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Homar Group Technology. Beauty. Health

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1 Homar Group Technology. Beauty. Health

2 Catalogue Company profile 1 2 Company culture Company structure 3 4 Company team R&D & innovation 5 6 Quality assurance Production environment 7 8 OEM/ODM products display Marketing regions 9 10 OEM service flow Cooperation partners 11 12 Contact P1-1to9 P2-1to1 P3-1to1 P4-1to9 P5-1to9 P6-1to10 P7-1to9 P8-1to11 P9-1to1 P10-1to4 P11-1to2 P12-1to2

3 1. Company profile Homar is an integrated group company of cosmetic products which is dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Since it was founded in 1989, Homar has insisted on science and technology and thought of providing consumers with health and beauty products and services for the purpose of our enterprise, staying realistic and keeping improving. We are a professional ETD manufacturer with the GMPC perfume plant. We are also a professional manufacturer for the personal skin care product s and powder products with the separate GMPC plants. P1-2

4 1. Company profile One R&D center Homar R&D Center, consisting of Chinese and foreign famous R&D experts, establishing the long-term strategic partnership of cooperation with many famous international cosmetic enterprises and the world first-class skin care research centers such as French Anjia Group, French Shadeline Lab and Japanese Naris Cosmetics. P1-3

5 1. Company profile P1-4 One R&D center

6 1. Company profile Homar Bio-Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is located in Huashan Town, Huadu District which is just 8 minutes away from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport by car, and is a garden-like cosmetic factory covering an area of more than 20,000 m². Homar Bio-Technology has a cosmetic production base over 12,000 m² in size and is established strictly in accordance with the GMPC standard. Homar Bio-Technology P1-7

7 1. Company profile We have the professional design team to do the VI design, image design, packaging design and consumption-end design according to the customers requirement. ODM design P1-7

8 2. Company culture P2-1 3 Core value win-win risk sharing benefit sharing co-prosperity 12 Enterprise visionEnterprise mission to be a respectable and supreme enterprise providing beauty and health products and services. to create value for customers, to create opportunities for staff, to create profit for investors to create wealth for the society.

9 4. Company team P4-1 Company leader Chairman: Mr. Roger Tan * Co-founder of Homar Group * A well-known cosmetic entrepreneur * One of Top 10 Cosmetic Persons of the Time in China 2004 * Vice president of Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce of Non- governmental Enterprises * Vice president of Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce of Cosmetics * 23 years experience in brand planning and marketing of cosmetics

10 4. Company team P4-2 President: Mrs. Tina He * Co-founder of Homar Group * EMBA graduate of Sun Yat-Sen University Director of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce of Cosmetics * Standing director of Guangdong Chamber of E- commerce * 16 years experience in manufacturing and technical management of cosmetics (OEM/ODM) Company leader

11 4. Company team Vice factory director: Mr. Yang *16 years experience in the factory management, and has been the factory administrative staff since 1999 and has been trained in Japan for 3 months for the factory management. * 8 years experience as the factory administrative staff in the professional OEM production for such international brand customers as Avon, Revlon and Estee Lauder, and has mastered the advanced management concept and solutions. P4-3 *Specially good at the production innovation and IE. *Familiar with the management systems such as GMPC, ISO quality and environment systems; and familiar with the production procedure management for the cosmetic industry. Company management

12 4. Company team R&D director: Mr. Martin Hu P4-4 *For 19 years as the managerial personnel of the cosmetic R&D and technology since 1993 with the rich experience in the product development, processing management and improvement. He has worked in many big cosmetic companies, such as an international large-scale OEM company like MARKWINS, a good brand marketing company like Grandway International, famous domestic brand like Youngrace and C-Bons(Slek), and the earliest professional OEM companies like Debell. Company management *Senior expert in the domestic cosmetic manufacturing and R &D, as well as members of the Laws and Regulations Commission and the Technology Commission of Guangdong Cosmetic Chamber.

13 4. Company team P4-5 *Familiar with the new cosmetic technology development trend, the domestic and international cosmetic laws and regulations, and the various raw material properties and use experience. Good at the execution of the specific R&D projects and the R&D internal system construction and management. *The involved developed cosmetic products almost cover all fields(except pressure spray and soap stick).Good at all the products in personal care, essential oil and bath care, at the same time, also experienced in the color cosmetics and children care. *With good study and knowledge in the construction of antiseptic system and anti-allergy system as well as the evaluation and processing technology test for new products. *Familiar with the ISO9001(2008), ISO14001 and GMPC standard, familiar with the product development standard procedure which is essential to upgrade the quality, production, environment management of the cosmetic factory. R&D director: Mr. Martin Hu Company management

14 4. Company team QC manager: Mr. Xiang Experienced in factory consultation with the ISO & GMP certificates: *With certificate from IARI(International Accreditation and Registration Institute). *With the ISO14001 & ISO9000:2008 series auditor certificate. Experienced in quality management: *ISO 9000 IRCA lead auditor *ISO14001 CNAT practice auditor *International registered consultant and planner *Trainer at the State Food and Drug Administration Training Center P4-6 Company management

15 4. Company team QC manager: Mr. Xiang ISO 9000 IRCA lead auditor P4-7 ISO14001 CNAT auditorIntl registered consultant Intl registered planner Company management

16 4. Company team Vice purchasing manager: Mr. Yang *13 years experience in the packaging design and development, and has been devoted to the research and development of the packaging of cosmetics, medicine and food. *Experience in the packaging design and development for such international brand customers as Avon, Perfect China, Matsuzawa Group, Lee Kum Kee and Tayoi. With rich experience in the cosmetic packaging structure and specially good at the product structure design, mould design and functional tests and so on. P4-8 *Assisted the purchasing director in building up and completing the purchasing procedure, packaging QC standard and packaging QC know-how for Homar. Company management

17 4. Company team Export director: Joe Ruan *Major in English, with the certificate of TEM 8 (Test of English Major). * 8 years experience in the professional purchasing of cosmetic packaging. P4-9 *Assisted in establishing the China Rep. Office for a Holland company for the purchasing of cosmetic packaging in 2005. Set up the professional purchasing procedure, including supplier selection & maintenance, staff training, price & cooperation negotiation, quality control, logistics & warehousing, export customs clearance, etc. Company management

18 5. R&D and innovation In July 2012, Homar gathered the elite from such fields as skin science, life science, surface science, and established "Homar Skin Care Research Center", configuring equipments according to the international standard and carrying out international cooperation for technology research and development. Homar R&D Center P5-1

19 5. R&D and innovation PositionQuantity at the R&D center there is supporting staff21 Persons among them, Senior technical personnel12 Persons among them, Fine chemistry professor1 Person Cytology researcher3 Persons Senior cosmetic technical expert1 Person Dermatologist1 Person Pharmaceutics master1 Person Senior chemical process engineer2 Persons P5-2 Strong R&D team

20 5. R&D and innovation Equipment name The R&D center is equipped with many high-end imported instruments among them, Double beam infrared scanner Double beam infrared scanner Ultrasonic broken instrument IKA homogenizer Ultraviolet spectrophotometer German SIMENS multifunctional skin tester SHIMADZU chromatograph P5-3 Advanced R&D equipment IKA homogenizer

21 5. R&D and innovation Design formula and make samples for OEM/ODM customers. Provide marketing service of hatching and development of the technical concept for ODM customers. "New, Strange & Special" new product R&D and the deep research of the specific projects. Product safety test, non-animal test and skin application evaluation research (on the basis of cooperation) Stability test and all related property tests and research. Cosmetic raw material depth test, cosmetic anticorrosive challenge test, etc. Transformation and testing of processing technology to production and management of technical documents. Processing technology monitoring management and technical support from two cosmetic factories. P5-4 Basic functions of R&D center

22 5. R&D and innovation Based on the Skin Care Research Center, Homar integrates the R&D advantageous resources at home and abroad, and establishes various strategic alliances or stable partnership relationship with the related research institutions of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. a.Established the technical cooperation partnership with the HEADLINE Research Institute of Natural Thins at Provenve, France. b.Established the depth cooperation partnership with the Natural Aromatic R&D Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University for the future R&D platform in plant aromatic essential oils. c.Established the strategic relation with the Japanese Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd (one of the world's largest company of natural products), through which Homar will have the new alternative partner for the future cooperation development for the world's latest natural plant extracts. P5-5 Power-&-power union of strategic alliance

23 5. R&D and innovation d.Established the factory hospital cooperation relationship with the Dermatological Department of Shanghai Huashan Hospital (the earliest and the most famous domestic authoritative skin research institute), through which Homar will have more professional guidance and the cooperation platform for some future clinical research and test. e.Cooperated with the global famous raw material manufacturers such as German MSD (Merck) Corporation, USA Dow Chemical Corporation, Swiss Roche Medicines Co, Ltd. Swiss Chiverton group. Through the long-term cooperation and development for raw materials and technical communication with them, Homar has guaranteed the stability of product quality and the leading advantage of raw materials as well as the research and development synchronized with the formula and technology of the international first-class brands. P5-6 Power-&-power union of strategic alliance

24 5. R&D and innovation On October 23,2012 Homar CEO, Roger Tan went to France again for the strategic cooperation seminar, whose main purpose was to further deepen the cooperation between Homar and international well-known cosmetic research and development institutions. During his stay in France, Mr. Roger Tan visited French SHADELINE R&D Lab and was warmly welcomed by the president Bomerle. Together with the R&D director, QC manager, they had a deep discussion about Homar products and international technology trends. P5-7 Power-&-power union of strategic alliance French strategic cooperation trip of Homar CEO, Roger Tan

25 5. R&D and innovation Then later Mr. Roger Tan also visited the essential oil company (HERBAROM, French famous essential oil supplier) and the French famous perfume enterprise (this is a company who offers perfume formulas to many luxury brands such as Chanel, Herms and Givenchy). P5-8 Power-&-power union of strategic alliance French strategic cooperation trip of Homar CEO, Roger Tan

26 5. R&D and innovation Visit to Homar from French HERBAROM Essential Oil On November 3, 2012, Ms. Veronique Agnel from French HERBAROM Essential Oil Company visited Homar. Both parties had a deep communication about international raw material of essential oils and newly-developed formulas and so on. Ms. Veronique Agnel gave a thumbs-up to our private essential oil added skin care brand Gifum by praising that its image and quality would also enjoy the popularity even in the European market. P5-9 Power-&-power union of strategic alliance

27 6. Quality assurance Six functions of QC center Six functions Standard establishment Product evaluation System audit Supplier review Guidance improvement Quality control P6-1

28 6. Quality assurance P6-2 QC center labs Homar Bio-technology Quality Control Center has 6 labs: 2 microbiology labs, 2 physical and chemical labs, 1 QA lab and 1 microbial challenge lab.

29 6. Quality assurance 2+2 The microbiology labs and physical and chemical labs respectively carry out the daily testing subjects which are PH value, viscosity, water, relative density, specific gravity, heat- resisting and cold-resisting, centrifugal test, conductivity, bacterial colony, mould and yeast, etc. 1 1 Microbiology lab Physical & chemical lab QA labMicrobial challenge lab The QA lab mainly carries out the packaging related tests which are mainly anti- yellowing test, compatibility test, adhesion test, related parts mechanic test, leakage test, matching test, specifications test, laws and regulations application, etc. Mainly carry out the formula anti-corrosion performance test for new products, samples of which are transplanted in a variety of pathogenic bacteria and the composition of the mixed bacteria, through the contrast evaluation data to effectively evaluate their anticorrosive ability and ability of microbial contamination risk resistance. P6-3 QC center labs

30 6. Quality assurance The high level of technology and equipment in the quality control system is mainly reflected in the following aspects: Equipment nameFunctions a. Chromatographic instrument, Spectrophotometer The introduction of chromatographic instrument, spectrophotometer, etc, realizes the testing ability of IQC key indicators of the raw materials and improve the high reliability of the raw materials quality control. b.BrookField standard viscometer The introduction of the United States imported BrookField standard viscometer guarantees the unity of the testing standard with important customers. c.Standard color meterThe introduction of the standard color meter thoroughly improves the uncertainty of manual color matching through the digital judging. d.Aging yellowing instrumentThe introduction of the aging yellowing instrument eliminates from the source the inaccuracy of color matching caused by the packaging yellowing. e.Standard light boxThe introduction of the standard light box ensures the accuracy of all kinds of color matching. f.1/10000 electronic scalesThe introduction of many sets of one over ten thousand electronic scales ensures the accuracy of the laboratory standard liquid weighing and thus finally the reliability of the test results. P6-4 Advanced QC equipments

31 6. Quality assurance BrookField viscometerAging yellowing instr. Standard light boxSpectrophotometer Vacuum leaking test instr. Mini transit vibrator P6-5 Advanced QC equipments

32 6. Quality assurance P6-5 Instruction for insipid dealdehyde alcohol used in Homar perfume production I.Name Insipid dealdehyde alcohol Ethanol content:95.1~96.9%(V/V) Cas registry No.:64-17-5 EINECS registry No.:200-578-6 II.Basic charateristics Clear flowing volatile liquid,lightly smelling but not irritant,easily flammalbe with light blue fame. Density(20 ): 0.8010~0.8135g/cm3 Refractive index (20 ):1.3600~1.3630 Boiling point: 78.0~78.50 III. Reference execution standard a. GB10343-2002 edible alcohol national standard b. Latest regulation for ethanol talcum powder glycerin raw materials for cosmetic use-SFDA [2011] No.500 c. China Medincine Law Version 2010 (pp10) d. Pharmaceutic Adjuvant Manula V4 (pp15) e. Cosmetic Raw Material Manual

33 6. Quality assurance P6-5 Instruction for insipid dealdehyde alcohol used in Homar perfume production No.IV. QC key indexStandard request 1Ethanol identification testqualified 2Mixing test with waterqualified 3Ethanol(CH2CH 3 OH) content:95.1~96.9%(V/V) 4Acidity, mmol/100g0.05 5Basicity, mmol/100g0.01 6Methanol(CH 3 OH) volume/%0.15 7Acetone and isopropanol(CH 3 COCH 3 )/%0.001 8Fusel oil %0.008 9Potassium permanganate oxidation test40min 10Aldehydes(Acetaldehyde)%0.001 11Volatile matterqualified 12No volatile testqualified

34 6. Quality assurance P6-5 Homar Perfume Stability Test(1/4) I. Cold & Heat Stability Test Instruction: take 30ml for sampling (equal in 4 lots) and put them into the clear and transparent clean testing glass bottle. Close 2 of them and put into the incubator of 40±1 for 24hr, take them out into the room temperature, observe, if adnormal, write a report, if not, seal them again and put into the refrigerator of (-10)~(-15) for 24hr, take them out into the room temperature, observe, if adnormal, write a report, if not, seal them again. up to now a "direct cycle" is considered to be finished. Repeat this "direct cycle" for 3 time. At the same time, close the other 2 of them and put into the refrigerator of (-10)~(-15) for 24hr, take them out into the room temperature, observe, if adnormal, write a report, if not, seal them again and put into the incubator of 40±1 for 24hr, take them out into the room temperature, observe, if adnormal, write a report, if not, seal them again. up to now a "reverse cycle" is considered to be finished. Repeat this "reverse cycle" for 3 time. Observe whether abnormal in the 2 kinds of "cycle", if do, write a fail report; if not, write a general pass report. Requirement: no abnormal situations in the 2 kinds of "cycle", otherwise regarded as fail. Remarks: abnormal means those irregular phenomena such as color change in bulk, strange odor, turbidity and sediment.

35 6. Quality assurance P6-5 Homar Perfume Stability Test(2/4) II. Light Discoloration Resistance Test Instruction: take 30ml for sampling (equal in 2 lots) and put them into the clear and transparent clean testing glass bottle. Close 2 of them and put into the light testing box 40~50cm far away from the lighting bulb, turn on the xenon lamp and UV lamp at the same time, put the samples upsidedown on the box bottom. Keep the box temperature at 25~35, keep lighting for 96hr take them out into the room temperature, observe and open the bottle for smelling. Write a general pass report. Requirement: no obvious change for the bulk color and odor, or no obvious adnormality for other index, otherwise regarded as fail. Remarks: abnormal means those irregular phenomena such as turbidity and sediment.

36 6. Quality assurance P6-5 Homar Perfume Stability Test(3/4) III. Scent Lasting Period Test After Use Instruction: take the bulk with sponge to be full without dropping for 2 lots, fix them into the special machine of scent lasting testing after use. Testing conditions for the special machine of scent lasting testing after use: samples fixed at Diagonal Cross, control the temperature at 30±2, the humidity at 50~70% and the eletric fan wind speed at middle speed, after blowing for 8~15hr, take them out and ask for at least 3 people for smelling, until all people confirm to smell no scent, record this wind blowing period as " accelerating scent lasting period". Write a general pass report. Remarks: " accelerating scent lasting period" compared to the verified data in the lab can not be shortened above 30%.

37 6. Quality assurance P6-5 Perfume QC standard(1/2) No.Test itemStandard request 1 T.V.C.bacteria <10 cfu / g(ml) 2 Moulds & Yeasts Not be detected 3 Appearance Pale yellow to yellow transparent liquid, volatile 4 Color characteristics in color 5 Odor characteristics in odor 6 pH 25 pH value 6.4 ~ 7.1 7 25 Relative density 0.XXXX – 0.XXXX 8 (20 ) Refractive index 1XXXX – 1.XXXX 9 (mg/kg) Methnol content 1000 10 (40cm,96hr) Light discoloration resistance test test passed 11 (30, 10m/s) Fragrance residence time(accelerated test) (t production sample / t R&D sample) 70% Homar Perfume Stability Test(4/4) IV. General QC index for Homar perfume, referring to this QC standard.

38 6. Quality assurance P6-5 Perfume QC standard(2/2) No.Test itemStandard request 12 (-10--15,24h) Cold stability no abnormality of observation 13 (40±1,24h) Heat stability no abnormality of observation 14 8 8 Phthalates (1223/2009(EC)) - Dibutyl phthalate(DBP) - Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate(DEHP) - Benzyl butyl phthalate(BBP) - Bis(2-methoxyethyl)- Phthalate(DMEP) - Di-n-Pentyl phthalate(DnPP) - Diisopentyl phthalate(DiPP) - N-pentyl iso-pentyl phthalate(PiPP) - Di-n-Octyl Phthalate (DNOP) qualified 15 8 1223/2009(EC) 8 Heavy Metals Contamination (Pb, Hg, As, Sb) and (Cd, Cu, Ba, Ni(soluble) qualified ***(Pb10mg/kg, Hg1mg/kg, As2mg/kg, Sb10mg/kg)

39 6. Quality assurance P6-5 Homar Perfume Allergens Substances Contents Table (1223/2009 EC) No.Substance(Eng)Cas registry No. 01Amyl cinnamic aldehyde122-40-7 02Benzyl Alcohol100-51-6 03Cinnamyl Alcohol104-54-1 04Citral5392-40-5 05Eugenol97-53-0 06Hydroxy-citronellal107-75-5 07Isoeugenol97-54-1 08Amyl Cinnamyl alcohol101-85-9 09Benzyl salicylate118-58-1 10Cinnamal104-55-2 11Coumarin91-64-5 12Geraniol106-24-1 13 4-(4-hydroxy-4-methylpentyl)-3-cyclohexen-1- carboxaldehyde 31906-04-4

40 6. Quality assurance P6-5 Homar Perfume Allergens Substances Contents Table (1223/2009 EC) No.Substance(Eng)Cas registry No. 14Anisyl alcohol105-13-5 15Benzyl cinnamate103-41-3 16Farnesol4602-84-0 17 2- 4-tert-butylbenzyl) propion aldehyde Lilial 80-54-6 18Linalool78-70-6 19Benzyl benzoate120-51-4 20Citronellol106-22-9 21Hexyl cinnamic aldehyde101-86-0 22d-Limonene5989-27-5 23Methyl heptine carbonate111-12-6 24 3-Methyl-4- 2 6 6 trimethyl-2-cyclohexen-1- yl)-3-buten-2-one Isomethyl lonone 127-51-5 25Oakmoss extract90028-68-5 26 Treemoss extract 90028-67-4

41 6. Quality assurance *ISO- 9001:2008 *ISO-14001:2004 *ISO-22716:2007 *FSC-STD-40-004 (Version 2-0) EN ISO-9001:2008 Homar Bio-Technology P6-6 Quality certification

42 6. Quality assurance Supplier delivery Inspection notice IQC optional inspection Review operation Result Pass MRB handling Selection A.O.D Rejection Marking Warehouse entry OK NG Supplier MIL-STD-105E Level AQL(CR0.01,MA0.65/1.0,MI2.5) Production notice, COA/MSDS, project reference, Inspection operation guide, Change notice, Outer standard, trial test, etc. Review: COA/Certificate Return goods Warehouse receiving & entry receipt Say NO to unqualified goods IQC inspection operation chart Processing P6-7

43 6. Quality assurance Purchase info. collection Sample approval Mass production Optional inspection Pass QC report Marking / Warehouse entry Customer inspection Rejection QC report / Review / Audit Marking / SeparationReworkPQC rework tracking report NG NO unqualified goods out OQC operation chart P6-8 Quality info. inquiry/collection

44 6. Quality assurance Rejection QC report / Review / Audit PQC reproduction tracking report Marking / Warehouse entry NG Customer inspection Reinspection PASS OQC inspection Pass QC report Marking / Separation Reproduction Rejected goods operation chart P6-9

45 6. Quality assurance Incoming materials LeadtimeTurnkey Incoming goods checking rate: 100% Delivery punctuality: 98% Turnkey qualification rate: 100% Quality target P6-10

46 7. Production environment Advanced manufacturing base Homar Bio-Technology The production base of Homar is built up completely according to the high GMP pharmaceutical production specification: First, it is reflected in the air quality control in the workshop production environment. Second, it is reflected in the water quality control used in cosmetics. Third, it is reflected in the control of health level of personnel flow and material flow and prevention of cross contamination in and out of the workshop. Finally, it is reflected in the control of area transition of different clean levels. The whole production workshop ensures the requirements of clean air, healthy environment, rational layout, unimpeded flow, safe and efficient production. P7-1

47 7. Production environment Filling and packing adopt the complete set of the fully automatic equipment-the packing equipment from Shanghai Feipu. Bottle washing and drying process adopt the fully automatic integration equipment which is completely customized for the pharmaceutical industry. Fragrance room is under constant standard temperature and humidity control (temperature:26 ±2 and humidity: 65%). P7-2 Advanced production equipment Standing & maturation tank Fragrance room

48 7. Production environment Emulsion adopts the complete set of the most advanced domestic equipment- the vacuum homogeneous production equipment from Shanghai Light Industry. P7-2 Advanced production equipment

49 7. Production environment P7-3 Advanced production system System nameSystem specification a Pure water processing system Improve the pure water processing system mainly based on "RO" system + exchange resin system to guarantee the low conductivity of the pure water system (stably below 0.5 u s/cm for long-term), high-yielding water rate and the reliability of free microbial pollution. b Emulsion discharge system Modify the discharge mode of the emulsion pot to the discharge way by clean compressed air, to ensure no bubble in appearance and exquisite feeling of the material body. c Pure water metering automation system Introduce the pure water metering automation system to promote the operation automatic level in the premise of health guarantee.

50 7. Production environment P7-4 Advanced production system System nameSystem specification d Weighing mistake proofing review system Introduce the weighing mistake proofing review system in the batching process, to ensure the reliability of formula weighing and the traceability of quality process. e Emulsion central-controlled testing system Adopt a complete central-controlled testing process in the emulsion process, to ensure the technical content of the self-checking process and promote the high level of emulsion quality. f Central air conditioning system Adopt the new technology of electronic pulse fast bacteria in the central air conditioning system, to ensure the zero- free bacteria in the production air.

51 7. Production environment Perfect supporting facilities Original water pump Anti-infiltration membrane Mixing bed Sand filter High-pressure pump UV sterilizer Carbon filter Middle purified water tank End purified water tank Security filter Middle purified water pump Purified water pump Tap water Medicine feeding pump Every water use point P7-5 Deioning water system

52 7. Production environment Air compressorOil & water separator Gas reservoir Freezing & drying machine Filter Three-way joint Cleaner Filling machine Diaphragm pump P7-6 Compressed air system Perfect supporting facilities

53 7. Production environment P7-6 Perfume production chart

54 7. Production environment *ISO-22716:2007 GMPC Homar Bio-Technology Homar Bio-Technology has passed the GMPC production management system audit. P7-7 Production certification

55 7. Production environment Or check at SGS homepage: P7-8 SGS audited supplier certificate *SGS audited supplier verification report (no: QIP-ASI131413)

56 7. Production environment Homar perfume No. Equipment name T'tl qty Specification/qty Day output (8h/d) Mon. output (26d/m) Year output (11m/y) 2 Filling machine 4 4-heand automatic 1 20,000 pcs0.52 million pcs6 million pcs Half automatic 2 P7-9 Efficient productivity *New machines shall be added to satisfy the need of the extra increasing order volumes.

57 8. OEM/ODM products display P8-12 8.9- Perfume 9Perfume With the French perfume technology, perfume products cover the major categories like fresh scent, oriental scent and floral scent. 9.1 Fresh scent perfume 9.2 Oriental scent perfume 9.3 Floral scent perfume

58 9. Marketing regions Main marketing regions Today Homar has become international and established the cooperation with customers from many countries and regions such as UK, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, the United States, Haiti, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan. P9-1

59 10. OEM service flow OEM service The perfect combination of independence, flexibility, profit and value makes our OEM service very popular, OEM solutions will be your wise choice. It is up to you to let us produce for you good quality cosmetics in line with international standards without the large investment and saving the inquiry and consultation of each link. Best price, fast response, direct communication fully demonstrates Homar worry-free and professional services. Homar always takes customer satisfaction as the first purpose and respects the different needs of brand customers by offering multiple packages of OEM solutions. OEM application object: 1. Company already with the brand. 2. Investor just with brand registration. P10-1

60 10. OEM service flow Top 8 value-added services 1 We supply qualified products of high competitiveness. 2 We assist you in the brand market construction and provide the complete product category. 3We offer product planning: brand concept, consumption-end model, product concept and product structure. 4We offer product design and development: product selection, application combination, packaging and laws and regulations. 5Agency services for the brand registration, packaging purchase, inspection submission and supplier information. 6 The complete ISO quality management system and the production and material control system, guarantees the products supply of good quality, enough quantity and on time. 7The professional product knowledge training is offered up to requirement to promote rapid product selling. 8 The outstanding team provides quality services. P10-2

61 10. OEM service flow OEM service procedure P10-3 Technology serving brand: R&D, produce and process the products of your own brand, and free you from the investment risks such as the factory buildup, R&D and production.

62 10. OEM service flow ODM service procedure System brand service: from the brand planning, product R&D to production, we offer you the whole system service and try our best to build up your own brand. P10-4

63 11. Cooperation partners Our suppliers Homar has established the close and long-term cooperation with many well-known packaging and raw material suppliers at home and abroad, and has gained profound trust and recognition from them! P11-1

64 11. Cooperation partners After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, with excellent enterprise culture and modern enterprise management system, advanced technology development and system quality management ability, Homar has successively offered quality OEM/ODM services for many well- known brands home and abroad such as UK M&S, HK Dairy Farm Group, HK SASA, Watsons, Lefeng, Moonbasa. P11-2 Our customers

65 12. Contact Homar Bio-Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Add: No. 28 Qiyuan Road, Huashan Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, P.R. China Post Code: 510880 Tel +86-20-37715888 Fax +86-20-37715888-6051 Email Website Homar contact overview P12-1

66 We sincerely hope on the basis of mutual understanding, both parties can have sincere cooperation so as to realize a win-win future. Thanks!

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