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Information for Medical Practitioners Module 3 DVAs Health Programs (Health and Related Services)

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1 Information for Medical Practitioners Module 3 DVAs Health Programs (Health and Related Services)

2 DVA Health & Related Services Coordinated Veterans Care Program Hearing Services Rehabilitation Appliances Program HomeFront Veterans Home Care Community Nursing Veterans Affairs Pharmaceutical Advisory Centre Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service Mental Health and Wellbeing Repatriation Transport Scheme

3 Coordinated Veterans Care Program (CVC) What is the CVC Program? A new DVA Program to better manage and coordinate primary and community care for Gold Card holders who are most at risk of being admitted or readmitted to hospital. The Program is targeted only at Gold Card holders most at risk and is only for around 10% of Gold Card holders living in the community. Chronic disease management items are still available for the remainder of Gold Card holders. CVC commenced 1 May 2011

4 Coordinated Veterans Care Program (CVC) What is the CVC Program? (contd) Primarily focused on Gold Card holders targeted by DVA with the following conditions: Congestive heart failure Coronary artery disease Pneumonia Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Diabetes

5 Coordinated Veterans Care Program (CVC) A Patient treatment report (PTR) has been developed to assist GPs in providing CVC support. The PTR will provide insight into the patients medical history and display potential opportunities for optimising patient care. It is a practice support tool that has been designed to provide evidence-based care for the management of chronic illness. The PTR is not intended to replace the GPs professional clinical judgement as the patients treating general practitioner. Free, online accredited training is also available. See the CVC training & resources website:

6 Hearing Services LMOs should refer eligible veterans to the Hearing Services Program managed by the Office of Hearing Services for: hearing assessments, management and rehabilitation (including fitting of hearing devices) DVA funds services on the basis of clinical need for: Gold Card holders White Card holders (for an accepted disability or the effects of malignant cancer) Dependants of an eligible veteran. Referral by LMO or self referral: Phone: 1800 500 726

7 Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) RAP aims to achieve and maintain functional independence and minimise disability, by providing equipment for self-help and rehabilitation purposes, on the basis of assessed clinical need: Assessments available to Gold Card and White Card holders (for specific medical conditions accepted by DVA) Referral required from LMO/GP or other specified health professional (e.g. an occupational therapist)

8 Rehabilitation Appliances Program RAP provides: Mobility function and support items Home Oxygen Medical Therapy Diabetic supplies Personal Response Systems Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Pumps Continence products Medical Grade Footwear

9 HomeFront HomeFront is a prevention program designed to prevent falls and accidents in and around eligible veterans homes: Assessments available to Gold and White Card holders Referral by health professional or self referral Phone: 1800 801 945

10 Veterans Home Care (VHC) VHC provides low level care to assist eligible veterans to remain independent in their own homes All Gold and White Card holders may be assessed for VHC services Referral by health professional or self referral

11 Veterans Home Care VHC Assessment Agencies: are first point of contact are responsible for assessment and coordination determine eligibility for VHC services authorise services develop care plans for veterans develop service plans for service providers Phone: 1300 550 450

12 Community Nursing Services Community nursing providers are contracted Australia-wide to provide services to eligible veterans in: their own homes; or independent-living retirement villages Referrals are by a GP/LMO, hospital discharge planner/treating doctor, or VHC assessor

13 Community Nursing Services are not provided in: acute facilities Government-funded low or high care residential aged care facilities, or multipurpose or community health centres Community Nursing Services

14 VAPAC Veterans Affairs Pharmaceutical Advisory Centre (VAPAC): Provides expert pharmacy advice and prior approval services relating to the Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (RPBS) 24 hours a day, seven days a week Also administers: Veterans Medicines Advice and Therapeutics Education Services (MATES) Dose Administration Aid (DAA) Service Phone: 1800 552 580

15 Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Provides eligible veterans with subsidised access to a comprehensive range of pharmaceuticals and dressings Includes all items available to the general public under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Includes additional items contained on the Repatriation Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits (exclusive to eligible veterans), as well as non-scheduled items via an authority prescription on a case-by-case basis

16 Gold Card holders eligible for medications for all conditions White Card holders eligible for medications for specific conditions accepted by DVA (prior approval required for other conditions) Orange Card holders eligible for medications for all conditions (eligible for pharmaceutical benefits only) Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

17 Veterans MATES Veterans MATES: was developed to improve veterans management/use of medicines uses data from prescription claims to identify veterans at risk of medication misadventure GPs are at the centre of a team approach to assist with managing veterans medication use

18 DAA Service The DAA Service aims to improve veterans health outcomes through safer medication use Greater benefits are achieved in conjunction with a Home Medicines Review GPs can prescribe the DAA Service for six monthly periods via an authority prescription

19 DAA Service Pharmacist packs medicines in tamper- evident adherence device (DAA) according to daily dose schedule Pharmacist assesses and provides six- monthly reports to GP while service continues

20 VVCS Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) provides nation-wide programs and treatments to veterans, peacekeepers and their families, including: confidential counselling group programs case management information and education 24-hour crisis counselling through Veterans Line Phone: 1800 011 046

21 VVCS Referral can be made in a number of ways: by self referral through the Australian Defence Force by medical practitioners and other health and welfare workers DVA entitlement not required to access services

22 Mental Health & Wellbeing A number of At Ease mental health products and resources are available to veterans, to encourage them to: recognise possible signs; take appropriate action; and assume greater responsibility for their own health and wellbeing These are also available to health care professionals, to assist in awareness and treatment of veterans mental health issues.

23 Repatriation Transport Scheme Underpinning principles of the Repatriation Transport Scheme are that travel must be: for eligible treatment to the provider as close as practical to a veterans residence by the most economical and suitable means

24 Repatriation Transport Scheme Transport assistance may cover: Reimbursement Booked Car With Driver Air, rail and bus transport Ambulance transport

25 Repatriation Transport Scheme Reimbursement may be claimed for travel by private vehicle or public transport: D800 Claim for Travelling Expenses Form must be certified by treating health provider Cost of taxi travel may be met if health provider certifies it as necessary

26 Repatriation Transport Scheme Booked Car With Driver: DVA-arranged transport (taxi or hire car travel) for veterans who meet certain criteria must be arranged by health provider through DVA Air transport may be authorised in certain circumstances Ambulance transport must comply with closest practical provider rule

27 Repatriation Transport Scheme Transport bookings: 1300 550 455 (metro callers) 1800 550 455 (regional callers)

28 Provider Enquiry Telephone Numbers All provider enquiries to DVA (unless previously specified) should be directed to: 1300 550 457 (metro callers) 1800 550 457 (regional callers)

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