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Read and Write Gold Linda Blickley,OT 10/14/2008.

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1 Read and Write Gold Linda Blickley,OT 10/14/2008

2 Text to Speech Software oHands on learning oWorks like a CD player or Tape Player oCan be used with: oWord Documents oScanned Documents oWeb Documents

3 Students that will benefit Auditory learners Dyslexia Spelling challenged Students below grade reading level ESL Students with a greater verbal than written expression ability.

4 Read and Write Gold Runs exactly like a CD player or Tape Player.

5 How to use it: Read and Write Gold Instructions Open the document. Minimize the document. Click to open the Read and Write Gold program Use the screen reader tool bar like a tape player, or CD Player. > Play < Rewind ll is pause >> Fast forward << Fast rewind

6 Additional Features: Spell Check Word Prediction Dictionary Word Wizard Speech output Calculator Screen Shot Reader* Translator *** Like having many programs on one tool bar***

7 Thesaurus Word Wizard - acts as a auditory thesaurus. It guides users from the known word a new or preferred word. Each of the descriptions and sample sentences can be read by Read&Write Gold to help find the word to use.

8 Spell Check Difference is Sound! Works like a Word Document Spell Check Listen to the word you typed Listen to the options to choose the correct word. Auditory Comprehension Kids.

9 Word Prediction Just like Write out Loud Word Prediction - The Read&Write GOLD Word Predictor learns the Users style of writing and predicts the word they want to use next Flexible spelling Customize lists…

10 Dictionary: 180,000 words are provided with alternative suggestions in the Read&Write Gold dictionary. Each word in the dictionary has a description and sample sentence, all of which can be spoken.

11 Calculator Simple and Scientific Calculator - The calculator provides the most common functions. Provides an audit trail so that each user can see their calculations as they progress. It is also capable of evaluating equations within a document and converting measures of time, distance etc. between to metric form.

12 Translator Spanish Translator Tool Provides easy access to one-click translation of English words that a student gets stuck on. Works with any digital content, on-screen selections, accessible applications, website content or digital textbooks.

13 Need Help? Got Kids? Get Help: Im available to help out in your classes. Write-GOLD Write-GOLD

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