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This is a free Demo CD from Learn French the easy way with our original method Pic and sound with a click of your mouse! From ezeefrench a fellifrench.

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2 This is a free Demo CD from

3 Learn French the easy way with our original method Pic and sound with a click of your mouse! From ezeefrench a fellifrench product

4 Introduction What or who is eezyfrench ? We have been teaching French for donkeys years. We have met dozens of teachers some good, some not so good! We have analysed dozens of on- or off-line teaching methods. We have met hundreds of students, young ones and elderly ones. We discovered that 80% of beginners never pursue, and 20% do mainly because they had no choice because of a transfer or family matters. We made our own kind of survey to find out the WHYs of this situation, it occurs that : -P-People usually do not like to learn online for different reasons such as cost, time on line, no real interaction,etc... -O-Other people find that the methods you can buy are too complicated or too sophisticated, and often quite pricy ! What people want is to be able to survive in everyday's life circumstances, they want to be understood by French people, which basically means that they need basic things, basic useful sentences and basic vocabulary. Thus, in order to learn it, they need to see it (pictures), they need to hear it (sound) and they need to touch it (mouse click) and they need to have fun !

5 L et s pass on to you two extremely important secrets :

6 A picture is worth ten thousand words (proverb attributed to Confucius 479-551 BC )

7 This is the number one secret We all know that we can learn better and faster if we use as many of our natural senses as possible (as small kids do) Memory works this way: our mind always associates a picture and a word. It uses our senses to anchor and attach the meaning of the picture within our memory bank

8 The pic&sound method is very simple : with each word or expression a picture (eyesight) comes up and a sound (hearing), that you can mouse- click (touch) on the French or English flag and you can hear the sound again and again... looking at the picture. Nota Bene: please note that this method also works from French to English, which is as well a big plus offered by eezyfrench.

9 Now Secret number two : We always succeed when we are deeply enjoying what we are doing This method is very effective because it is a lot of fun bringing you basically back to an interactive child-like way of doing things, and thus easily anchoring the words and expressions deeply within your personal memory bank: your brains.

10 Please note We do not promise miracles (as a lot of methods do) We do not pretend that you shall be fluent in French and become a French novelist overnight. We do not pretend either to re-invent the wheel But We promise you that with this method : You shall memorize the Basics of French You will survive in France and be able to adjust to any given ordinary situation. We also promise kids and teenagers (and of course adults) a lot of fun with our pic&sound method. It is going to be your choice if you want to learn more extensively by having private lessons will be the next obligatory step, or a deep immersion in France for 6 to 12 months.

11 Product description This method is divided in two interactive and talking parts or CD- ROM S : 1.The theory called bonjour basically composed of the necessary grammar and the compulsory rules attached thereto, but illustrated with hundreds of examples, and also hundreds of useful adverbs and verbs 2.The practical part is made up of more than 1600 interactive pictured vocabulary words and hundreds of spoken expressions or sentences corresponding to different real situations in life. Nota Bene: each disk can be bought separately as the second disc can basically do the job without the grammar included in this program. eezyfrench

12 Conditions of sale : The 2 programs can be downloaded as a package or separately (please follow given instructions on website) Full Package: R500 (US$ 50 /Euro 40) Single program: R300 (US$ 30 /Euro 25)

13 Lhippopotame (m) – the hippo

14 Labeille (f) –the bee

15 du, de la, de,des The word for SOME or ANY changes according to the noun it is used with: Singular masculine : du sel (some salt) Singular feminine : de la glace (some ice) Before a vowel : de leau (some water) Plural ( all forms) : des fruits (some fruit)

16 2. Sentences (4X) (les phrases) 3. Ingredients(6X) (les ingrédients) Remember: 1. Sounds (les sons)

17 les gratte-ciels (m) – the sky-scrapers

18 Les petits pois (m) – the green peas

19 Lagraffeuse (f) – the stapler

20 Le citron (m) vert- the lime

21 Une réunion (f) – a meeting

22 chez le doctor – at the doctors Voici votre ordonnance et votre arrêt de travail pour deux jours- il y a un pharmacien au rez de chaussée. Bon courage et bonne journée ! Here is your script and your sick note for a couple of days – there is a chemist on the ground floor – all the best and have a good day !

23 à laéroport – at the airport Voici votre carte dembarquement. Votre siège est le 21B. Votre numéro de terminal est le 31. vous pouvez vous présenter pour lembarquement des 21h30. Bon voyage sur Air France Monsieur ! Here is your boarding pass. Your seat number is 21B. Your departure terminal is terminal 31. you can present yourself for boarding from 21h30. Have a nice trip on Air France, Sir !

24 Remember : Our pic&sound method anchors, the whole thing within your brains very easily. That is the principle used by the most efficient memory improvement methods.

25 We hope that you had a good look at our method and enjoyed it. We hope that you now realize how easy and fun it is to use. Everybody can use it : Children Students Teachers Travelers Corporate companies

26 Try our method as a student with your friends, your family, your colleagues and you will be amazed by the results. Do not delay ! To order contact: Patrick on 072 248 3882 Frances on 083 311 5447 Or

27 Agents wanted Call: Patrick on 072 248 3882 Frances on 083 311 5447 Or email

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