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Shalom and Welcome to the Austrian Israeli Chamber of Commerce AICC

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1 Shalom and Welcome to the Austrian Israeli Chamber of Commerce AICC

2 Objectives of the AICC Gaining reconnaissance of the business location Austria and of the resulting potentials for cooperation between organizations from Austria and Israel Establishing business contacts between both countries Networking & lobbying between members and partners of the AICC in Austria and Israel Transfer of know-how between Austria and Israel for Austrian added value Creation of a bilateral R&D pool Austro-Israeli incubator in Israel

3 General Assembly Executive Committee General Secretary Structure of the AICC The AICC essentially consists of the following organizational structure: The General Assembly The board (Executive Committee) The main office (Secretary General) The members

4 Executive committee The executive committee (Board) of the AICC is the managing board of the Austrian Israeli Chamber of Commerce. Elected by the general assembly for four years, the committee is incumbent on guiding the fortune of the AICC. The current committee has been elected in March 2007 and stays in office until 2010.

5 General Office The AICC general office is the coordination centre for all concerns of the Austrian Israeli Chamber of Commerce. Our secretary general is available for your questions at any time.

6 AICC Services The AICC defines itself as a coordination center for Israeli companies, exporters, and young entrepreneurs interested in settling, expanding or searching for cooperation in Austria and CEE/SEE countries.

7 Direct services Organization of press conferences and events
Creation of market surveys Mailings Seminars and Conventions Organization of one-to-one meetings Organization of promotion tours Start-up screenings

8 Services of the AICC Market research in Austria and CEE/SEE and finding Cooperation Partners Arrangement of appointments Business Class Check-In / DAN Lounge / Special Airport Transfer / Special Hotel arrangements Exhibition Service / Event Management / Office Service Legal, business and tax consulting / banking services Economy Information 

9 Become a member of the AICC
As a member of the Austrian Israeli Chamber of Commerce, you can enjoy several benefits, which may have a positive effect on your business development. Use the AICC’s unique service and network, receive current news about economical developments and get informed about possible business partners in Austria and CEE/SEE countries. You will receive information about conventions and will be able to access requests from Austrian companies online or directly submit your inquiries to them. Take advantage of the benefits of an AICC membership!

10 Membership fees The AICC distinguishes between the following categories: Category Membership fee per year Individual/Single membership EUR Small and medium sized companies EUR Large companies EUR

11 Doing business in Austria
Austria, with a population of 8.2 million, is one of the world's richest nations with excellent export opportunities and an attractive investment market for Israeli companies of all sizes. Located in the center of Europe, Austria is on the frontier of the changing European landscape and offers Israeli companies the advantage of a growing market with direct access to the European Union as well as to Central and South Eastern Europe.

12 Balance of Trade Austria– Israel 1948 to 2007
Result 2007 € 153,5 M. Imports Exports Trade Volume Austria-Israel in thousand euro

13 Central location Austria’s central geographical position provides ideal access to the emerging markets of Central & Eastern Europe. For instance, Vienna is just 266 km from Budapest and 299 km from Prague. Therefore all areas of Central & Eastern Europe are quickly reachable from Austria. Distance Flight time Budapest 266 km 45 min Warsaw 738 km 60 min Cracow 445 km 40 min Prague 299 km

14 Austria the new gateway to Europe
Thanks to Austria’s membership in the European Union the country’s role as a crossroad between North and South, East and West provides strategic advantages for companies involved in international trade.    Apart from its ideal geographical location, Austria has the additional advantage to serve as a center for a large number of service companies with outstanding Central & East European know-how. The Austrian banking sector is also exceptionally familiar with the region. The banks‘ financial experts have a great deal of in-depth knowledge of the markets in question, and they have built up strong networks of branches throughout the transitional countries.

15 Stability and Security
Austria is one of the most secure nations in the world: hard currency business climate low crime rate stable legal system political stability According to a study by the well-known financial magazine Euromoney, Austria has been ranked on 6th place in an international comparison regarding the following criteria: economic performance; political risk; promptness of payment; credit worthiness; access to bank financing; access to short-term finance; access to capital markets.

16 Key Sectors The most important sectors in Austria are: Tourism
Food and Drink industry Mechanical and Steel Engineering Chemical and Automotive industry Electrics and Electronics industry and Wood, Pulp and Paper industry The majority of Austrian goods exports comes from these industrial sectors.

17 Austrian success stories

18 Network of the AICC We believe in the philosophy that major success can only be reached with the right partners. Therefore we chose the most reliable, experienced and professional partners to work with in the following branches: Legal experts: Lansky, Ganzger + partner, Attorneys at Law, Vienna Law Office Adv. & Notary Michael Pappe, Haifa Tax consultant: Heller Consult Tax and Business Solutions GmbH, Vienna Business consultant: ASP Consulting Group, Vienna Finances: Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG (RZB), Vienna

19 Lansky, Ganzger + partner
Lansky, Ganzger + partner is one of Austria’s leading law firms with a large European and worldwide operating network. The main office in Vienna consists of 65 employees working in the following legal fields: Privatisation Mergers & Acquisitions Company law Business & Trade Law Infrastructure Railway Law Banking Law Real Estate Law Labour Law Contract Law European Law Environmental Law

20 Legal Network of the AICC
LANSKY, GANZGER + partner disposes for years over an excellent network in Israel, which includes its Partner office Attorney at Law and Notary Michael Pappe, Law Firm in Haifa as well as political and economical decision-makers in the „Silicon Valley of the Middle East“. Moreover Senior Partner Dr. Gabriel Lansky is the President of the Austrian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce (AICC) since 2002 and has been re-elected until 2010.

21 Legal Network of the AICC
Due to exact knowledge and permanent evaluation of the Israeli Market, LANSKY, GANZGER + partner (LGP) provides practical legal solutions and efficient representation in Israel. LGP supports Israeli companies whose aim is expansion to Austria and CEE/SEE countries as well as cross border projects between Israel and Austria. First class diplomatic, economic and political contacts in Austria guarantee practical and efficient legal solutions LGP provides counsel on M & A, international financings, real estate acquisition, hi- tech and telecommunication, capital market law as well as all other civil and corporate law matters.

22 Thank you! ! תודה רבה Austrian Israeli Chamber of Commerce
Country Manager Israel: Julia Andras T: – 52 – M:

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