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Element Project By: Jesse Wyns

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1 Element Project By: Jesse Wyns
Gold Element Project By: Jesse Wyns

2 Element Info Gold’s Atomic Symbol = Au Gold’s Atomic Number = 79
Gold’s Atomic Mass = Gold’s Periodic Group = 11 Gold’s Period Number = 6

3 Gold

4 2D Model of Gold

5 Physical Properties Melting Point = 1337.33 K, 1064.18 °C 1947.52 °F
Boiling Point = 3129 K, 2856 °C, 5173 °F Density = 19.3 g/cm

6 Chemical Properties Nobel Metal Chemically Inactive
Very good conductor of heat and energy Oxidation State Ranges -1 to +5

7 Gold’s Uses Gold is often crafted into different jewelry which is the most common use of gold. Other common use of gold is in the making of trophies and medals most commonly found in the Olympic medals. At one point in time gold was the most common currency.

8 Gold’s History To the Incas gold was often referred to as “The Sun’s tears” Gold was first discovered in it’s most common form, nuggets. Gold was and still is the most sought after mineral for most humans.

9 Gold’s Isotopes Gold only has one stable isotope which is 197 Au
Gold also has 36 radioisotopes which are 195 Au

10 Other Interesting Facts
The word “gold” comes from the Proto-Indo-Eruopean ghel/ghol which means “yellow”, “green” or possibly “bright”. It is commonly used in wiring for sound equipment. For some people it is also called “Butter”.

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