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Nanoparticles Takashima Kenji 3O3(25).

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1 Nanoparticles Takashima Kenji 3O3(25)

2 Contents Definition of Nanoparticle Silver Nanoparticles
Uses of Silver Nanoparticles Medicinal Household/Industry Nano Gold Uses of Nano Gold Medicine and Health Conclusion Web/Journal reference

3 Definition of Nanoparticle
Definition: An ultrafine object between 1 and 100 nanometers, that may vary in properties (size- related/chemical related) as their bulk component (E.g. nanoparticle of gold may differ from particle of bulk gold) Uses: Medicine, industry, maunufacturing, experiments Characteristic: High surface area to volume ratio

4 Silver Nanoparticles Size: 10nm-100nm Chemical formula: Ag
Details: Silver nanoparticles are ultra fine particles of silver. They are ten to a hundred nanometers large, and differ from the bul silver as they have different colours such as yellow, as opposed to the silver. This is due to plasmon absorbance: Incident light rays create oscillation in free electrons on the surface of nanoparticles, causing them to absorb electromagnetic radiation, creating different colours reflected.

5 Uses of Silver Nanoparticles
Medicine and Health Silver has anti-bacterial properties Can bind to bacteria molecule Chemically change bacteria structure and rupture it, eventually killing the cell Potential cure for HIV Ability to bind to spikes of HIV virus and prevent it from latching on to cell. This ensures that the HIV virus does not bind to host cells and infection can be suppressed Sugical insturments/masks Wound healing(Antibacterial properties)

6 Uses of Silver Nanoparticles
Household/Industry Silver Nano Samsung Produced SilverNano, a patented product that claims to have silver nanoparticles on surfaces of household particles for anti-bacterial properties. Air purifiers Silver nano particles produced by air purifiers bind to a binding agent in paint known as alkyd resin, which produces toxic free radicals, which get transformed by silver nano-particles to non-toxic metal nanoparticles.

7 Gold Nanoparticles Size: 100nm+ Chemical formula: Au
Details: Gold nanoparticles, known as nano gold or colloid gold, is a suspension of sub-micrometre-sized particles (10nm or more) in a fluiod, usually water. If the particle is less than 100nm, a intense red colour is usually observed, but if larger, a dirty yellowish colour is observed in the supension. This may be due to plasmon absorbance It is also a semi conductor, in which it has an electrical conductivity of that between a conductor and an insulator

8 Uses of Nano Gold Medicine and Health Arthiritis in rats and dogs
Implantation of nano gold in knee of rat and dog acts as painkiller Drug Delivery Gold can be used as outer covering of drugs, which metl to release drug payloads when exposed to infrared light. Timing of drug release and uptake can thus be better controlled Alzheimer’s Disease Research done that combination of colloisdal gold can microwave radiation can distroy plaque and fibrils that build up to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

9 Uses of Nano Gold Medicine and Health Cancer Toxin detection
Nano gold reflects light very well. Many cancers have receptors on their outer layers, in which gold nanoparticles can be bound to antibodies which attach to the cancer cell receptors, and can be viewed under siple white light microscope to detect cancer cells by seeing the reflection of light. Also, ability for gold nano rods to be inserted into cancer cell to weaken the cancer and eventually kill it poses potential to be cancer cure. Toxin detection Nanoparticles can be coated with sugars to detect certain toxins, in which as the nanoparticle binds to the toxin the whole solution changes colour to indicate the presence of the toxin. The device can be sued for portable toxin detection

10 Uses of Nano Gold Home/Industry Stain Glass Water purification
Used in electronics Has material compatibility Durable Reliable material Used for touch sensitive screens and also potential data storage device use Making semiconductor chip work fater with less energy by using like and shine of nano gold to engineer better semiconductor chips

11 Conclusion With regard to gold and silver nanoparticles:
Extremely small Have medical properties, and can be beneficial to mankind Has physical and chemical changes form the bulk molecule when shrunk to a small size Ability of portable usage since the particles are very small

12 References Scientific Journal
Web Reference nanoparticles-may-carry-multiple-drugs-treat-cancer Video Reference

13 Thank you! Any Questions?

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