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1 LIBRARY SERVICES Support for gold open access publishing strategies at QUT Martin Borchert Associate Director, Library Services (Information Resources and Research Support) Colleen Cleary Library Resource Services Deputy Manager CRICOS No. 00213J

2 LIBRARY SERVICES Special thanks to: Stephanie Bradbury Research Support Librarian Paula Callan eResearch Access Coordinator Christine Locke Electronic Resources Assistant

3 LIBRARY SERVICES Make no mistake... Green Gold

4 LIBRARY SERVICES Were going OA... OA is about making published scholarly articles (and other outputs) free, immediately, and permanently online in full- text for everyone via the web. Green road of OA self-archiving is where authors deposit a free version of their published articles in an OA repository Gold road of OA journal publishing is where authors pay to publish in paid gold OA journals which are then freely available via OA, or by publishing their articles in free gold OA journals. 20% of published articles were available OA in 2009. Bjork et al in PLOS Currents

5 LIBRARY SERVICES It is generally accepted that OA supporters should implement green OA initiatives first and as the primary focus because green OA is the most transformative, and that gold OA initiatives should be implemented afterwards, or green before gold. This allows authors the greatest choice of journals in which to publish, and pushes the bulk of research outputs into the OA space (Harnad, 2005).

6 LIBRARY SERVICES Were going green... Enabling Open Scholarship research-institutions?hlText=policies Cumulative growth of Green OA policies Over 1,100 institutional OA repositories Over 25 million records 91% journals and 63% publishers allow self-archiving

7 LIBRARY SERVICES And were going gold... Free gold OA Paid gold OA (author / research grant / library pays) DOAJDOAJ lists >6,000 gold OA journals and the list is growing 500,000 full text articles OA

8 LIBRARY SERVICES Challenges, barriers and misunderstandings Lack of awareness of awareness of OA and gold OA Smaller range of journals across disciplines Misconception that low levels of gold OA publishing reflect low acceptance Confusion over peer review Perceived high cost by researchers Who will pay? Misconception that authors are paying to get published New journals dont have time to develop high impact factors Support for traditional gated publishing methods Diversity of confusing publisher business models The hybrid double dipper business model Some publishers taking advantage of confusion regarding OA in order to resell free content for profit Misconception that OA is about punishing traditional publishers

9 LIBRARY SERVICES Governance and strategy Information Resources Committee Research Support Committee F/1.3 QUT ePrints repository for research output Collection Development Manual CDM 3.1.5 Open Access

10 LIBRARY SERVICES CDM 3.1.5 Open Access QUT Library actively supports the [paid] gold road by: Managing the subscriptions for, and paying author publication fees for true gold road open access publishers such as: –BioMed Central –Public Library of Science –Hindawi Press Assisting academics with the publishing process QUT Library will not support or pay author publication fees to commercial publishers that are double or triple dipping by simultaneously marketing their content using multiple business models including traditional subscriptions, gold road open access, and on-selling to aggregators.

11 LIBRARY SERVICES QUT Library actively supports the [free] gold road by: Providing a free gold OA journal hosting service using Public Knowledge Project (PKP) Open Journal Systems (OJS) Example: First Year in Higher Education International Journal

12 LIBRARY SERVICES Selection of gold OA journals Alignment with QUTs research strengths and priorities QUT researcher feedback and demonstrated demand Publisher reputation and journal quality Publications are peer reviewed Journal impact factor (publisher average) Acceptable and affordable author publication fees The publisher / journal uses a true gold open access business model and not a hybrid double dipper Budgetary implications for the Library Resource Allocation (materials budget).

13 LIBRARY SERVICES Supported BioMedCentral (BMC) Public Library of Science (PLoS) Hindawi Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI) International Union of Crystallography

14 LIBRARY SERVICES X or ? Bentham Open Maney Open InTech MedKnow Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association

15 LIBRARY SERVICES Gold OA hit list


17 LIBRARY SERVICES Promotion + Scholarly publishing seminars and workshops

18 LIBRARY SERVICES Development of library staff The Library has a research support seminar series for library staff to develop their knowledge and skills. See paper Borchert and Callan, (2011), Preparing Library staff for research support roles at QUT Support model Research Support Team x 2Development Liaison Librarians x 20Promotion and support Library Resource Services Licensing and payment

19 LIBRARY SERVICES Researcher uptake


21 LIBRARY SERVICES Citations Downloads BMC gold open access journals in which QUT authors published had impact factors of ranging from 1.64 to 4.93 and SJR scores from 0.044 to 0.755. Hindawi journals had impact factors from 0.73 to 0.88 and SJR scores from 0.036 to 0.121. PLoS journals in which QUT published had impact factors ranging from 4.351 to 13.050 and SJR scores from 0.690 to 1.180. PLoS journals are averaging the highest in terms of impact, followed by BMC journals and then Hindawi journals. Impact


23 LIBRARY SERVICES QUT has paid US$80,294 to BMC since 2006, making the total average charge per article A$1,824. QUT has paid US$18,510 to PLoS since, making the total average charge per article about A$2,477. QUT has paid US$3,000 to Hindawi in 2010, making the average total charge per article in 2010 A$1,606, however, if a third article still in submission is published, the cost will be A$1,070. These costs seem justifiable when compared to the costs found in the literature.

24 LIBRARY SERVICES In summary Paid gold OA provides a secondary (to green OA) avenue for making institutional publications available OA There is growing list of gold OA journals to target It is important to apply selection processes Demand may be moderate / the cost my be acceptable You really should try it!

25 LIBRARY SERVICES Discussion. Please read the paper in full.

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