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Gold Seahorses By Soo Yeon.

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1 Gold Seahorses By Soo Yeon

2 Introduction In this PowerPoint I will teach you about Gold Seahorses. It will be fun and you will learn a lot. I hope you enjoy my PowerPoint presentation.

3 Physical Characteristics
Gold seahorses are covered with bony plates. Its head looks a bit like a horse’s head. The male carries eggs in a pocket on his belly. The eggs hatch inside the pocket then swim away. Gold seahorses are fish.

4 What does it eat? Gold seahorses feed on brine shrimp, tiny fish, and plankton. Gold seahorses suck in food through their long snout and are continually feeding. Gold seahorses have no teeth and swallow live food whole.

5 Where does it live? Gold seahorses are found in warmer waters of the world, generally in shallower waters near the coastline. Gold Seahorses are found in Vietnam.

6 The Life Cycle The male gold seahorse has a pouch on his belly. During mating, the female lays as many as 2000 eggs. The eggs are fertilized inside the pouch, supporting veins grow around the eggs to give nutrition to the developing babies. About 2 to 6 weeks later, tiny seahorses hatch and come out of the pouch. The male squeezes his body to push groups of hatched gold seahorses out of the pouch. This can take two days, and leave him exhausted. A male and female gold seahorse may stay together for life. However some scientist do not think this is so. This is a female gold seahorse and it is laying a baby.

7 How does it protect itself?
They protect themselves by using a small fin on their back that flutters up to 35 times per second.

8 Is Gold Seahorse endangered?
Gold Seahorse’s population has been thought to be endangered in recent years by overfishing and habitat destruction. Twenty million gold seahorses were caught and they were sold.

9 Interesting Facts Gold Seahorses are voracious eaters, they graze continually and can consume 3000 or more brine shrimp per day. Population data for most of the world ‘s seahorses species is sparse. Did you know that Gold Seahorses have no teeth or stomach. Food passes through their digestive systems quickly, so they must eat almost constantly to stay alive. The size of a gold seahorse is like a teacup.

10 The End Thank you for watching my PowerPoint Presentation.

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