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Update on the Online Conversion Process for and GOLD: Implications for OSEP Reporting.

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1 Update on the Online Conversion Process for and GOLD: Implications for OSEP Reporting

2 Rationale States using 7-point online conversions noted a larger than expected proportion of typically developing children. Expert practitioners (Nebraska) chart review demonstrated that some of the children who were rated a 6 or 7 were performing below what would be considers typical development for their age. Discussions with Teaching Strategies to review the analyses for the cut-scores for the 7 point scale.

3 Conversion Process: Partnership with Teaching Strategies and ECO Reviewed the original conversion process Developed a set of methods to revise and validate a new process

4 Details of the Analysis Process Children with and without disabilities were used in the sample (from original research) Assessment data was used to estimate age expected functioning The age expected performance was used to benchmark either the 7 or 9 points along a range of typical development for each age band

5 Analysis Process: Continued A sample of children with disabilities performance was compared to the benchmarks Validation of the new cut scores were based on previous research and federally reported state data Current reports reflect these current revised cut scores

6 What changed? Children need to have higher scores to be rated as performing similar to same age peers

7 How to explain the changes in APR and to Stakeholders Stress the importance of having numbers that are a more accurate representation of the status of the children Changes in the summary statements may not reflect a change in performance but a change in the measurement This could be a rationale for modifying your states targets for 2011-2012.

8 How does this impact the OSEP Child Outcomes Reports OSEP reports will have smaller proportions of children in the D and E categories Size of the effect will depend on the: – % of children that being assessed with CCDC in your state –Ability level of the children in your population

9 Transition to GOLD: Implications for Reporting Entry data in and exit data in GOLD can be used for OSEP reporting Similar analyses have be conducted with GOLD to determine the cut scores. Results may vary since it is a new assessment an as a result may impact summary statements and future targets.

10 Next Webinar Review of new conversions from AEPSi and how that will effect your outcomes data –11/15: 11:00 PST/12:00 MST/1:00 CST/ 2:00EST –Call in number 1-888-667-9995 14174020# 10 Early Childhood Outcomes Center

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