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Gregory Labru, President & CEO TOPOS COMMUNICATIONS

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1 Gregory Labru, President & CEO TOPOS COMMUNICATIONS
Athens TRAM : Integrated Fleet Management & Telematic Supervision System over TETRA Gregory Labru, President & CEO TOPOS COMMUNICATIONS

2 Agenda Athens 2004 : Meeting the challenge of Olympic Games TRAM : Implementing a state-of-art Telematic Supervision System (TSS) Project Overview Examine the communication requirements of Athens TRAM Why TETRA for Greece’s first rail intelligent transport system? System Applications using TETRA N-TOPOS : A Technology Provider in Telematic Supervision Systems for Transport Service Organizations Q & A

3 Greece: Preparing for Athens 2004
Public Transport Services: Considered as the most crucial for the success of Olympic Games Major Infrastructure Works and Transport Systems: METRO ΤΡΑΜ Inter-city Rail Athens International Airport Intercity Motorway Rio-Antirio Bridge

4 TRAM: A modern light rail transport system for Athens
Link Athens City centre with the southern coastal suburbs Will alleviate traffic congestion and cater for transport needs during the 2004 Olympic Games. Thirty-five new tram cars will transport up to 2,500 passengers along the lines during peak hour. Two tram lines Total 30km of rail tracks 48 Stop points An Operation Control Center One Depot TETRA network

5 Project Overview Construction started in 2002
To be Operational by May 2004 TETRA for radio communication services between Vehicles and OCC N-TOPOS provides On-Board Control & Communications Equipment and Telematic Supervision System.

6 Communication Requirements
PMR Services : TETRA Voice & Data (Automatic Vehicle Management, Public Address, Passenger Information, Emergency Call System, Driver’s MMI) High Speed Fiber Optic Network: Gigabit Ethernet (CCTV, PIS, AFC, IP telephony, SCADA)

7 System Overview PMR System (TETRA) Workstations Onboard Unit
PMR Interface PMR System (TETRA) LAN MAN Loop extern Data Sources DI MAN Interface Motorised Turnout Drives (Depot) Workstations Graph. User Interface Radio (PMR) Control Vehicle Installations RT Radio Display/ Control Tableau (Turnout Setting) Door Cabling for Validators Onboard Unit (OBU) GPS Emergency Call Optical Pass. Info Acoustical Pass. Info OCC Installations Onboard Localisation Passenger Information Track Switching Tram Pre-Emption C&C Server (Cold Standby) Vehicle Monitoring Depot Control CCTV Monitoring SCADA System Passenger Inform. Public Address Clock System Ticketing System Data Mgmt. /Admin. Alarm Handler (Wayside) Intersection Controllers Odometer Wayside Installations Depot Installations Stop Point Installations Vehicle Diagnose System Storage for CCTV Images Display +Clock SCADA (Substations) CCTV Cameras CCTV System Emergency Call Column Ticket Validation Cancellor Automatic Ticket Vending Machine Public Address System Pass. Information System Data Interface Functionality Optional Components Extern Systems

8 TRAM: The first PTO in Greece to apply TETRA
Why TETRA? Frequency Regulation Voice & Data at the same time ETSI Standardized technology Highest Security on AI Supplementary services offered (DGNA, AP, DMO, etc) TETRA Network availability

9 System applications using TETRA
AVM System Features & Functionalities: Real-time Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring : GIS & Schematic Diagram representation Receiving data from 35 Tramcars on a 10sec cycle over TETRA. TETRA Group Management & Voice Call handling SDS Messaging : To driver’s MMI console (pre-coded, free text, system events)

10 System Applications using TETRA
PIS & PA System Functionalities supported based on TETRA services : Live voice Announcements from operator to On-board Passengers Text Messages sent by OCC are displayed on Multiple Monitors inside Vehicle ECS Emergency call signal by driver via a special button. OBU sends automatically an emergency SDS message to the OCC.

11 On-board System C&C equipment: OBU with driver’s console terminal
TETRA transceiver GPS receiver Multimedia Passenger Information Display System Radio LAN for track-switching and Traffic Lights Pre-emption TETRA services & Interfaces OBU set-up and fully control V+D through TETRA PEI. SDS & Packet Data Services Group Voice calls

12 N-TOPOS: Integrated Telematic Supervision Systems
Develops integrated TSS for the Transport industry. Implements complex and sophisticated projects Highly skilled personnel with expertise in cutting-edge technology References: Electric Buses Company of Athens- ILPAP Athens TRAM Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos” * Member of NOKIA TETRA TWISP

13 Q & A Thank you

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