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McMaster University Christine Brooks-Cappadocia – Marketing Manager Lisa Boniface – Assistant Director.

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1 McMaster University Christine Brooks-Cappadocia – Marketing Manager Lisa Boniface – Assistant Director

2 McMaster Experience Evolution of marketing expertise Marketing manager – overall/all programs Program managers – program marketing Educate program managers Become more focused and strategic Now we have 2 marketing assistants Will share our experience + what we have learned

3 In this session you will learn how to: Collect and analyze demographic and behavioural data Create segment profiles Develop marketing strategies to reach specific segments

4 Demographic Data City House or apartment Postal code Age/generation Gender Employer and employer address Title Previous education How did you hear about us Application data




8 Behavioural Data Area of interest Preferred course format Learning goals Length of time to complete program Diploma, professional certification Buying patterns Enrolment data

9 Results of past marketing activities Source code Contact created date Events attended Emails clicked on and URLs Google analytics Reports and learnings Surveys

10 What is a segment? No such thing as an average student 5-7 segments per program Need to be able to describe (create a profile) Things we need to know about segments: Behaviours Demographics Needs, motives, desires Where to find more of them

11 Example: 25-35 year old women, with a University degree in psychology or sociology, working in mental health. They want to be certified in addictions counseling. They want online courses because it provides flexibility. They do not have employer support with tuition assistance, so they will be paying their own way.

12 Look for Patterns Aggregate data I start with geographic data City sort – compare with census data FSA sort Gender sort Age range sort Employers Sales data

13 Adding Context Compare with what you think you know Investigate surprises Establish base segments – pockets of like people by program, geographic, psychographics, demographic/behaviour Segment is only helpful if you can find more of them – keep digging

14 Example: Our behaviour interviews of best customers showed that the consistent factor for all of them was that they each had a parent, teacher or mentor, who read to them as children. There is no way to act on this information that will pay off in the short-term. However, we have a pocket of people who live within 10 km of the main university campus. I can hit them with outdoor advertising; list buys unaddressed list buys, community events, etc.

15 Sometimes we need more information Eg. professional designation, job title, employer Surveys Behavioural interviews Market tests

16 Size lifetime value 80:20 rule Example: Human Resources program

17 Profile Example: Generation Y (23-30 years of age), females, graduates of McMaster University. Most want the diploma credential and 40% also intend to pursue the professional designation. Like to know: Which degree programs did they graduate from?

18 Identify a few key strategies, tactics and messages Establish metrics and goals Determine the value of each new prospect This determines how much you can spend Benchmark conversion rates

19 Example – Gen Y, McMaster grads Tailored messaging and brand Use what you know to reflect the segments needs and information sources Campus events Relationships with feeder programs On-campus promotions Clubs Alumni association

20 Start with what you already know Keep it simple Look for patterns Dont guess – make data-driven decisions Identify segments and develop focused marketing activities Evaluate, revise and repeat

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