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Debbie Hinely May 11, 2010 BUSM 520. Born 1947 in Netherlands Father Dutch Olympic gymnast & military officer Mother Canadian nurse & painter Carleton.

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1 Debbie Hinely May 11, 2010 BUSM 520

2 Born 1947 in Netherlands Father Dutch Olympic gymnast & military officer Mother Canadian nurse & painter Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada Bachelor of Arts in Geography in 1965 Many honorary degrees Married a lawyer, no children Has won numerous awards over her career Retiring from Western Union September 2010 Continue in advisory & consultative capacity

3 1969 Brooke Bond Foods, Ltd Accountant adding up redeemed discount coupons 1970 Avon Canada 1989 Avon Canada President 1993 First female President of Avon North America 1998 established The Beaconsfield Group Consultancy focused on global direct selling and marketing/distribution strategies 1999 CEO Excel Communications 2002 President Western Union, under First Data 2006 CEO Western Union Successful spin off as own company Serves on Board of Directors for: ITT Corp. NY Life

4 Joined 1970 Requested to be put in charge of an English- speaking area of Canada Instead made head of sale of downtown, French- speaking Montreal Kept being put in poor-performing areas Continued to show results Held 20 different positions in 19 years

5 Brought in Gold in 1993 as President Went through three presidents in six years Led to possible hostile takeover by Chartwell, Inc Raised sales and profits, saving division Brought division share up from 35% to 40% Stepped down as President to become Executive VP of global direct selling development Supervisory position

6 Began as telegram company in 1851 Englewood, Colorado $5.3 Billion revenue 420,000 agents 7,000 employees 200 countries and territories Worldwide leader in money transfer, bill payment and prepaid services USs largest mortgage-payment processor 20% market share for global payment services

7 Transactions20022009Total Increase Consumer-to-consumer 68 million196 million128 million Consumer-to-business145 million415 million270 million TOTAL213 million600 million398 million Total WU revenue$2.7 billion$5.1 billion$2.4 billion Consumer-to-consumer = primarily migrants sending money to family members in home country Consumer-to-business = payments One reason for change: more customer-focused vs transaction-focused Changes Under Christina Gold

8 Making Western Union a successful business on its own Agents are independent operators 87 different logos globally Enforce strict compliance standards globally Regulations to guard against money-laundering Launching global foundation Our World, Our Family $50 M, 5-yr initiative Empower migrant families to education & global economic opportunities

9 3 Very Separated, Unrelated Industries No prior knowledge or experience One thing in common - people Cosmetics Telecommunications Global financial services PEOPLE

10 Took advice of mentor & met challenges Took a voluntary demotion to learn other areas of management Leads by example Allows others to use & develop their talents Established new organizational structure in failing companies Success is not a solo act. Never forget those important people behind the scenes of your success: family, co- workers, friends & mentors. - Christina Gold at 2009 Carleton University Convocation

11 Self-AwarenessSelf-ManagementSocial AwarenessSocial Skills Emotional self- awareness: Self-control: Empathy: Visionary leadership: Accurate self- assessment: Trustworthiness: Organizational awareness: Influence: Self-confidence: Conscientiousness: Service orientation: Developing others: Adaptability: Communication: Achievement orientation: Change catalyst: Initiative: Conflict management: Building bonds: Teamwork & collaboration: Emotional Intelligence

12 Level 1Highly Capable IndividualHas the talent, knowledge & skill to make Avon & Western Union successful Level 2Contributing Team MemberHistory of advancement with Avon Level 3Competent ManagerHas skills necessary to organize people to move toward a common goal Level 4Effective LeaderVisionary; able to get people behind her & help make company successful Level 5ExecutiveLed WU into new era of being own company; a shy powerhouse A proven Good-to-Great Leader! Christina is a very understated, quiet but very tough manager. Shes liked by every member of our Board of Directors and management team. - Sy Sternberg, Chairman, NY Life

13 Action LogicCharacteristic example OpportunistWins any way possibleBrooke Bond Foods DiplomatAvoids conflictAvon, Canada ExpertRules by logic & expertiseAvon, Canada AchieverMeets strategic goalsAvon, North America IndividualistOperates in unconventional wayAvon, North America StrategistGenerates organizational changesAvon, North America Western Union AlchemistGenerates social transformationWestern Union *new global culture …Passionate business leader who is recognized for her ability to transform major corporations into powerful players in the global market place. – Emcee at 2009 Carleton University Convocation

14 Shy, overweight teen Huge fear of public speaking Male headship of Avon Inability to speak French Moving to another country Failing companies

15 Has great Emotional Intelligence Authentic leader Proven Good-to-Great Leader Quiet Leads by example Has high expectations Not afraid to jump in to help where needed to reach goal Alchemist Able to switch between necessary leadership styles

16 Possibly Women tend to be more naturally empathic and nurturing Style used by Christina Gold can be adopted by anybody

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