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Gold Touqa El Husseiny 7D

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1 Gold Touqa El Husseiny 7D peak-in-june-2013-heres-why/&docid=Gk4jR0-bS0w83M&imgurl= bars4.jpg&w=400&h=300&ei=xmtJUvbkAenU4wSmsYDACg&zoom=1

2 Obtained from 0 Gold can be taken from the crust of the earth 0 It can also can be taken form the copper ores

3 Atomic Number/Symbol 0 Gold number on the periodic table 79 0 Gold symbol on the periodic table is AU

4 Number of Protons 0 Gold has 79 protons in one atom 0 It has the same amount of electrons so it is neutral

5 Number of neutrons 0 Gold has 118 neutrons

6 Melting point 0 Gold melting point is 1064.43 °C

7 Boiling point Gold boiling point is 2807.0 °C

8 Atomic Weight The weight of gold is 196.96655 AMU

9 Uses of Gold 0 Electronics 0 Jewelry 0 Coins 900s7L4/s200/coins_stack_43_lg.jpeg

10 Word Origin 0 Gold comes from the Latin word Aurum which means Gold. The word Gold it self comes from the German word Goud. 5591-a-black-board-with-a-wooden-frame-and-the-word-german-written-in-chalk.jpg

11 Discovery 0 Gold was first found in the early times, as early as 3000 BC. Gold was found in small nuggets in streams all over the world.

12 Thank you for watching Bibliography Information 0 "Chemical - Gold (Au).", 2013. Web. 30 Sep 2013.. 0 "History of gold.", 2013. Web. 30 Sep 2013.. Picture bibliography on slides

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