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Expansionism The California Gold Rush!!. California – Before the Rush.

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1 Expansionism The California Gold Rush!!

2 California – Before the Rush

3 Theres Gold in Them Hills F January 24, 1848 F James Marshall, a carpenter, was working for John Sutter, building a saw mill.

4 Shhhhh!!! F When Sutter and Marshall realized it was gold, they wanted to keep it a secret! F It was too late, the workers at the mill had already found out!

5 GOLD!!!!!!!!!

6 Abandonment F Once people believed: –Farmers left their plows –Blacksmiths left their forges –Tailors left their needles –Sailors left their ships –Doctors left their patients

7 Heading to California F Failure to Prepare –Men put on their best clothes and bought a few fancy tools F Without Preparation many men died –Disease –Fatigue –Indian Attack –Rattlesnake Bites –Starvation –Freezing to death

8 Getting to California F Prospectors had three choices of how to get to California –Around Cape Horn –Through Panama –The Overland Route


10 Cape Horn F A very long trip F If the ship didnt carry the proper supplies you might catch scurvy –Comes from a lack of vitamin C –Easiest Way

11 The Panama Route F By boat to Panama –Overland and upriver –Then wait for another boat to take you to California F The quickest route –If you didnt get robbed or killed in Panama –Or Catch Malaria

12 Overland Trail F The cheapest route –Most people took this route –Must get to California before the snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains –The Donner Party

13 The Gold Rush

14 The Gold Myth F Once you were in California, your cares were over. –You could bend down and pick up gold in the streams. –You just needed a strong sack and a strong back to haul it all down from the hills. –Youll be rich in no time at all.

15 Who Got Rich? F The Storekeepers –The people who sold things to all those miners who poured into California –Prospectors had to eat –They needed tents, shovels, shirts, and pants

16 Who Got Rich?

17 The Growth in Population F 1848 –812 people living in San Francisco F 1849 –80,000 people came to California in search of wealth F 1850 –25,000 people living in San Francisco

18 Playing the Gold Lottery F Gold mining is natures great lottery scheme. A man may work in a claim for many months, and be poorer at the end of the time than when he commenced; or he may take out thousands in a few hours. It is a mere matter of chance. –Louisa Clappe


20 The Mother Lode




24 California Gold Rush!!!






30 What happened to John Sutter and James Marshall? F Did they get rich? –Gold made them poor!

31 John Sutter F John Sutter was afraid of gold! –People got greedy –People trampled his property –Ate his Cattle –Left him ruined

32 James Marshall F Never profited from the gold F He began to drink and died a sad man

33 Is There Gold Elsewhere? F Gold was found in many other places! –Oregon –Nevada –Wyoming –Montana –Colorado F Silver was discovered in many of these locations also!

34 The Comstock Lode F Richest mining discovery in U.S. History! –Virginia City, Nevada F Consisted of fabulous gold and silver veins. F Thousands poured into Virginia City.

35 Comstock Lode Mine



38 Lasting Effects! F How did the gold rush help California? –Brought people from around the world to California –It mixed rich and poor –Gave California enough people to become a state

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