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Vestibular-Emotional Reflex

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1 Vestibular-Emotional Reflex
Biometrics4U ELSYS Corp. presents a new Research&Development: Vestibular-Emotional Reflex or VibraImage technology discovers Physiology of Movements

2 Physiology of movements
Movement is fulfillment of what exists potentially. (Physics III, 335 BC) Aristotle Every reaction of brain activity could be characterized as muscular movement. (Reflexes of the brain, 1863) Ivan Sechenov Reflex movements associated with emotions. (The expression of the emotions in man and animals, 1872) Charles Darwin Amplitude and intensity of reflex movements characterized aggression. (On Aggression, 1966) Konrad Lorenz

3 Vestibular system

4 Head movements

5 Vestibular reflexes and tests
Active head rotation testing Rotatory chair testing Vestibular-ocular reflex (VOR) Vestibular tests

6 Vibration and vestibular-emotional reflex
Head movements means vibration. Vibration characterized by parameters, as frequency and amplitude. Vestibular-emotional reflex (VER) shows the dependence on head vibration parameters from emotions.

7 Frame difference as movement measure
Frame sequence y T1 x y T2 x y Frame difference dependence from the movement amount. x

8 VibraImage Amplitude vibraimage Frequency vibraimage Frequency scale

9 EEG and vibraimage signals
Vibraimage and EEG Cross correlation signal links for anger normal EEG and vibraimage signals synchronized record

10 Multiple vibraimage T= 10c T= 1c T= 0,1c
Vibraimages with different accumulation time

11 Histogram frequency distribution
P(f) P(f) f, f, Vibraimage frequency distribution histogram for disease (up) and normal (down) person. Vibraimage frequency distribution histogram for tired (up) and anger (down) person.

12 Power spectrum of frequency vibration
S (f) S (f) f, f, Vibraimage signal power spectrum for normal state (up) and tension state (down) person. Vibraimage signal power spectrum for normal state (up) and tension state (down) person.

13 Aura and vibraimage Normal state vibraimage and aura
Anger state vibraimage and aura

14 Security airport requests
Emotions control Aggression Stress Tension Danger level Pulkovo airport, St. Petersburg Technical request Control time Tк  10 c Distance from camera to passenger L  2 m Errors rate FRR  10%

15 Macromovements analyze
More intensive moved person is visible by technical profiling

16 Vibraimage challenges
Low noise digital cameras Stable and uniform illumination Low levels external vibration and movements Law undetermined

17 System structure 10 – Local module for emotion control (ELSYS Corp):
11 – monitor 12 – software 13 – local computer 14 – dongle 15 – digital camera 20 – server: 21 – server monitor 22 – server software 23 – server terminal 26 – net concentrator 30 – local modules

18 Emotion and minds control reality
Optical TV systems VibraImage FASI project, Russia Thermo vision systems Hostile Intentions, Homeland Security project, USA

19 Vibraimage applications
Security Biometrics Medicine Psychology Sport Computers Electronics Games

20 e-mail:

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