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Station Adoption Seminar The Greater Manchester Experience.

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1 Station Adoption Seminar The Greater Manchester Experience

2 Why Station Adoption First passenger point of contact for most passenger journeys. Market research shows how important station quality is to the customer. Many Greater Manchester stations are unstaffed.

3 Growth In 2004 We had 4 stations with groups In 2012We have 24 stations with groups

4 Stations with Friends Groups AltrinchamGlossopMills Hill BlackrodHadfieldMossley BroadbottomHeaton ChapelPatricroft CastletonHattersleyReddish North DavenportHindleyReddish South DentonIrlamRose Hill Marple DintingLevenshulmeSmith Bridge EcclesLittleboroughWalkden

5 How have we grown Glossop out of Glossop Environmental Trust Heaton Chapel out of Sustainable Living In the Heatons Rose Hill Marple out of Marple Festival

6 ACORP AWARDS GlossopBest Station Adoption Group HindleyStation Gardens EcclesStation Gardens WalkdenCommunity Event

7 Neighbourhood Development Patricroft -Eccles Heaton Chapel - Levenshulme Dinting / Hadfield -Glossop Hattersley-Glossop / Broadbottom

8 Passenger Growth Significant levels of patronage growth across Greater Manchester Growth at stations with Station Friends Groups higher than GMaverage

9 Patronage Growth


11 Service Quality Service quality scores up, many stations hit 100% TfGM Station Passenger Satisfaction Spring 2011Spring 2012Increase 65%76%+11% Source: Passenger Focus

12 Train Service Development Irlam-Sunday Services Walkden-Atherton Sunday Services Hindley-Piccadilly / Airport Services Rose Hill- Marple / Rose Hill Service Transfers

13 Innovation Proud of our ability to think new and radical ideas

14 Innovation Station Adoption Toolkit

15 Innovation Glossop Track litter clearance and Garden Work – Trackside

16 Innovation Teddy Bears Picnic Teddy Bears Picnic

17 Innovation Walkden Station Birthday Party

18 Innovation Littleborough Station – Heritage Centre

19 The Future What are we doing well? How can we help you more ? What more can you do for yourselves ?

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