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Transport & forwarding company

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1 Transport & forwarding company

2 Transport & forwarding company
ABOUT US Transport and forwarding company TRASKO Ltd was established in 1995 to supply customers and trading partners with a cost effective, reliable services of International and Domestic Freight Forwarding and transportation. TRASKO is a part of the TransInvest International Holding AG (the headquarter in St. Gallen Switzerlandoffice, Switzerland). TRASKO strives to build trust, rapport and empathy with customers to serve the highest levels of service possible, сombining industry knowledge with best practices, advanced technology and experienced staff.  TRASKO has a network of affiliates in Russia in strategic locations. TRASKO co-operates with carefully selected, regionally strong partners on strategic long-term alliances. TRASKO is a member of the Association of International Road Carriers and of the Association of Russian Freight Forwarders. Transport & forwarding company

3 Transport & forwarding company
Our mission is providing of a personalised and dedicated service to our clients, saving their time and money. Our major service principles are: Reliability On Time and Responsiveness Assurance Transport & forwarding company

4 Transport & forwarding company
OUR SERVICES Being a large sized company with over 400 fully experienced and dedicated staff, TRASKO is able to offer most cost effective and efficient transport networks across Russia, Europe, Asia, in fact anywhere in the world, to both large and small businesses. To meet exact needs of our customers we coordinate, track and secure the delivery of loads via a wide range of transportation methods. take care of documentation requirements, insurance, customs clearance, and pickup and delivery. Transport & forwarding company

5 Transport & forwarding company
WE OFFER…. Forwarding services for road transport Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truck Load (LTL) shipments for domestic and international orders. Abnormal, heavyweight, high-value, contract or dangerous goods air and sea transport, multimodal transportation end-to-end logistics management solution Cargo Insurance Brokerage upon request for protecting domestic and international shipments. Menu of customs brokerage services. Self-owned Truck Service Centres in Russia (Tver, Chekhov) Transport & forwarding company

6 International Full Load Cargo Transportation
TRASKO offers import and export services by transportation of standard, oversized, heavyweight, valuable and hazardous (ADR) cargoes throughout: Western Europe: Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria. Southern Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece. North Europe: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland. Eastern Europe: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia), Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia). South-West Asia (Eastern Mediterranean): Turkey, Syria, Jordan. Services provided: loading/ unloading, warehousing, packing and marking of goods , customs brokerage. Transport & forwarding company

7 Transport & forwarding company
International Groupage handling TRASKO delivers consolidated cargoes from the Baltics countries, Scandinavia, Western and Eastern Europe. The favorable location of consolidation warehouses in Europe makes it possible to optimize delivery terms. The key consolidation warehouses are located in: Cologne and Frankfurt an der Oder (Germany), Verona (Italy), Vantaa (Finland) Vilnius (Lithuania). Groupage is transported at least once a week from each of the consolidation warehouses. We also provide: transport documentation (CMR, Carnet-TIR , etc.); warehousing (loading and unloading operations, groupage, storing); tracking and tracing the freight. Transport & forwarding company

8 Domestic Road Transportation
TRASKO delivers all kinds of cargoes by road, using self-owned fleet of modern vehicles (over 140 items) and that of partners, throughout Russia and CIS countries. Main routes in Russia: Central Federal District Northwestern Federal District Siberian Federal District Southern Federal District Urals Federal District Volga Federal District Road Transportation to and from CIS countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. Transport & forwarding company

9 Multi-modal Transportation
Multimodal Transportation performed by TRASKO brings number of advantages to the client, who is to deal with one contact for the entire transportation process. Most efficient combination of transport modes makes it possible to keep freight costs down. Complete visibility of the transportation process facilitates identification of opportunities for improvement and awareness of problems, increasing the operator's flexibility for solving possible contingency situations. Multimodal transportation geography: Europe Southeast Asia The USA and Canada Russia In 2006 the company TRASKO successfully implemented the carriage of the reactor from Linz (Austria) to Perm (Russia). Weight kg. Length - 33 m. Wideth - 3,5 m. Height - 3,5 m. Transport & forwarding company

10 Transport & forwarding company
Air Transportation TRASKO’s specialists are able to offer a fast, reliable, cost effective service to meet needs of the clients in air freight transportation. Our reliable partners make it possible to provide the best available solution to meet time and cost constraints by transportation of standard, over-sized, heavy, dangerous and fragile freights. We provide: Delivery «Door to Door» Delivery «Door to Airport» Delivery «Airport to Door» Assistance with international documents preparation and presentation requirements Customs services Tracking and tracing Packing services Warehousing services Transport & forwarding company

11 Transport & forwarding company
Customs Knowledge of customs clearance requirements avoids costly and inconvenient delays. TRASKO provides a full range of services for a client to have no problems with Customs. Services provided include: consultancy and advice on the customs clearance procedures; proper description of goods in terms of Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System and declaration of cargo; estimation of customs charges; preparation of documents for customs clearance; preparation of documents needed for export clearance (TIR, CMR, EX-1) in the EU; remote declaration and e-declaration; communication with authority. Transport & forwarding company

12 Transport & forwarding company
OUR CLIENTS More than 1000 Russian and foreign companies (large and small business) use our services on a long-term basis. Among our clients are: Big Dutchman, LG Electronics, OTTO, Quelle, KAMAZ, Евроконтракт, SCANIA, TATNEFT, and many others. Transport & forwarding company

13 Transport & forwarding company
PARTNERS More than 2000 companies worldwide are TRASKO’s reliable business partners: Transport and forwarding companies, logistics companies; shipping lines; port terminals; customs warehouses; insurance companies. Transport & forwarding company

14 Transport & forwarding company
Special condition road freight services TRASKO offers abnormal load and project services, supervised and tracked by a team of professional freight managers who have had direct hands on experience in all aspects of freight. Equipment carriage performed by 10 trucks (oversized cargo). Route: Slovenia – Tatarstan. The carriage of a gritblasting impeller (nonstandard oversized cargo). Route: Germany (Wiehl Marienhagen) – Sukhoy Log city, the Sverdlovsk Region. Transport & forwarding company

15 Transport & forwarding company
OUR REGIONAL AFFILIATES TRASKO Ltd is a dynamically developing company. Its regional network of branches in strategic locations is continuously expanding, enabling to streamline the transportation routes and reduce the clients’ costs. «TRASKO» Ltd Branches: Perm (since 2000) Elabuga (since 2002) Yekaterinburg (since 2003) Ufa (since 2003) Chelyabinsk (since 2006) Novosibirsk (since 2006) Tver (since 2007) Kazan (since 2010) Contacts Transport & forwarding company

16 Transport & forwarding company
Trasko Perm Branch «TRASKO» Ltd Dokuchaeva Street 33, office 402, 404 Perm, Russia Phone: +7 (3422) Phone: +7 (3422) Phone: +7 (3422) Fax: +7 (3422) Trasko Tver Branch «TRASKO» Ltd Vlasievo Village 30, building 1 Tver, Russia Phone: +7 (4822) Phone: +7 (495) Fax: +7 (495) Trasko Ufa Branch «TRASKO» Ltd Rossiyskaya 92/1, office 18 Ufa, Russia Phone: +7 (3472) Phone: +7 (3472) 447 455 Fax: +7 (3472) Trasko Chelyabinsk Branch «TRASKO» Ltd Soni Krivoy Street 73, office 503 Chelyabinsk, Russia Phone: +7 (351) Phone: +7 (351) Trasko Kazan Branch «TRASKO» Ltd Chuikova Street 2A, office 413 Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia Phone: +7 (843) Phone: +7 (843) Contact us «TRASKO» Ltd Head office Arkhangelskoye settlement bld.8, 4 km Ilyinskoye Highway, Krasnogorsk district, the Moscow Region, the Russian Federation Phone: +7 (495) (multichannel) (495) Fax: (495) /13 Trasko Yekaterinburg Branch «TRASKO» Ltd Krestinskogo Street 46-А, Office 602 Yekaterinburg, Russia Phone: +7 (343) (343) Fax: (343)   Trasko Elabuga Branch «TRASKO» Ltd Tazi Gizzata Street 4, office 206 Elabuga city, Russia Phone: +7 (85557) , , , Fax: +7 (85557) Trasko Novosibirsk Branch «TRASKO» Ltd Mira Street 58, office 12 Novosibirsk, Russia Tel.: +7 (383) , Fax: +7 (383) Transport & forwarding company

17 Transport & forwarding company
«TRASKO» TVER BRANCH TRASKO Tver Branch started operating in It has self-owned fleet of 30 modern Scania trucks and provides services on road transportation to the Scandinavian (Sweden, Norway, Finland) and Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) countries as well as to the countries of Europe, Turkey, CIS countries, and throughout Russia. Services offered are: Delivery of full load from Scandinavia and the Baltics. Cargo consolidation in Vantaa (Finland) and Vilnius (Lithuania) warehouses to be delivered to Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Container transportation from Finland. Storage and handling in self-owned warehouse. Repairs (and other services )in self-owned Truck Service Centre of : Scania, MAN, VOLVO, Mercedes trucks, full trailers and semitrailers engines, manual and automatic transmissions; auto power systems etc. tire fitting failure diagnostics Contacts Transport & forwarding company

18 Transport & forwarding company
«TRASKO» TVER BRANCH CONTACTS «TRASKO» Ltd Tver Branch «TRASKO» Ltd Vlasievo Village 30, building 1 Tver, Russia Phone: +7 (4822) ,   Phone: +7 (4822) ,   Phone: +7 (4822) ,   Phone: +7 (495) , Fax: +7 (4822) Village store waste land ‘RATMIR’ From Moscow Exit Transport & forwarding company

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