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Mathematics. In primary school It was called Numbers.

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1 Mathematics

2 In primary school It was called Numbers

3 In high school It was called Mathematics

4 At school I was taught 1 +1 = 2 Yet in kinder garden I was taught that 1 + 1 = a window

5 At school I was taught my times tables But I work in tens and I work very differently For example 8 times 8 = 64 This is how I do it, its heaps quicker for me 8 times 10 = 80 2 times 8 = 16 80 minus 16 = 64

6 To me math's is just beads on a Childs toy

7 Lets sit down and work this out This is the third rock from the sun, you may have heard of it

8 At school I was told it spins really really fast to create gravity

9 And if it suddenly stopped spinning we would all smash into the walls, splatter our guts everywhere, then float off into outer space In reality it simply cannot happen

10 The earth spins one full rotation every day thats why we have night and day Thats why we have these things, there called sun dials

11 Which means we spin at the same speed as the little hand on this twenty four hour clock Not real fast hey, in fact, really really slow

12 See they divide the circumference of the earth by 24hrs and it comes to an equation of 1640 kmh Sounds really fast but in reality it isn't

13 But they tell us that the satellites are spinning even, faster because they are further out The formula equates to the circumference of the satellites radius Divided by 24 hours, so for example the equation might Come to 2040 kmh as opposed to 1640 kmh

14 Yet every racing car driver on this planet knows that a long gear shift is much slower than a short gear shift

15 So the mathematical equation is wrong

16 Thats why Lamborghini Ferrari Bmw Maclaren all spend billions of dollars developing cars to make them go faster Thats why they developed paddles on steering wheels

17 A tenth of a second in formula one means the difference between winning or losing Millions of sponsorship dollars

18 This is why every slot car track has to be a figure 8 To be fair

19 Because on this track the kid on the inside lane always wins Because the inside lane is shorter

20 But this track looks like a lot more fun

21 You will note that the faster these wheels spin the further the water is spun off So if the mathematical equation was right all of the water on this planet would spin off into space

22 And we would be an arid desert planet

23 With no water

24 And just sand

25 If Mathematics was correct Sydney airport doesnt work

26 This is a 747

27 This is Sydney airport

28 According to Mathematics If you stood at the end of the runway your hair would be a mess As you would be traveling at 1640 kmh

29 Talk about a bad hair day In reality you are stationary

30 One of these takes off at approximately 200 to 250 kmh

31 So if the world really did spin really really fast No plane could ever take off from Sydney airport

32 Because the ground would be moving faster than the plane If the ground is moving faster than the plane the plane can not get lift under its wings

33 No lift no flight

34 So Mathematics is incorrect

35 Always believe in what is important YOU

36 You are unique You are the most unique individual that ever graced this earth You can achieve anything that you set your mind too Never believe what you are told Learn to believe in the most important thing on this rock

37 YOU

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