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Network & Device Monitoring 4 ALL WhatsUp Gold v15

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1 Network & Device Monitoring 4 ALL WhatsUp Gold v15
WhatsUp Gold Webinar – July ‘12 Chiara Ornigotti International Business developer Manuel Minzoni Product Manager Itway

2 Agenda Introduction WhatsUp Gold Partners, Community and The Gold Club
Ipswitch, Inc. The Network Management Division Innovation through Customer and Market Focus WhatsUp Gold Partners, Community and The Gold Club Q&A

3 About Ipswitch Develops easy to use software for:
Network Management Secure File Transfer Messaging & Collaboration 100 Million users in over 60 countries Private U.S. company Founded in 1991 by Roger Greene Profitable since 1991 275 employees worldwide One of a few, non-Venture Capital funded software companies Donated over $2M to children’s charities Stable and financially sound company Focused on the future 3

4 Network Management Division
20 years of operation 100,000+ networks monitored 10 million+ devices monitored 468% growth in International markets Headquartered in Lexington, MA Offices in Atlanta, GA: Salt Lake City, UT; International presence: UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Japan 100+ employees with over half in R&D Setting the pace of innovation in the industry segment Growing at 40% CAGR over the last 4 years Industry growth rate of 9% CAGR in the same time frame

5 Management Innovation: Goal & Focus
Our goal: Develop easy to use, economically accessible and comprehensive IT Management software Easy to use Download, installation and configuration are really intuitive Complete monitoring deployment in less than 1 hour Accessible Unbeatable Quality/Price ratio Licensing model based on devices number (and NOT on monitors number), with unlimited monitors per device Requires little time, costs and work in order to be deployed and maintained Comprehensive A single platform for the monitoring of whatever device and technology: network devices and servers, centralized or distributed, physical and/or virtualized devices, traffic analysis on whatever network infrastructure, etc. Total Customer focus: On-going customer insights researches, technical previews, new features/products roadmap voting surveys, WUG community members surveys

6 Go To Market Innovation: High Velocity Execution
Increased Investment in Products through strategic M&A Second NM acquisition - Dorian Software Creations in Q1 2010 Event Log Management Suite: Collect, Archive, Alert, Report and Analyze Addresses Security and Compliance Requirements Accelerated Product Releases in last 12 months Four WhatsUp Gold Releases (14.2, 14.3, 14.4, 15.0) Three 1.0 Product Releases and Plug-ins WhatsVirtual 1.0 and 2.0 WhatsUp Engineer’s Toolkit 1.0 WhatsUp Failover 1.0 and 2.0 WhatsConnected 3.0 (standalone) WhatsUp Flow Monitor 3.0 WhatsConfigured 3.0 (standalone) WhatsUp Event Log Management Suite 9.0

7 Solutions for Any Sized Network
1,000+ WhatsUp Gold Distributed 500 Number of Devices Monitored WhatsUp Gold Premium (Systems & Applications) 300 100 WhatsUp Gold Standard 25 Entry-Level Network Monitoring SMB to Large Business Networks Larger Distributed Business Networks

8 WhatsUp Gold Customers

9 WhatsUp Gold Solution Benefits
Rapid time to value, extensible architecture, easy to use and to install Discover everything deployed in your network Receive real-time alerts to ensure rapid response to a network outage, network traffic bottleneck or a security threat Simplify troubleshooting tasks through a unified view and a single console Automate administration tasks, from corrective actions to configuration changes Custom reports including detailed hardware inventory, performance, policy compliance, bandwidth usage or audit trails

10 WhatsUp Gold Differentiators IT Management Made Simple
Deploys in a matter of minutes versus days or weeks No planning required Frees up IT personnel time that can be used for critical tasks Extensible and complete solution Organizations can buy the right components to support their business goals No need to re-install or install anything new- functionality is controlled by licensing ONE pane of glass, ONE Alert Center, ONE integrated discovery Track and resolve problems anywhere in your infrastructure Web and Mobile Access for flexible monitoring on the go Balance better your personal life and career Flexible licensing model Devices based – simple, no hidden tech support costs 20 years of experience, proven products & competitive pricing

11 WhatsUp Gold Extensible Architecture with plug-ins
WhatsVirtual: Virtual Server Management Dynamically manage VMware servers and Virtual Machines from a single interface Flow Monitor & Publisher: Network Traffic Analysis Manage, visualize and alert on bandwidth utilization: hosts, applications, conversations, etc. WhatsConfigured: Change & Config. Management Automate change and configuration management of network devices Failover Manager with bi-directional High Availability VoIP Monitor: Network Perf. Measurement Assure the network supports IP Telephony and provides the expected voice call quality WhatsConnected: Layer 2/3 Discovery & Mapping Discover, map and inventory hardware and software assets and their connections WhatsUp Gold: Application, Fault and Performance Monitoring Products Core Standard Premium Distributed/MSP Plug-ins ship with core platform - Activated via license keys Ipswitch Network Management Division - Confidential -

12 WhatsUp Gold Foundation Platform
Standard: Entry level management Premium: Adds system and application management Distributed: For larger customers with multiple locations MSP: For VARs and Managed Service Providers CORE PRODUCT IT Management Platform: WhatsUp Gold

13 Discover - Map - Monitor - Alert - Report
Core Product - WhatsUp Gold Discover - Map - Monitor - Alert - Report Discovery Mapping Monitoring Real-time monitoring Reporting Alerting

14 Discovery and Topological Mapping
Intelligent Network Discovery (layer 3), based on roles, assigned to the devices based on collected attributes Automatic configuration of active, passive, performance monitors and Alerts based on assigned role Roles and their monitoring profiles can be easily customized

15 Advanced Monitoring Proactive Monitoring of network infrastructure and servers Preconfigured Monitors Cover all of the most common devices, systems and applications: from hardware (fan, power supply, temperature), to processes and services Use SNMP, WMI, SSH, syslog, active script Easy import of proprietary MIBs Active Monitors Synthetic transaction generation to check application integrity and performance (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP...) Specific detailed monitors for MS Exchange 2007/2010, SQL, MySQL, Mail Servers, APC UPS, etc.

16 Alerting Centralized alerting configuration and reporting
Many notification types: mail, SMS, text file log, syslog, script, program, service restart, etc. Alerts are based on check of whatever status or performance parameter or threshold Alert on Trap, syslog or Windows Event Notification Escalation policy can be easily created and customized With FlowMonitor, alerts on traffic details are available No false alarms, thanks to intra and inter device dependencies

17 Flexible Reporting More than 200 preconfigured reports on network, application, system and hardware monitoring Customizable Dashboards Historic and real-time Top N reports Mobile access from PDAs with more than 35 performance and status reports

18 Distributed Edition Network management, in real time, on many geographically distributed sites Highly efficient distributed architecture, since monitoring activities and load (in terms of management traffic and collected data processing) are locally and independently carried out at each remote site, reducing central site overhead Visualization of the state of each remote site from the central NOC Highly scalable (easy addition of new remote sites) Secure encrypted communications between each remote site and the central one

19 WhatsUp Log Management Suite Event/Syslog Management for Security & Compliance
Automatically collect, store and archive logs to reduce costs and comply with multi-year data storage regulations Receive real-time alerts to protect key information and ensure rapid response processes to a security threat Analyze and discover potential security incidents during routine review Custom reports for IT personnel, compliance officers and even law enforcement agencies

20 WUG Plug-ins & Log Management: Extensible Architecture

21 WhatsUp Gold v15: What’s New
Completely redesigned intuitive, faster, task-oriented interface - with feedback from hundreds of network managers Console functionality exposed in web interface In-context navigation - fewer clicks to get to and correct any problem Major performance and efficiency improvements - pages load up to 30 times faster and provide relevant options simply and clearly! One Discovery, One Pane of Glass Integrated Layer 2 discovery & maps (leveraging the power of WhatsConnected) Integrated view of network performance and log auditing information (together with WhatsUp ELM) Localization improvements, translated versions in 2011 Active Directory integration, NEW WUG User Groups FIPS validation & encryption, for WUG & all plug-ins The enhancements that customers requested Absolute-value interface reports NEW device pop-ups with device status and performance details WhatsUp Gold DB rename Easy network traffic monitoring and much more… moreover v15 Plug-ins: WhatsVirtual - Our most powerful virtual discovery engine and NEW Dynamic LiveMaps Flow Monitor performance, reporting and scalability

22 WhatsUp Gold v15 – Event Log Management Workspace Reports
New Workspace reports may be added to any home workspace for visibility into Event Log management data base Workspace reports drill down to specific events from database New Reports: Critical/Warning/Informational Event Alarms, Failure Audits by User/Computer, and Summary Counts New Utility to prepare ELM Database for WhatsUp Gold integration

23 Partner, Community and The Gold Club
Distinct Partner Advantages Deal Registration Available in Select Geographic regions Distributors can review approved deals NEW Partner Portal updated sales & marketing tools: Competitive Information Videos Collateral White Papers Customizable Templates & banners Online Technical and Sales Certification Programs Apply to become a Partner or register for access to the Partner Portal today!

24 Favorite real-life WUG screenshots posted
WUGspace: Sales Enablement Tool See how other network mgrs are using WUG WUGspace interviews With WUG customers Favorite real-life WUG screenshots posted 2 Slideshow view! 1

25 Gold Club Customer Recognition & Rewards Program
Profiled panel of customers Volunteering for product development and marketing activities To influence product development, earn recognition, awards and discounts Benefits Discount on new product licenses Special status in WUG Community Voting ballet per release for new features Exclusive Product Roadmap Presentations Exclusive First Look & Consultations new features and product development Top Contributors’ Recognition Awards Annual participation awards ($100 - $300) Recommendations & Referrals upon request for speaking events, LinkedIn, etc. Activities WUG Community leadership Technical Preview Programs Early concept testing Product development discussions Surveys & Polls Reference for prospects, media or analysts Referral of new WUG Customers Quotes for Press Release, Website, Video Guest speaker for events Case study subject Gold Club Management Team: Stephanie Zawacki, Jason Williams, Marina Gil-Santamaria

26 Thank You! Q&A Manuel Minzoni –
Product Manager Itway vad Chiara Ornigotti – International Business developer Thank You!

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