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Mansion in Gabon South Africa Accra, Ghana Cape Town, South Africa.

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3 Mansion in Gabon

4 South Africa

5 Accra, Ghana

6 Cape Town, South Africa

7 Cape Town again

8 Angola

9 Reunion Island South Eastern Africa


11 Lybia

12 Algeria

13 Bejaia, Algeria - North Africa

14 This is where the equator passes thru in Sao Tome Island, West Africa

15 Road to Lubango, Angola

16 Housing estate in Accra, Ghana

17 Cabo Verde, Cape Verde

18 Obudu Resort, Nigeria

19 If you thought the houses in Ghana were spectacular, you would be speechless with this house in Nigeria... just another mansion under construction!

20 Row houses in Nigeria

21 House in Abuja, Nigeria

22 Seychelles Island

23 Kampala, Uganda

24 South Africa

25 Aerial view of Annobon Island, Equatorial Guinea..... beautiful

26 Yes, we actually enjoy ourselves on the weekends... but the media misconceptions would have you believe we all languish in poverty (lol)

27 Presidential Palace, Ghana

28 Mansion in Transact Valley, Accra, Ghana... where a number of the wealthy live

29 House in Accra-Ghana

30 Tunisia

31 Tunis, Tunisia

32 Harare International Airport, Zimbabwe

33 River Nile in Egypt

34 Alexandria, Egypt

35 Nairobi, Kenya

36 Nairobi, Kenya - Windsor Golf and Country Club with Nairobi skyline in the background

37 Hilton Hotel, Abounded-Cameroon

38 An event being hosted in Ghana In Ghanaian Tradition a royal is carried by four bearers in a seat as you see in this picture

39 A hotel in Khartoum, Sudan

40 The cable cars at the beach in Durban, South Africa

41 Regular occurrence: A sandstorm over Khartoum, Sudan... after all, it is a city in a desert!

42 Aerial view of Khartoum, Sudan

43 The Wave house at Gateway Mall, Durban, South Africa

44 Mall in South Africa

45 Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town, South Africa. One of the largest malls in the Southern Hemisphere and just one of SA's mega malls.

46 Another inside view of Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town, South Africa..

47 An outside view of Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town, South Africa…

48 Cairo, Egypt


50 Hurghada - Egypt

51 National Stadium-Dares Salaam in Tanzania with the practice field right outside

52 City of Dares Salaam-Tanzania

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