, some have velvet artwork, and some have a metallic finish. These sheets are made with the material of the highest quality available in the market worldwide. Each sheet measures 30x40 inches. These sets cost between INR 5,000 to 8,000. For bulk orders (minimum 30 sets) the fixed price is INR 3,000 per set and no additional shipping charges will be applicable. Festive White

9 BronzeBrown, Orange & Gold

10 Gold Gorgeous Blue

11 Green & GoldMaroon

12 Pink & GoldRed, Pink & Tangerine

13 Yellow & GoldGold, Pink & Rose

14 Paper Gift-Bags Kraft Gift Bag - Brown 4 x 6 inches Set of 100 for INR 300. Bulk price (minimum order of 5 sets) INR 250 per set. (No shipping charges on bulk orders.)

15 India Celebrates 8(H)x5(W)x2.5(D) inches. Each set contains 5 bags (different designs). One set costs for INR 200. Bulk price (minimum 100 sets) is fixed at INR 150 per set.

16 Gift Bags with an Original Watercolor Artwork Large size. Water on canvas painting in the front. Each bag is for INR 300. The bulk price of each bag is fixed at INR 200 (minimum order of 150 bags). Burgundy AnemonesBerries

17 Ivory DreamsGolden Paisley 5.4 x 7.2 inches. INR 400 for a set of 10. Bulk price (minimum order of 100 sets) is fixed at INR 300 per set.

18 15 x 10 inches. INR 85 per bag. Bulk price is INR 75 per bag (minimum order of 200 bags). Blue Floral Gold Floral Evergreen

19 Set of one large Gift-Bag (17.5x12x3 inches) and one small Goodie Bag (7.5x5 inches) One set is for INR 135 Bulk price is INR 100 per set (minimum order of 100 sets) Japanese BlossomSweet Poppies

20 The Twelve Wonders Set of 12 bags of different designs. 8.5x5.5x2.5 inches. INR 600 for one set. Bulk price is fixed at INR 550 per set (minimum order of 100)

21 Gold & Glitter 22.5x17x4.5 inches. Each bag costs INR 95. Bulk price is INR 80 per bag (minimum order of 200).

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