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Our local area General Lyceum of Iraklia Serres, Greece.

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1 Our local area General Lyceum of Iraklia Serres, Greece

2 Iraklia is a small town about 90 Kilometers far from Thessaloniki and about 105 Kilometers far from its airport, Macedonia (SKG). Also, it is 27 Kilometers far from the capital of the prefecture, the city of Serres, which has about inhabitants. These three sites are indicated by blue dots on the map A.

3 Map A

4 The Town of Iraklia

5 Iraklia Town The Central Square The Town Hall

6 The Main Road in Iraklia…

7 Iraklia Town … by night

8 This is an outdoor canteen where you can eat hot dogs and things like that…

9 The town of Iraklia has approximately people and is the capital of the municipality of Iraklia, which has almost inhabitants. Our school has students from Iraklia and thirteen other villages: Limnohori, Simon, Pontismeno, Kimisi, Hrisohorafa, Dasohori, Valtero, Lithotopos, Psomotopi, Karperi, Ammoudia, Gefiroudi and Skotousa. These are indicated by red dots in map B.

10 Map B

11 General Lyceum of Iraklia

12 Our school was founded in 1948, as High School of Iraklia. In 1992 it was transferred to this beautiful building as General Lyceum.

13 The school has 22 teachers and 180 students enrolled. In the school there are 16 classrooms and a library. Also there are two outdoor basketball fields and a volleyball field.

14 Lake Kerkini (see map B) is an artificial reservoir that was created in 1932, and then redeveloped in 1980, on the site of what was previously an extremely extensive marshland. In the area, important hydrobiospheres are developing which are of great international significance and acceptance. The water extent varies from time to time, from 54 to 72 square Kilometers. This wonderful biosphere - wetland Kerkini - is recouped by the International Convention of Ramsar and presents numerous admirable elements.


16 Port at lake Kerkini … Buffalos in lake Kerkini

17 The lake was created where Kerkini lake was, by making embankments on the eastern and western sides. A dam was also constructed near the village of Lithotopos, which started functioning in 1932.

18 The bird, insect and plant Center in Lithotopos village

19 In the Ammoudia village. The Kindergarten and the statue in the square.

20 The St. Georges church and … …the park in Gefiroudi village.


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