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VISITING ASTURIAS M ª Dolores Garcia Jurado - E.O.I. Mieres.

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1 VISITING ASTURIAS M ª Dolores Garcia Jurado - E.O.I. Mieres

2 A narrow strip of land measuring 354 km long in the extreme northwest of Spain makes up the territory of the Principality of Asturias also known as `a Natural Paradise The geography is complex and diverse ranging from high mountains to the gentle slopes of the coast or the countyside.... The Asturian Coast is like a long open cliff broken by river mouths. This coastal front is 483 km long-208 km. when measured as a straigh line. There are 193 beaches with fine sand in some cases, pebbles in others, with small islands opposite them marking the vanishing point of the horizon.

3 Due to the size of its peaks and the peculiar geological and geographical characteristics, the Peaks of Europe are the most representative of the range, these features of the environment have formed the natural profile for Asturias since antiquity, very apreciated for mountaineers. Covadonga National Park was the first park of its kind to be opened in Spain around the year 1918. Its 16.925 hect. occupy most of the Western range of the Peaks of Europe. This range has undergone innumerable geological changes that have produced a wild landscape in which forests and meadows unfold gently, hiding the assortment of lakes and gorges from view.

4 Come and enjoy, some exceptional artistic manisfestations, including the Asturian Preromanic style, declared a Heritage of Mankind by Unesco in 1985. Enjoy!!!!

5 OVIEDO.... Discovering OVIEDO.... As capital of the Principality, Oviedo houses the entire network of administrative, political and cultural services of the region. Oviedo´s expansion has continued since its creation in 761. We find a recently arrived traveller mesmerized gazing at a magnificent view of the ancient cathedral. Tell us traveller, what are you thinking ?

6 I m king Alfonso II and I d like to show you our cathedral. Its construction started in 1293 it is the first fully Gothic building in Asturias, with its peculiar only tower (they ran out of money and couldn t build the second one.)

7 Two buildings, Santa Maria del Naranco and San Miguel del Lillo, on the slopes of Mount Naranco which protects Oviedo, epitomise the Preromanic style built king Ramiro I reign. The Aula Regia of Santa Maria and the series of vaults of San Miguel reflect the peculiar representation of the Asturian monarchy.

8 Im Ana Ozores, main character of the 19th Century novel La Regenta and Im sure you can find many wonderful places in our town to enjoy walking around…

9 - Enjoy, my friend, the view of our town hall and surroundings, looking at people walking and where you can remember some special moments you lived in our town. - Do you agree, my lady ?

10 - Let me remember......... Oh yes, for example when our Formula 1 champion, Fernando Alonso came to celebrate his triumphs with all his neigbours. Or the celebration of the Prince of Asturias Awards that take place in October every year, with very important people coming to Oviedo to the ceremony theirs awards, for example I remember the Woody Allens visit...

11 - Yes, I can say you that Prince of Asturias Awards recognise scientific, technical, cultural, social and human work realised by persons, institutions in the international field. They are delivered in a solemn ceremony that is celebrated in the Campoamor Theatre every year and is attended by personalities of the cultural, business and sports world.


13 - On september 21th we celebrate the day of America in Asturias with parades and a lot of people wearing traditional costumes of Asturias and South American countries........And a lot of bars in the open air where people all over Asturias meet until late hours.....

14 - Well take your advice, thank you, see you around... - Enjoy too our architecture with the multicenter designed by Calatrava, the famous architect, and symbol of modern architecture in our town. But, travel and discover other interesting places of our principality....

15 Well, we arrive in Mieres, located in a region that up until the 70´s was a very important center of coal production. Several miner shafts went so far as to employ 50.000 workers in their installations and hard conditions of work. Now industrial redeployment eliminated a fifth of these jobs by early retirements. Go visit the place.............

16 Mieres figured since Middle Age in the Jacobea Route being an important passing place for pilgrims heading for Santiago of Compostela, when they took the route that included Oviedo. This is the origin of its name : Mieres del Camino.

17 - Come and enjoy a rest and taste our typical drink the cider that must be served in this way to appreciate all it flavour....

18 And here we are. The state secondary school called El Batan, and The Oficial School of Languages in Mieres too, where we are developing our project An Interactive Language Adventure across Europe.

19 The most recent development in the council is the new university campus that allocates studies related with mines, forest sciences and enviromental studies. This monument was built as a memory to the 14 workers who died in an accident in 1995 in St. Nicolas shaft, one of the most tragic accidents in the history of modern mining.

20 If you come in June Im sure that the night we celebrate St. John will give you a good memory of our celebrebrations and folklore, the same way as our carnival....

21 We arrive at the most important city of Asturias in the coast, also known as the capital of the Green Coast.

22 The city of Gijon began to take shape from the heights of Santa Catalina Hill. First with the help of the Romans and later on its own initiative, it began to spread over the nearby coast with the passing of years until it became a town that could be easily destroyed and reconstructed, as was usual in medieval times. Due to its industry, Gijón became the most populous and the most heterogeneous city in Asturias by the middle of the 20th Century. Thus Gijon has become a dynamic and tolerant city which is made up of native citizens and strangers, industries and services, beaches and green fields, noble buildings, modern museums and a fishing port.

23 San Lorenzo beach is the biggest attraction of the town, which is full every sunny day of neighbours and visitors from all over Asturias. In cloudy and windy days you can enjoy walking around the city and go to the Horizon´s praise where you can see splendid views of the coast.

24 Enjoy the fishermen´s quarter and narrow streets of Cimadevilla, the oldest quarter of the town. Its situation in a fortified hill protected them from the sea when the tide was in and with the pass of time it became sailors residence.

25 Nowadays its houses have been converted and the old harbour has turned into a marina harbour and it is a residential, commercial and leisure quarter.

26 Don´t forget the Laboral University of Gijon, which was the most important architecture work in Asturias in the 20th Century and it´s considered the biggest building in Spain. It was originally a miner orphanage whose objective was to bring up orphans whose fathers died in accidents. The building was designed like the Partenon of Atenas and with the same intention, to enter it you have to surround it to appreciate all its magnificence.

27 Yes, but consider that summer time offers you the opportunity of take a walk in our parks and enjoy some shows, like exhibition of acrobats in the air celebrated in August every year.

28 Summer offers a wide range of cultural activities, like the Semana Negra in July, a festival dedicated to the literary crime novel genre, which includes cultural activities and different recreational events, like concerts, funfair, etc.

29 But in our goodbye to Gijón we´ll remember its evenings and walks on the beach....

30 This is the view of AVILES arriving at its airport, the third town more populated in Asturias after Oviedo and Gijón. The white building we can see in the background near the water is Niemeyer´s cultural center.

31 Avilés is enclosed by the coast in the north and the mountains in the south. The town was built along its long estuary, which occupies 3% of all area, including 3 miles of docks.

32 Its old town has been declared Group Historic-Artistic and quarters like Galiana and the Ferrería testify its history with splendid buildings and arcades.

33 Among its civil buildings there are several 15th century palaces. The Town hall and its square date from the 18th Century.

34 The original Niemeyer Cultural Center attracts personalities from national and international cultural world including Prince of Asturias Awards, Nobel Awards, musicians, actors and actress, ONU´s conferences and exhibitions.

35 On our way out of Asturias towards the next region, we can find the village of LLANES with magnificent dock where art and the force of sea get together...

36 REMEMBERING ASTURIAS... Which is the first National Park opened in Spain? Covadonga National Park Peaks of Europe Asturian coast

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39 REMEMBERING ASTURIAS... In which town Prince of Asturias Awards are delivered ? Gijon Oviedo Aviles

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42 Where does the programme An interactive Language Adventure across Europe take place in Spain? In the Language school of Mieres. In the Campoamor Theatre. In the Oscar Niemeyer Center. REMEMBERING ASTURIAS...

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45 REMEMBERING ASTURIAS... Where is the biggest building in Spain ? Oviedo Aviles Gijon

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48 Bibliography Photos included in this task where looked for through internet in Google : photographs of Oviedo, Mieres, Gijon, Aviles, Llanes and Prince of Asturias Awards. Music by the asturian musicien Hevia and his piece Busindre- Ree.

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