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2 ASACHA – Underground Mine 20112012 Q1 2013 April 2013 May 2013 YTD 2013 Mine development (metres) 3,4814,124396266298960 Ore extracted (tonnes) 34,537127,64645,35216,28916,12177,762 TRANS-SIBERIAN GOLD

3 ASACHA Processing plant 20112012 Q1 2013 April 2013 May 2013 YTD 2013 Ore processed (tonnes) 30,308136,15435,58510,00614,23559,826 Gold grade (g/t)9.356.546.366.796.276.41 Silver grade (g/t) 15.66 11.799.80 12.2010.5110.37 Gold recovery (%) 94.295.4194.5293.8693.2394.11 Silver recovery (%) 61.868.4978.8168.7469.2174.69 Gold in dore (oz) 7,83327,9206,8262,0252,62111,472 Silver in dore (oz) 8,59635,9248,7912,4123,16814,371

4 ASACHA Refining and sales 20112012 Q1 2013 April 2013 May 2013 YTD 2013 Gold refined (oz) 6,53927,5886,8331,5782,74811,159 Silver refined (oz) 7,18935,1108,8652,1063,24514,216 Gold sales US$mill 11.743.912. Silver sales US$mill 0.5 TRANS-SIBERIAN GOLD

5 JORC Resource Estimate following 2012 Asacha exploration programme 11,000 metres drilled on Asachas flanks in 2012 Asacha JORC resource update adds 321,000 oz. gold and 703,000 oz silver, net of 2011 and 2012 production (252,000 oz. of gold and 395,000 oz. of silver in Asachas Eastern zone identified in 2012) TRANS-SIBERIAN GOLD

6 JORC Resource as at 31 December 2012 PROPERTY MEASURED + INDICATED Oz MEASURED, INDICATED & INFERRED Oz GRADE g/t (Au equiv.) CUT-OFF g/t Asacha748,1001,070,30020.94.0 Rodnikova166,450 404,845 8.24.0 TOTALS914,5501,475,145--

7 Asacha mine Daily output of 500-600 tonnes of ore ensures continuous operation of the plant Processing plant throughput is close to the designed 12,500 tonnes of ore per month Major issue of concern – low grades and high dilution

8 2012 major issue of concern: low grades and high dilution – fractured and fragile enclosing rocks in blocks close to surface – design disadvantages: long hole blasting inappropriate for some parts of the mine blasting scheme unsuitable for some blocks – shortcomings in earlier mine development: advanced block preparation inadequate and timely supporting – lack of underground machines – lack of experienced personnel TRANS-SIBERIAN GOLD

9 Measures taken following 2012 technical audit New technical and managing staff – Technical director and Chief mine geologist, each with around 30 year practical experience Measures to keep mining blocks integrity – minimise time lag between preparation of mining blocks and subsequent stoping – use rock drifts when preparing blocks for stoping Measures to reduce dilution - short blocks stoping, recoverable protective pillars and supporting concrete pillars/ceilings, where appropriate - changes in blasting scheme, including drilling blasting holes parallel to the ore body, shallow blast- hole blasting where appropriate, less brisant explosives and drilling blasting holes with smaller diameters - smaller machines (scrapers and LHD) - stricter control on ore blasting and haulage to reduce volume of ore stored underground Optimisation of work shifts More attention to ore sampling, stockpiling and blending VNIPI design institute to revisit Asacha in near future The aim – to achieve 8 g/t gold grade by the end of 2013 and 9 g/t by mid 2014

10 New underground machines BU-80 rig with smaller diameter (65-75 mm instead of 105 mm) Two underground LHD : Fambition FAML-3 and Atlas Copco ST2D Underground truck Fambition FAMT-12T TRANS-SIBERIAN GOLD

11 Asacha mine in operation (1)

12 Asacha mine in operation (2) TRANS-SIBERIAN GOLD

13 Construction continued at site Post start-up major activities Mine site: Main fan is constructed, testing with participation of the manufacturer is planned. Plant: Ready for commissioning. Documentation in progress. Tailings storage facility: In operation. Documentation for commissioning in progress. TRANS-SIBERIAN GOLD Key facilities already commissioned: Cyanide storage Explosives storage Power unit and power supply system The camp

14 Rodnikova Deposit Federal authorities prescribed the implementation by April 2014 of two provisions of the Licensing Agreement: – Finalisation of the design documentation – Commencement of work at the deposit The pre-feasibility study will be finalised in 2013 TRANS-SIBERIAN GOLD

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