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World Mercury Market (s) From the Supply Side.

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1 World Mercury Market (s) From the Supply Side




5 Annual Consumption 55,000 to 120,000 flasks estimate My estimate is 60,000 flasks annually Brokers will try and influence the market: –Understate the market to reduce competition –Overstate the market to boast their importance China is the largest market with the least public information

6 Black Markets exist: –China, Vietnam and Western Provinces –Brazil black market ended when imports were on longer restricted

7 Prime Virgin Mercury Spain Algeria Kyrgyzstan China

8 Primary Mercury Production Almaden, Spain –20% production of its 45,000 flask/yr. Capacity –Has sold Russian stockpile –Will sell secondary rather than mine virgin Algeria –Less reliable than Almaden –Will sell secondary Kyrgyzstan –Former Soviet Union Production –Sells most to CIS, Russia; Excess to China –Will sell secondary mercury My estimate of world virgin mercury production is 30,000 flasks annually

9 A What If? 8 years since DLA suspended mercury sales World Produced 30,000 flasks per year 240,000 flasks in the 8 year period If DLA stockpile is 130,000 flasks then: The Stockpile could have been sold easily in the 8 year period of time Virgin mercury production will cause air pollution Sell excess mercury to stop mercury pollution

10 By-Product Mercury Production Largest Producers U.S. Canada South America Finland Italy Spain Germany

11 Smokestack By-Product Mercury Production Boliden-Norzink Process –42 operations Around the World



14 Boliden-Norzink is Mercury Vapor Recovery Captures Mercury at the End of the Gold, Zinc, and Copper Mining Operations Calomel recovered at Mine Site or sent off to Recycling Facility

15 By-Product Mercury Production Retort Process at Mine Site Gold and some Copper Mine Sites Mercury is inside the ore and is an impurity during the smelting process Retorts remove the mercury from the primary metals. Virgin mercury is the by-product Not associated with Artisan gold mining where mercury is added to aid in the gold recovery

16 Secondary Mercury Production 75% or more is from dismantling of Chlorine and Caustic Soda Plants Minor amounts from Lamp Recycling and Retort facilities US has 5-6 Retort recycling facilities Europe/World have about 5-6 Retort facilities.

17 World Market US only one segment of world market for past 50 years USBM/USGS data show US net importer most of the time Mercury in National Defense Stockpile imported Metal Traders Buy/Sell to each other Excess volume sells to one in need Stockpiles of mercury cause production of Virgin mercury as long as there is a demand for mercury

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