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GoldPrimeTime FSP : 41537 FSP : 41537 CK/2007/219087/23 Welcome.

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1 GoldPrimeTime FSP : 41537 FSP : 41537 CK/2007/219087/23 Welcome

2 Our Offices 1066 Old Mutual Building 35 cnr. Harrison & Pritchard Street. 9 th Floor Johannesburg 2001 Contact numbers: International : +27 11-492-1271 Within South Africa : 011-492-1271 Fax Number: 086-6938-833 Email:

3 Our Objectives 1.Educate the masses on how to invest in the minerals 2.Purchase a membership package 3.As a member you have immediate access to what you have purchased: All the gold investment training modules. 4.All our members are eligible up to 40% discounts on all products sold at GoldPrimeTime on our updated pricelist.

4 And many more including Nelson Mandela coins! Our Product The Protea Series; The Natura Series; Peace Parks Series; Commemorative Series; Cultural Heritage Coins; S A Circulation Coins

5 PROTEA PRESTIGE SET Albertina and Walter Sisulu

6 2012 Gautrain Silver Combination Coin Set

7 2008 Mandela Commemorative R5 Set


9 2011 SARB 90th Anniversary Commemoration Set

10 2007 Mandela / de Klerk Proof Coin Set



13 Krugerrand was developed by the Chamber of Mines of South Africa on behalf of the South African gold mining industry and authorised by the South African Reserve Bank The Rand Refinery first stamped out Krugerrands on gold blanks in 1967. The Chamber of Mines developed its marketing further to enable the ordinary men on the street to be able to own his/her piece of gold. Historical Perspective

14 Why invest in gold Gold is money it possesses all these properties: intrinsic value acceptability;durability;portability;divisibility; intrinsic value Gold continues to attract investors attention because it is universally accepted currency. There is no Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on this type of an investment. It is not wise to invest in gold if there is no intention to hold onto the investment until it gives returns.

15 Hedging against tail risk 1.Gold preserves wealth; a hedge against inflation. 2.Gold acts as a hedge against international currencies. 3.Gold manages tail risks against negative events: wars etc 4.Gold has acted as a safe haven across the globe. 5.Despite volitile nature of much of the financial sector, gold remain comparatively stable.

16 N.B. Attend Gold Investment Education meetings –1066 Old Mutual Building @ 18h00 every Thursday –1066 Old Mutual Building @ 14h00 every Saturday Invest wisely and build your portfolio of gold now!!! call the office on 011 492 1271 for advise Walala wasala (You snooze you loose)

17 Optional Referral Program Legacy Program Once of none refundable joining fee – R2500 Take off bonus – R300 14 referrals – R8,000 64 referrals – R50,000 VIP Program Once of none refundable joining fee – R1500 Take off bonus – R200 14 referrals – R4,000 64 referrals – R30,000 & 1/10 th Krugerrand GoldPrimeTime members are entitled to referral payments if they choose to follow our two by two system referral program. The referral program is optional as members are not required to participate in these programs as they get full access to the entire gold investment education packages that they have purchased at the point of entry. Note. Legacy Board Pre-cycle for local members set at minimum R5000.

18 On the networking group representation model (Commonly known as Boards structure) Our main referral activity model depicts the entire networking group that a particular member has joined under. Whilst payments are based on how many referrals each member has accumulated in their networking team (as outlined in the previous slide) the board model displays a broader view (showing uplines and downlines) of each members networking group on the 2 referrals-by-each-member format. NB

19 SMART BOARD CYCLE: R2000/R4000 Smart Board/Legacy Board 1 The level 4 Board Leader will cycle out for a total payout of R 4 000/R8 000 (which is R2000/R4000 level 4 Pre-Cycle Payout Plus R2000/R4000 Smart Board Cycle payout) SMART BOARD PRE-CYCLE PAYOUT : R2000/R4000 This amount is paid to you the moment you exit Level 3 and enter level4 SMART BOARD PRE-CYCLE PAYOUT : R2000/R4000 This amount is paid to you the moment you exit Level 3 and enter level4 L1 L2 L3 L4 2345 8 67 1415111213910

20 Summary chart Collectors Program Enrolment fee Discount % Take off bonus Smart Board payout Legacy Board payout Legacy Incentives Attainable within the Financial Year Legacy ~ pmnts on Thurs. and Fri. Enrolment cut-off = 12H00am every Wednesday R2 500Up to 40%R300R8 000 R50 000 C ash/gold=R2 800 for 10 team cycles Gold=R10,000 for 25 team cycles Gold=R20 000 for 50 team cycles Gold=R50 000 for 100 team cycles Car deposit = R200 000 for 500 + team cycles VIP~pmnts on Wed. with cut off @ 12H00am Tues. R1 500Up to 40%R200R4 000R30 000 1/10 th krugerrand bullion per individuals cycle

21 This unique set is a must have for the serious collector. With a Limited Edition of only 200, these will be practically impossible to find. The Special Set includes the Mandela 90th Birthday Celebration 2012 Mandela Timeless Value Celebration Set

22 Banking Details E-Pins GoldPrimeTime First National Bank 62160497767 Sandton City NB: Ref and e-mail Coin Purchases GoldPrimeTime Trust Fund First National Bank 62326994424 Sandton City Ref : Username/Name & Surname Fax Number : 086-6938-833

23 Collecting valuables like coins and all other ancient currencies has been associated with a hobby for Kings; Queens; Prince; Princesses. Coin Your Culture as global initiative continues to recognize and appreciate the value of culture and its benefits as preserved in all nations. We hereby encourage participation from all our members locally and globally to unlock the potential of this organization and its initiatives. Watch the space for this revolutional endeavor COIN YOUR CULTURE

24 Coin your Culture Smart People Invest in Gold…… END OF PRESENTATION

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