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Spanish (and a little French-but mostly Spanish!!) Exploration

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1 Spanish (and a little French-but mostly Spanish!!) Exploration
The Age of Contact Spanish (and a little French-but mostly Spanish!!) Exploration

2 This metal underwear is killing me!!!
Did I turn off the coffee pot before we left??? Who brought the map???

3 Vocabulary 1492-Year Columbus discovered the Americas for Spain
Explorer-One who went to new, undiscovered territories Conquistador-Spanish explorers who conquered new territories for Spain 3 G’s (Gold, Glory, God) 1519, mapping of the Texas coast and first mainland Spanish settlement; Alvarez de Pineda explores Texas coast; created first map of region Corpus Christi de la Ysleta (near present-day El Paso)-first Spanish mission in Texas

4 Vocabulary, cont. Columbian Exchange-plants and animals were brought from Europe to America to help colonize the newly conquered territories Cortez- conquered Mexico for Spain DeVaca: as an Indian captive, explored and wrote about Texas, met Native Americans, and reported about Texas in his book Relación Coronado: Spanish explorer who explored and wrote about the plains of Texas; named the settlement of Amarillo De Soto: Searched for the 7 cities of gold (Cibola); 1st to reach interior of North America LaSalle: French explorer who tried to colonize the Texas coast for France, but failed; killed by his own men

5 The Powers That Be (Were)
The “Big Three” countries in Europe who were competing for land were… England Spain France

6 All three countries explored for the same reasons--- “The Three G’s”
Gold Glory God

7 At this time, explorers were searching for

8 And once they began to explore the New World, they thought they would find lots of gold.

9 People also wanted glory for their country.

10 People also wanted to share/spread their faith
People also wanted to share/spread their faith. Is that really any different today? God

11 Spain 1492, Columbus sailed for Spain in search of riches.
He was allowed to keep a percentage of everything he found. He landed in what is currently called the Bahamas. Do you think Columbus was motivated to explore? Why?

12 Impact of Explorers on Texas
We now know the three reasons explorers came to Texas. Those reasons are… GOLD GOD GLORY But…we need to ask ourselves what IMPACT (Effect) their exploration had on Texas?

13 First Things First Remember…long ago when we analyzed the four regions of Texas, the Native Texas tribes, and discovered why they lived where they did? We now need to determine why the explorers decided to come to Texas. So…why? (Find someone in the room NOT at your table, and discuss this for at least one minute. Come up with three good reasons)

14 Spain, cont. Soon, Conquistadors (Spanish word for conquerors) arrived in the Americas. Pineda and Cortes explore and colonize the Gulf area, including Texas and Mexico. The gold and silver they obtained and brought back to Spain made other explorers and colonists eager to come.

15 Spain, cont. Cabeza de Vaca (Spanish for “the head of the cow”) became the first European to explore the interior of Texas. It was he who started the stories of the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola. What might be a reason that someone would create such a legend…other than to just tell a good story? Use your “cabeza” for this one.

16 Spain…yep…still Spain…
Coronado, while searching for Cibola, ended up in what we now call Wichita, Kansas. He claimed this and the land in between for Spain, and this eventually became part of Mexico. de Soto also searched for Cibola, but was also unable to locate it. After all this, the Spanish decided to establish the mission system, starting in Texas in El Paso. The first mission in Texas was called Corpus Christi de la Ysleta.

17 The French. Cool! At least it’s not Spain again!
La Salle persuaded the French government to colonize the Gulf of Mexico to help control trade. He built a fort in South Texas, but the colony only lasted for about two years. He and those that had survived went home. Buh-bye now! The French were unable to successfully colonize Texas, but their efforts made Spain realize how important the area was.

18 Video Time We will watch this video from Discovery Education.
Please note how what you see reinforces what you have already learned. Title: Exploring the World: Spanish Explorers of North America

19 Final Questions What was Hernando de Soto trying to accomplish in his explorations? Describe Cabeza de Vaca’s adventures in Galveston. Describe how Cibola affected early Spanish exploration. You may use your notes and textbook (Chapter 5) to answer these questions. This is a Formative grade.

20 The End!!

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