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Metropolitan Council Environmental Services A Clean Water Agency Presented to the Environment Committee January 13, 2009 Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) Program.

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1 Metropolitan Council Environmental Services A Clean Water Agency Presented to the Environment Committee January 13, 2009 Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) Program Bryce Pickart, Assistant General Manager Kyle Colvin, Assistant Manager, Engineering Planning Jason Willett, MCES Finance Director

2 I/I Index Overview Policy and Strategy(Pickart) Minneapolis Issues(Pickart) Current Program I/I Program Update (Colvin) Grant Program (Willett) Demand Charge (Willett)

3 I/I Overview

4 I/I

5 Policy and Strategy Infiltration/Inflow Program 2000-2002: Problem identification 2003-2004: I/I Task Force 2005: Water Resource Management Policy Plan

6 I/I Policy and Strategy Water Resources Management Policy Plan Infiltration/Inflow Policy – The Council will not provide additional capacity to serve excessive infiltration/inflow (based on design flow standard)

7 I/I Policy and Strategy Infiltration/Inflow Program Communities implement infiltration/inflow reduction programs to achieve compliance with Council design flow standard by 2012 Starting in 2013, the Council will implement a wastewater demand charge for those communities that have not achieved compliance

8 I/I Communities with Excess I/I

9 I/I Minneapolis Issues NPDES Permit for Combined Sewer Overflows Citys Infiltration/Inflow Program Citys Comprehensive Plan Update

10 I/I Current I/I Program

11 I/I I/I Program Update Last presentation given to Environment Committee: Oct. 23, 2007 Local community activities Community status update MCES activities Future milestone dates

12 I/I Local Mitigation Update 2009 Communities Arden HillsLauderdale Osseo Bayport***Lilydale Roseville Chanhassen Long Lake Savage** Columbia Heights Maple Plain*** Shoreview EaganMaplewood *** South St. Paul** Eden Prairie Medicine Lake St. Louis Park* Edina Mendota St. Paul ExcelsiorMinneapolis Stillwater FarmingtonMinnetonka Tonka Bay Golden ValleyMinnetonka Beach Vadnais Heights Greenwood New Hope Waconia HopkinsOakdale West St. Paul LakevilleOrono *New community in 2009 **Communities completing 5-year work in 2009 ***Communities with increased surcharge in 2009

13 I/I Local Mitigation Update 2009 Summary Total: 38 communities One new community: St. Louis Park Three communities with increased work: Bayport, Maple Plain, Maplewood Two communities will complete 5-year work: Savage, South St. Paul Local efforts: $13 million

14 I/I CommunityIssue FridleyAppeal-permitted storm connection (B&N Railyard) BloomingtonCompleted 5-year mitigation plan in 2008 New BrightonCompleted 5-year mitigation plan in 2008 PlymouthCompleted 5-year mitigation plan in 2008 St. AnthonyCompleted 5-year mitigation plan in 2008 Local Mitigation Update Communities removed from 2008 list

15 I/I Local Mitigation Update Communities with reduced 2009 work OriginalRevised*Basis Maplewood$255,640$122,267**Source eliminated & work completed in metershed Minnetonka$384,600$371,000 Source identified as non wet-weather related New Hope$228,900$151,900 Sources eliminated Minneapolis$8,066,138$4,772,600Sources eliminated *Revised figure excludes any credit carryover from over expenditure from previous year. **Figure does not include additional surchages.

16 I/I Total spent Community through 2008 I/I Amount Bloomington (09) $252,000 $305,175 Chaska $287,000 $298,295 Medina $151,550 $286,515 Mound $56,000 $89,296 New Brighton (09) $136,500 $137,854 Plymouth (09) $343,000 $460,679 St. Anthony (09) $1,183,000 $1,380,808 St. Bonifacius $20,480 $33,543 Local Mitigation Update Communities having spent total I/I amount through 2008

17 I/I Extension Community Original Revised Year Excelsior $56,000 $33,884 2015 Lilydale $25,200 $11,403 2018 Medicine Lake $11,900 $6,193 2016 Minnetonka Beach $26,600 $9,666 2019 St. Paul $5,950,000 $3,513,083 2015 Communities requesting 25 percent cap on annual I/I work Local Mitigation Update

18 I/I Potential Exceedance I/I Work Community Storm Event Increase Increase Bayport 9/20/07 0.06 $21,900 Maplewood 8/28/07, 9/20/07 0.28$102,200 Maple Plain 10/05/07 0.04 $14,600 St. Louis Park* 8/11/07 0.05 $17,750 Local Mitigation Update 2009 Storm Events (July 1, 2007-June 30, 2008) A total of 15 wet weather events resulted in at least one metershed exceedance; 4 of which increased a communitys I/I work. Potential I/I work increases based on 2009 rate per MGD of $365,000. *New to program in 2009

19 I/I Local Mitigation Update Timeline July 1, 2008-June 30, 2009: Peak flow monitoring for 2010 I/I work determination On-going: Determination of credit eligibility March 31, 2009: Community deadline for 2008 cost credit submittal July 15, 2009: Preliminary 2010 I/I work amounts sent to cities September 15, 2009: Community work plans for 2010 work November 15, 2009: MCES response to work plans

20 I/I Regional & Local Mitigation Update Ongoing efforts Determination of eligibility of submitted 2008 work credits for local mitigation efforts Work with communities to provide technical assistance (joint studies, data, meetings, etc.) MCES System Assessment and Rehabilitation including system-wide metering needs Comprehensive Plan Update reviews

21 I/I Regional Mitigation Update MCES I/I activities Joint studies and inspections where regional interceptors serve as local trunk sewers I/I identification, condition assessment, capital improvement program System rehabilitation program – Areas prone to flooding (Golden Valley, Lakeville, Shorewood, Twins Stadium area drain) – 2008 Trenchless Rehabilitation System-wide Meter Improvement Project

22 I/I Regional Mitigation Update MCES/community joint projects St. Paul: Currently collecting meter data as part of joint study Minneapolis: Currently collecting meter data as part of joint study

23 I/I Program Update Special circumstances Eagan/Apple Valley – Minnesota Zoo Minneapolis – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Airport, MnDOT (current joint study) St. Paul – University of Minnesota and State Fairgrounds; included in joint study South St. Paul – Stockyard area (MnPCA); City reports area to be eliminated through redevelopment in 2009

24 I/I Grant Program for foundation drain disconnections for service lateral work

25 I/I Grant Program Grant money available at beginning of program: $700,000 (source: returned Metropolitan Environmental Partnership grant funds) Eligible local governments: Those currently on MCES Excess I/I list and pre-approved by MCES for grant program Eligible properties: Buildings (not City infrastructure) connected to sanitary sewer

26 I/I Grant Program 50 percent of direct costs is reimbursable, up to maximum/property Funds must be wholly passed through to property owners First come, first served (when funds are gone, program is over) Information on Web site: ProjectTeams/whatsnew.htm

27 I/I Grant Program Jan. 1, 2008: Effective date of program Oct. 1, 2008: Effective date of changes Changes included: – Program extended to 2011 – Program broadened to include service line work – $2,000 maximum grant for service line work

28 I/I Participating Local Governments Grant $ paid through 12/31/08 Maple Plain$11,222 West St. Paul$77,640 St. Paul$67,157 Golden Valley$22,477 Maplewood $0 Chaska $0 Lauderdale $0 Waconia $0 TOTAL paid through 12/08: $178,496 ($521,504 remaining) These communities are approved as eligible but have not yet made a claim.

29 I/I Demand Charge = a community-specific charge for excess capacity demand

30 I/I Background Facts Required by Water Resources Management Policy Plan (WRMPP)Starting in 2013, the Council will institute a wastewater rate demand charge program for those communities that have not met their inflow and infiltration goal(s). (p. 40) Impacts community I/I efforts now We said wed have a public process for developing the Demand Charge details Minneapolis asked for 3-year notice of how the Demand Charge will work

31 I/I Development Options 1.Begin development process now and implement in 2013 2.Begin development of charge now but reconsider implementation date 3.Delay development and implementation Requires changing WRMPP

32 I/I Develop Demand Charge Community Task Force? Develop goals/criteria of charge Hire consultant Review similar charges across other metros Identify feasible designs Analysis of design Consider need for legislation

33 I/I Delay Implementation of Demand Charge Why? Success of local programs gives MCES ability to delay Capital Project decisions for some growth projects are being deferred Cities are under a lot financial pressure with declining property values and local government aid (from State)

34 I/I Recommended Next Steps Establish a Task Force Begin review of Demand Charge (decision on implementation date can wait)

35 I/I Questions, Discussion, Direction ? ?

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