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Presents Marketing Associate. Index Reliance My Gold Plan (RMGP) Why RMGP? Benefits of RMGP MPG verses other Jeweller Schemes Structure of RMGP Definition.

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1 Presents Marketing Associate

2 Index Reliance My Gold Plan (RMGP) Why RMGP? Benefits of RMGP MPG verses other Jeweller Schemes Structure of RMGP Definition Product Details Process Note

3 Reliance Money Precious Metals (RMPM) presents Reliance My Gold Plan (RMGP), in association with World Gold Council. Reliance My Gold Plan (RMGP) lets you start buying gold for as low as Rs.1000/- per month. It lets you accumulate gold in small amounts every day over sustained periods through a Average Pricing Methodology (APM). APM allocates each monthly Subscription amount into 20 parts thereby protecting you from the daily price fluctuations. RMGP Accumulated gold grams can be converted into gold coins or jewellery from multiple outlets across the country. O WNING G OLD W ILL N EVER B E T HE S AME A GAIN Reliance My Gold Plan

4 Lack of Human discipline in accumulation of Gold Limited range of gold investment/ savings products available to consumers Issues around Purity and Quality of Gold supplied by Jewellers Current Gold Saving Schemes have only an option to redeem in Jewellery Concerns around Credit Worthiness of Jewellers Scams and other fraudulent practices in gold schemes Steep rise in the price over the past few years making bulk purchase unaffordable High inflation results in physical security concerns Why RMGP?

5 Accumulation of Gold with small amounts over sustained periods for a larger grammage / meeting up with ones savings, goals or Objectives thought of like daughters wedding, etc. Objectives Allows the customer to average his price on Gold over a period of time resulting into Cost Averaging 24 karat with 99.5% purity or more Guaranteed Purity 100% secure and backed by physical Gold for every gram issued to customers Secure & backed by physical Gold Independent Trustee appointed for management of bank and safekeeping of gold Zero Default Risk Partnered with World Gold Council, globally recognised organisation of the gold industry, including global mining companies Association Gold stored with specialised security agencies having vaults as per RBI specifications. Safe Keeping Benefits of RMGP

6 Features Reliance My Gold Plan Gold ETFGold Savings FundJeweller Backed by Physical GoldYes No Fulfilment ModeGold Coins/Jewellery*Cash Own Jewellery only Allotment Price of Gold at each Subscription Net Asset Value Price of Gold at the end of the tenure Mode of Subscription Cheque / DD / ECS / Cash** Stock ExchangesECS / Cheque / DDCash Average Pricing Methodology YesNo Impurity RiskNoNot Applicable Yes Default RiskNo Yes Flexibility to buy gold from other Jewellers YesNot Applicable No Fulfilment CentresAcross IndiaNot Applicable At his outlet MGP verses other Jeweller Schemes *Work in progress **Will be offered in future, work in progress

7 Investor Specialized Safe Keeper RMPM Fulfilment Partner Distributor Reputed Back Office Provider Trustee Structure of RMGP…

8 Who can Invest ?Resident & Non Resident Indians including minors, HUF Minimum Monthly InvestmentRs.1000 and in multiples of Rs.500 thereafter Investment ModeCheque/DD/Pay Order/ECS/Auto Debit/Cash* Tenure12/24/36/48/60 months with options to extend Additional Subscription Customers have an option to make lump sum purchases. Such additions will not be adjusted against any monthly dues. Average Pricing Methodology will be applicable on such additional purchases. Gold Micro GramsMPG gold grams credited customers account in 4 decimal (rounded down) Average Pricing Methodology All "Clear Funds" from investments (Fresh / Monthly / Additional) will be invested in gold over the next 20 business days in equal tranches and Gold Micro Grams allotted at "Beginning of Day" prices declared by Reliance Money Gold Pricing Gold price (upto 2 decimal points) would be calculated and declared by Reliance Money for all business days Lock-in Period6 months. (Redemption not allowed during lock-in period) Administrative Charges 1.5% of Initial/Monthly Subscription Amount and is a non-refundable fee paid to the RMPM towards setup/administration costs Pre-Termination Charges 2.5% of the accumulated amount will be payable if gold grams are fulfilled prematurely (i.e after 6 months but before the agreed tenure of the plan) Demurrage / Safe Keeping Charges 0.50% per annum on the total value of subscription paid, applicable ONLY when the customer does not take delivery of the gold coins /jewellery within 60 days of fulfilment. Fulfilment99.5% Pure (or more) Coins in denomination of 0.5/1/2/5/10/20/50 grams/ jewellery Product Details *Work in progress

9 Fulfilment Charges These charges need to be paid before delivery of gold coins Payment to round off to the nearest incremental 0.5000 grams Pre-Termination Charges (if applicable) Demurrage (if applicable) Coin Making Charges as applicable VAT, Sales Tax and other statutory levies Fulfillment Locations RMPM will enter into tie-up with reputed coin suppliers at various cities for the purpose of encashing R-MGP gold grams in form of coins. The updated list of coin fulfillment outlets will be hosted on the website for reference. Clear FundClear funds refer to funds available for purchase of gold grams Business Day A Business Day means any day other than: 1) Saturday / 2) Sunday / 3) A day declared as holiday under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 4) A day on which normal business could not be transacted due to storms, floods, bandhs, strikes, riots or any other events as RMPM may specify from time to time 5) Please refer to for the non-business day list Statement of Holding Statement of Holdings will be issued only by email on a quarterly basis every quarter ending June | Sept | Dec | March Designated Point of AcceptanceAll official points of acceptance Correspondence and Contact Email: Toll Free Number: 1800 200 2267 Product Details…contd

10 Customer / Distributor/ POS Back Office Provider Bullion Trader & Custodian A/C Opening Form KYC Documents Initial Subscription Subsequent Subscription Scan and submit relevant document to Back office Service Provider Verifies information and enters in Online Portal and banking of Instrument Customer Adoption Creation of Customer ID Dispatch of Welcome Kit Fund Credit Identification and reconciliation Allocate Subscription into 20 equal parts and inform RMPM 1/20 th part daily for purchase of Gold RMPM book gold gram with Bullion trader Monthly Statement t of Holding on a monthly basis to Customer Other Communication Store Gold with Safe Keeper On Redemption instructions of RMPM gold grams to be released Fulfilment partner Process Flow JewelleryGold Coin

11 Thank You

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