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Famous People of the California Gold Rush

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1 Famous People of the California Gold Rush
This show will supplement material covered by the S.S. textbook. This PP is an original compilation, as I was not able to find a pre-existing one on this particular subject. Compiled by Kimberley Maywald February, 2007

2 Do you recognize any of these people?
Photo credits will appear on a separate resource slide at the end of the show. Ask class if they recognize any of the pictures. You can click on any picture to link to its page without viewing entire show. Students will probably remember Wells and Fargo from the Open Court story we read about them earlier in the year. Some students may recognize Mark Twain. I anticipate that most of the pictures will be unfamiliar to the class, although hopefully they will recognize the names (at least of the men…). These were all people who became famous without mining for gold!

3 John Sutter Envisioned an agricultural empire near the American River
Wanted discovery of gold kept secret Never did appreciate the opportunities of the Gold Rush, and left California penniless Action button links to United Streaming video re: discovery of gold at Sutter’s mill.

4 James Marshall Discovered gold pebbles while building Sutter’s Mill
Feared the effects of potential prospectors, who eventually forced him off his land Also died nearly penniless

5 Henry Wells and William Fargo
Decided to profit from Gold Rush by providing services to miners Created Wells, Fargo & Co. for banking, mail, and stage coach services Generated tremendous wealth as entrepreneurs

6 Levi Strauss Ran a successful dry-goods store
Patented canvas pants with riveted pockets Now called Levis

7 Mark Twain Born Samuel Clemens Headed West for the Gold Rush
Became a famous writer of his experiences Action button links to United Streaming video re: Twain and chronicles of experiences

8 Sam Brannan Bought all mining tools in area Announced gold was found
Made a fortune selling tools, then other necessities, to miners Became a millionaire

9 Lotta Crabtree Began acting on stages at age 6
Made lots of money entertaining miners Later traveled the world

10 Nellie Chapman Married a dentist and studied dentistry from him
Later practiced as a dentist with her own patients She also wrote and composed: a talented lady!

11 Eliza Farnham As a young widow, she was matron of Sing Sing prison
Believed women would “civilize” the miners Advocated social reforms

12 Georgiana Kirby A pioneer of Santa Cruz during the Gold Rush
Advocated education, freedom, and equal rights for all Has a private school named for her

13 Resources Picture credits: All ClipArt from Microsoft ClipArt
Sam Brannan, William Fargo, James Marshall, Levis Strauss, John Sutter, & Henry Wells from Mark Twain: Eliza Farnham & Georgiana Kirby: Nellie Chapman: Lotta Crabtree: Information: Most of the information regarding the men came from the PBS movie “The Gold Rush”, directed by Boettcher & Trinklein, 1996. Nellie Chapman: Video Clips from United Streaming:chp and chp905920 Excellent sites for the Gold Rush:

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