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Webelos Succession Planning Detail Steps for Webelos II *Blue and Gold Planning *Bridging *Arrow Of Light Ceremonies.

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1 Webelos Succession Planning Detail Steps for Webelos II *Blue and Gold Planning *Bridging *Arrow Of Light Ceremonies

2 Overview Blue and Gold is a Pack event to celebrate a year of accomplishments, say farewell and honor Webelos II, and to recognize volunteers for their tireless help to keep the Pack going. Much work goes into this event, therefore establishing a team of people to make sure all aspects are handled will make for a more positive and less overwhelming undertaking. The following slides include recommended steps to ensure you have addressed all aspects of Blue and Gold Banquet Planning and Webelos II Bridging. The material is broken into 3 sections: – Blue and Gold Planning – Webelos II Bridging – Arrow Of Light Ceremony All Packs are different and creative. This is just a guide to help with identifying aspects of the banquet and recommended timeline. Your pack may have other ideas for Blue and Gold. Helpful Hints: – Keep a binder of each years details as a helpful tool for reference year after year. – Make sure to take lots of notes and pictures at each Blue and Gold to keep record of what has worked and not worked – Track expense details so has to identify overall costs year over year, and to help identify cost savings opportunities. – Pick a mix of leadership to plan – some new Tiger Parents, Wolf Parents, Bear Parents and Webelos Parents. This helps to carry on and start new traditions from year to year.

3 Blue and Gold: Planning Identify Chairperson(s) for event – It is best to establish this person(s) the year prior to Webelos II final year if planning for Blue in Gold in February – Example, your Pack Blue and Gold is in February, 2013, Chairperson should be identified in June 2012. Chairperson(s) hold preliminary meeting to determine committees that will require a chair to manage Committee examples – Facility Coordinator – Invitations/Family Communication – Food Coordinator – Centerpiece/Decorations – Event Night Paper Program Design and Development – Entertainment – Skits – Goodie Bags for scouts and siblings – Awards and Ceremonies – Audio/Visual (If you plan of slide shows or other) Fill each committee with a chair to manage details and execution. Noted committees help lessen the work load, but if they need to be combined together, this can work for your Pack as well. Adjust to what will make your Pack most comfortable. You could divide up the work across rank – Tigers bring table covers and centerpieces; Wolf plan the games; Bears bring dessert; Webelos I ensure all award plaques are complete; setup/clean-up; Webrlos II enjoy the Party Ideal to establish by May so early discussions and volunteers can be organized prior to summer vacation. Set an August meeting date for the Blue and Gold Committee, that way the team can come together prior to the next school year and work on next steps.

4 Blue and Gold: Planning The Early Bird Catches the Worm – If you are planning on holding your Blue and Gold in a Banquet hall, the earlier you book the higher the chances are you will get the date you want. – Entertainment should be secured once everyone agrees. Many entertainers who specialize in Blue and Gold Banquets book up in early fall. Secure once you have finalized a date. – If finances are tight you can hold an afternoon of Scout Skits; or Scout games and save on entertainment. Parents love to see their own kids having FUN – Blue and Gold is a Party. – There are loads of Theme ideas you can find – Google – Blue and Gold Themes – Have a kick-off meeting in August so everyone involved can determine what needs to be done and when. It will be easier to secure additional help earlier on if needed.

5 Blue and Gold: Financial Planning This is one example of many options on how to track expenses. Whether you keep detailed notes or create a detailed spreadsheet, it is a good idea to record what your pack expenses are for Blue and Gold. This will be a valuable tool for future planning and as a reference tool/historic record for new volunteers who are taking on the Blue and Gold planning position.

6 Blue and Gold: Arrow Of Light Webelos II Leaders Responsibilities Because these scouts have been with these leaders for a possible 5 years, The Webelos should have a major say on how they will execute and celebrate their bridging – Make sure the plan how your Den intends to proceed with the Arrow of Light ceremony. – Plan the decorations of the Arrows for Arrow of Light Presentation. This will include a possible picture frame, rack/frame to hang arrow from for display. – Make sure to make special arrangement for Super Achievers – Make sure to provide scouts records of the their past achievement (example: a legend explaining each of the strips on their arrows), copies of their past scout tracks if use this tool. See Below)

7 Webelos Transition Troop Visits – Signal Hill District is wonderful in that it has many Troop options for Scouts. See Appendix for Troop listing. – Scouts must visit a troop and meet with a Scoutmaster as part of their Arrow if Light requirements. Webelos II Den leaders should help facilitate/plan these meetings for the Den for several reasons: To be a single point of contact for troops to schedule a visit Ability to coordinate overall pack schedules in advance so there arent multiple troops scheduled for the same night Troops can forward to the proper contact relevant information or invitations to events for dissemination to Cub Scout families. Troops events could be great options as Den meeting for the Cub Scouts. If your Den has completed all of their Achievements, use this outings as Den activities.

8 Webelos II Transition Relevant Information to Families About Troops – It is important for parents to understand what is all involved and what questions to ask when visiting a Troop. Below are recommended questions to ask: How large is your Troop? When are your meetings? How is your Troop structured? What fundraising do you conduct? Where does your fundraising go to? Scout Account, Troop Accounts, both? What are your annual dues/What is your dues structure? Detail your leadership structure. How do you structure Patrols in your Troop? Summer Camp background. Monthly Camping background. How does your Troop communicate important messages? What if my son needs to miss events/meetings/camp for other obligations? What is your Troops positioning? What is your Troops expectations from the families? – For the Scouts, encourage them to keep records of who they visit and what they liked. This will help when it is time to make their final decision. Also, simply have your son ask one key question, do you see yourself happy with this troop and making friends.

9 Webelos II Transition Bridging Ceremony Details – Determine well in advance of Blue and Gold what kind of Bridging ceremony you would like to have for your Den. – If you wish to have the Order of the Arrow perform and host the bridging ceremony, it is recommended to book early in the fall (Sept/Oct). – Make arrangement to have bridge ready or borrow bridge from another Pack for your ceremony – Have and practice a plan for: Arrow of Light Patch, Arrow of Light Certificate and Arrows passed to Scouts Super Achiever Awards for Scouts who earn all 20 Webelos Pins Bridging for Scouts to Troops Have an action plan in place for Scouts who dont bridge – Make sure to communicate with Troops what your bridging plans and ceremonies are so they are prepared. – Make sure to contact Troops well in advance of Blue and Gold so they can make arrangements to have a representative there to greet the bridging scout. – Mare sure you invite list includes important individuals to the Pack such as Commissioners, Charter Rep, Pack supporters, etc. – Involve the boys in the ceremony – have the Tigers stand before the bridge and shake hands with the Webelos II s as they approach the bridge and salute each Webelos as he crosses; Have the Bears and Wolfs shout a cheer; Have the Webelos I stand on the other side of the bridge and hand the awards to the Web 2s – There are loads of options to ensure everyone plays a role in the bridging.

10 Webelos II Transition Overall Timing – Signal Hill has many opportunities, allowing time to explore all troops is beneficial. – Most, but definitely not all, Troops meet on Mondays. Depending on how many you visit, keep in mind you can only see one a night. Planning ahead helps. Keeping a running calendar or Troops meeting and Special Invites for your Den is extremely helpful for everyone.

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