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LIFE IN THE ARMY 1. Army 101 2. Component Choice 3. Branch Choice 4. Financial 5. Physical 6. Recreational 7. Social 8. Academic 9. Medical 10. Mental.

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1 LIFE IN THE ARMY 1. Army Component Choice 3. Branch Choice 4. Financial 5. Physical 6. Recreational 7. Social 8. Academic 9. Medical 10. Mental 11. Spiritual

2 Army 101 The Army has two main components Institutional Army –Training centers, training units, schools Operational Army –Deployable, combat, combat support units –Active Duty, Guard, Reserves Active Duty – 540,000 (73k officers, 73k women, 56% married) National Guard – 360,000 (32k officers, 51k women, 44% married) Reserves – 200,000 (33k officers, 47k women, 45% married) Civilians – 220,000

3 Field Army (2-5 Corps) Corps (2-5 Divisions) Corps (2-5 Divisions) Divisions (3-5 Brigades) Brigade (3 or more Battalions) Brigade (3 or more Battalions) Brigade (3 or more Battalions) Battalion (3-5Companies) Company (3-4Platoons) Platoon (3-4Squad) Squad (4-10 Soldiers) 10,000-18,000 Soldiers Soldiers Soldiers Soldiers Soldiers First Army Third Army Fifth Army I Corps III Corps V Corps XVIII Corps 10 Active Divisions 2 Integrated Divisions 8 ARNG Divisions Command Level General Lieutenant General Brigadier General Or Colonel Major General Lieutenant Colonel Captain 2 nd Lieutenant Staff Sergeant US Army Force Structure

4 Which Career Path? Active Duty –Most Competitive (50% of ROTC graduates go active) –Army is full-time job National Guard –Army is part-time job –Work for a state –Units are usually Combat Arms Reserves –Army is part-time job –Work for the federal government –Units are usually support units

5 Army Benefit Comparison Active Duty –30 days paid vacation a year (max 60 days*) –Annual pay raises –Promotional pay raises –Advanced civil schooling –Military schooling –Career progression –Family medical / dental health and life insurance –Travel (and plenty of it) –PX and Commissary benefits –Social network –Post privileges Reserve Duty (Guard/Reserve) –One weekend a month (training) –Two weeks during the summer (annual training) –Steady income –Still able to hold a variety of civilian careers –Promotional pay raises –Military schools –Financial support to continue higher education –Possibility of Active Guard Reserve Duty –PX and Commissary benefits

6 Obligation/Commitment Differs greatly, depending on contract(s) Normally, the Mandatory Service Obligation (MSO) is 8 years. That means 8 years of service in the military. Can be all Active duty, all national guard, all reserve or a combination. If receiving active duty, minimum is 4 years on AD. Remainder of MSO can be whatever is desired (AD/Gd/RS/IRR) ADSO (3 more years of AD to get what you want) –Branch –Post –Grad School SLRP (Student Loan Repayment Program) –Up to $25,000 – one additional year of active duty –$25,001 - $50,000 – two additional years of AD –$50,001 - $65,000 – three additional years of AD

7 Force Sustainment Basic Army Branches Maneuver, Fires & Effects Operations Support Infantry Armor Aviation Field Artillery Air Defense Signal Corps Chemical Corps Military Police Military Intelligence Corps of Engineers Finance Adjutant General Corps Ordnance Corps Transportation Medical Services Nurse Corps Quartermaster Corps Health Services

8 Army Life After College 1.Wait for your orders (weeks, months) a.Reserve/Guard – find a job b.Active Duty/Gd/Rsv can do Gold Bar Recruiter on any campus c.Active Duty 2LTs can do summer training camps (LDAC/LTC) 2.Attend Basic Officer Leaders Course - Branch (BOLC - B) a.At basic branch training institution b.Varies from 13 to 20 weeks (AV = 1 year) 3.Follow on schooling (airborne, ranger, air assault) 4.Report to first duty station (active duty) or to work (NG/AR)

9 Army Career After BOLC-B

10 The Active Army Divisions ArmoredMechanizedAirborneAir AssaultLight 1 1 OLD IRONSIDES 1 st ID Fort Riley, KS 2 nd ID Korea 3 rd ID Fort Stewart, GA 4 th ID Fort Hood, TX 82 nd ABN Div Fort Bragg, NC 1 st Armored Div Germany 1 st Cavalry Div Fort Hood, TX 101 st AASLT Div Ft. Campbell, KY 10 th Mtn Div Ft. Drum, NY 25 th Inf Div Hawaii

11 Army CONUS Stations

12 Army OCONUS Stations

13 13 BEDFORD BfSB FSC (192) NOBLESVILLE C(MED)/113 SPT (70) MARION EEE/38 SUST BDE (97) ANDERSON UEx STB SIG (158) C/638 ASB (43) PERU Det1/A/1-293 IN (51) LAFAYETTE HHC/638 ASB(168) A/638 ASB (179) KOKOMO HHC/38 SUST BDE (206) RENSSELAER Det 1 C/1-294 IN (51) LOGANSPORT C(-)/1-294 IN (80) Auto Rep Plt (35) ELWOOD SIG/38 SUST (55) HARTFORD CITY D/1-294 IN (79) TERRE HAUTE 519 CSSB HHD (76) Det Chem (75) F/113 FSC IN (127) Det th Rgt INDIANAPOLIS STOUT FIELD (Bld 1,2,3,5) HHD JFHQ (264) Contract Tm (8) TMDE Tm (7) Bld PAD (8) Bld 7 53rd CST (22) Bld 9 E (TA) FA (90) 138 AG (27) 433 AG (47) 826 AG (47) 939 MP Det (45) 438 Chem (-) (74) CRC OD Co (-) (95) RAYTHEON HANGER 3 DET 10 OSACOM (8) DET 3 D CO 126 AV (9) DIVISION ARMORY UEx HHC 38 (313) UEx TAC CP (174) 881/882 LNO DETS (4) UEx 38 STB HHC (199) HHC 38 AVN UA (119) C/1-151 IN (131) Det Rgt TYNDALL ARMORY HHC 76th BCT (149) 76 STB MI CO (72) 76 STB HHC (188) FORT BEN HARRISON Det 18 R & R (147) Band (40) 138 FI HQ (30) 176 FI DET (23) 177 FI DET (23) 178 FI DET (23) NAVAL ARMORY DET 1 (SS) JFHQ CAMP ATTERBURY -HHD ISU -HQ 138th Rgt (Cbt Arms) (Cbt Arms) - Det 2, JFHQ (SARTS) - Firefighter Dets (18) ATTERBURY ARMORY -BfSB BDE HQ (162) -DET 17 MD Cmd (95) -F/3-238 ATS (45) -215 MED (82) TC Co (177) -Auto Rep/Arm Rep (58) EN VERT (-) (70) EN HORZ CO (162) -Det th Rgt NEW CASTLE BfSB SIG Co (70) BLUFFTON Cav Trp 1 (46) Cav Trp 2 (46) COLUMBUS R&S Bn HQ (87) GREENFIELD 76 STB SIG (59) SPENCER MUNCIE HHC/113 SPT (78) A/113 SPT (189) Det Rgt FORT WAYNE HHC/1-293 IN (211) B/1-293 IN (131) C(-)/1-293 IN (80) E/113 FSC IN (127) 338 QM Fld Svc Co (122) - ANG Det Rgt WINCHESTER 76 STB EN CO (75) ELKHART 1538th TC Co (173) 193 MP I/R (12) ANGOLA Det 1 C/1-293 IN (51) ATTICA MONTICELLO 738 MED CO (82) DELPHI 38 MP CS DET (70) Det Rgt FRANKFORT Det FSC (65) INDIANAPOLIS CAMP ATTERBURY SHELBYVILLE BRAZIL 138 QM Spt Co (152) SALEM C Trp RSTA (81) SCOTTSBURG D/113 RSTA FSC (102) Det 6 138th Rgt MADISON A Trp RSTA (75) NORTH VERNON DET 1413 EN VERT CO (92) BLOOMINGTON HHB/2-150 (89) 384 MP CO (-) (100) NEW ALBANY HHT RSTA (129) 387 MP I/R Co (124) JASPER HHC (-)/1-151 (141) EVANSVILLE HHB FA (104) A FA (94) B FA (94) G/113 FSC FA (92) 384 MP CS DET (70) Det th Rgt TELL CITY Det 1 HHC IN (70) WASHINGTON D /1-151 IN (79) VINCENNES Det 1 A (51) GSE OD Plt (27) LINTON A (-)/1-151 IN (80) WARSAW A(-)/1-293 IN (80) HUNTINGTON D/1-293 IN (79) PLYMOUTH 381 MP CS Co (100) SOUTH BEND 190 TC BN HQ (49) C/1-297 IN (131) 381 MP CS Det (70) Det Rgt LAPORTE 1613 EN SPT CO (121) MICHIGAN CITY 938 MP Det (45) VALPARAISO 713 EN SAPPER CO (104) HAMMOND D/1-297 IN (79) GARY REMINGTON 1638 TC Co (-) (90) BOSWELL ROCKVILLE B/2-150 FA (103) GREENCASTLE A FA (103) DARLINGTON KEMPTON DANVILLE 38 MP CO (-) (100) MARTINSVILLE B/1-151 IN (131) LEBANON C FA (103) CONNERSVILLE B/1-152 RSTA (75) RICHMOND B/113 SPT (91) PORTLAND Draft 6.0 State Draft 6.0 BY COMMAND SHELBYVILLE AVN GSAB (184) AVN (75) -Det 2 B/ 638 ASB (30) CRAWFORDSVILLE 81 st TC (32) 135 CH Det (2) 139 FSC (-) (70) NEW GARY ARMORY D/1-297 IN (79) C(-) 238 GSAB (64) Det 1 B/1-112 Avn (23) 938 MP Det (45) GARY 113 EN BN HQ (173) Det TC Co (83) CURRENT UNSTATIONED ARMORIES Draft 6.0 (8 total): Boswell, Attica, Darlington, Portland, Michigan City, Terre Haute 9 th St., Spencer, Kempton LEGEND Red – 38 DIV Blue – 76 BDE Green – 81 st TC Black – Non-Aligned FUTURE STRUCTURE ARMORIES Draft 6.0 (1 total): Hammond SEYMOUR LRS Co (126)


15 The Army Is Engaged Worldwide (~150,000 soldiers deployed) Ecuador/Peru El Salvador Honduras Sinai MFO Qatar Saudi Arabia Kuwait National Guard Counter Drug Support Haiti Kosovo Bosnia Albania Germany Turkey Korea Vietnam JTF Full Accounting Hungary Egypt Macedonia

16 Financial (Active Duty) Monthly Pay = Base + Housing (BAH) + Subsistence (BAS) + Special Pay Payment by EFT every 2 weeks Pay raises every year (~3.5%), with every promotion, and at every 2 nd year of service mark Housing is provided on base for all, in exchange for BAH, if you choose.if you choose Free tax return assistance/filing Free legal aid (wills, powers of attorney) Retirement Pay – 50% ++

17 Base Pay (Active Duty, 2012 rates) Pay raise each year (2% - 3% usually) Officer promotions usually occur at years 2, 4, 8, 16

18 Drill Pay (for one weekend, 2012 rates) Soldiers usually are paid the full drill pay for one weekend of drill. This usually occurs times each year. In the summer, NG/AR Soldiers usually attend a two-week Annual Training, or AT, and are paid for two weeks of active duty

19 Other Recurring Payments Housing (BAH) –Different rates for single, married, dual-military –BAH varies based on location (more for expensive areas) –Base rate of BAH is set at $565/mo for single LT to $1004 for married CPT –Example: BAH for Purdue is $1173 for married 2LT, $969 for single 2LT (add $300 for New York, $900 for Hawaii) Subsistence (BAS) –$223 for officers, $324 for enlisted Your salary as a new 2LT in the Summer of 2014 would be approx $55,000, with only 2/3 of that taxed, and no health expenses (so add ~ $10,000)

20 Special Pay Family Separation - $250 for month for each month separated Hazardous Duty Pay/Imminent Danger Pay - $375 Combat Zone Tax Exclusion (no federal taxes while deployed) Aviation Pay Health Professional Pay Dive Pay, Jump Pay Language Proficiency Savings Plan while deployed (earn 10%) Clothing Allowance (officers – once, $400) Temporary Duty Pay (travel, lodging, meals) Dislocation Allowance (= BAH++) Do-it-yourself (DITY) moves (govt moves you free)

21 Other Financial Benefits Health Insurance – full coverage, no cost Dental Insurance – full coverage, small cost for family Life Insurance - $400,000 soldier, $100,000 family for minimal cost Loan deferment for active duty (must speak w/ your lender) AER loans (emergency) Financial Counseling Post Exchange / Commissary shoppingPost ExchangeCommissary shopping

22 Physical PT every day (and you supervise/lead) Excellent gyms on base PT facilities (tracks, PT sheds) everywhere Organized aerobics, CR, dance for all Intra-mural sports All Army Sports Olympians (19 soldiers were in China!)Olympians –World Class Athlete Program

23 Recreational MWR – Morale, Welfare, Recreation Gyms Golfing Bowling Hunting Fishing Boating Skeet/ranges Hiking / Parks Paintball Lake activities Scuba/sky diving Auto crafts Arts and Crafts Soldier Show Concerts Holiday Events BOSS (Single Soldiers) Youth Sports Child Services/Events Camping/RV spots, rentals Movie Theater Local trips Reduced prices for local events Pro sports events Clubs/lounges on post Lodging across the world AFRC (Hawaii, Disney, Europe)AFRC Space-A travel

24 Social Restaurants, lounges, clubs on post Holiday meals in the dining facilities Dining In/Dining Out Unit runs Spouses groups (Wives Clubs, PWOC) Hails and Farewells Army Ball, Branch/Regimental Balls Dances (Father-Daughter, youth) Formal/informal socials/parties with unit Family Fridays Army Family Team Building Support to local events, Special Olympics



27 Academic/Technical Officer Training (BOLC-B, Captains Course, ILE) Enlisted Training (BCT/AIT, WLC, BNCOC, ANCOC) Specialty (ABN, AAS, RGR, SPR, Dive) Professional Bulletins and seminarsBulletins Technical (NBC, Safety, Pre-command, MOS specialty) Correspondence On-line training/coursesOn-line Knowledge base/portalsbase/portals Rosetta Stone (do this NOW for extra points on OMS)Rosetta Stone Education Centers and Libraries on post College (tuition assistance, entrance tests, ACT/SAT, Adv Civil Schooling, FFLEP, PT-Baylor) GI Bill is AMAZING! 36 months of tuition, books, housing for you and/or your family members.GI Bill is AMAZING


29 Medical Tricare – Insurance plan for military Large hospital on base, many clinics and aid stationson base Several dental clinics on base (for soldiers) Veterinary Services

30 Mental Army Community Service – ACS Counseling –Marital –Financial –Mental –Career –Academic –Physical –Substance Abuse

31 Spiritual Many chapels on base Many services each Sunday/Wed for all denominations Chaplains are assigned to Battalions Marriage retreats, single soldier events Bible studies, men of faith events, Christian concerts on base Officer Christian Fellowship (OCF), Navigators

32 LIFE IN THE ARMY 1. Army Component Choice 3. Branch Choice 4. Financial 5. Physical 6. Recreational 7. Social 8. Academic 9. Medical 10. Mental 11. Spiritual

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