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Oracle Aviation (Introduction) Oracle Aviation Private Limited, was established in 1994 in order to provide aviation management consultancy, operations.

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1 Oracle Aviation (Introduction) Oracle Aviation Private Limited, was established in 1994 in order to provide aviation management consultancy, operations and services which combined technical and operational advice and / or activities with senior management expertise. In the due course of time, the need arose for a border company base, and so a number of carefully chosen associations were made. These enable the firm to exploit a wide working experience, with support from other companies, together with making a significant contribution to their expertise.

2 Back Ground & Capabilities… Oracle Aviation is a specialist firm of air-transport and aviation management consultants providing domestic aviation policy advice economic impact assessment, air traffic forecasting and complete management solutions to airports and other agencies. We also provide specialist advice on airport capacity assessment and planning; project planning, management and marketing; and corporate development. Our capabilities range from a very broad scope to a single technical or functional area of activity.

3 Our major competencies are Management Services Business systems and long range

4 Strategic Planning Flight Operations and staffing Quality Assurance Airport Planning Program Management and Project Control Domestic Aviation Policy advice Air Traffic Forecasting Route Development Economic Impact Assessment Privatization and Funding Airport Capacity Analysis Aviation Skills Development Safety Human Factors Human Resources Management Organizational transition / System Analysis Technical and Operational Studies and assessment Team work, efficient time, information and crisis management are of utmost importance for Oracle Aviation along with the ability of networked thinking.

5 VISION Today, the aviation industry is facing enormous demands and is continuously investing in ways to improve its services levels. Traditional processes, systems and channels are being redesigned to respond adequately to the current demands of the industry. Aiming to meet these challenges, Oracle Aviation is taking the meaning of services to a new level by offering a unique combination of consulting services, technical support and management functionalities.

6 MISSION Oracle Aviation believes that the approach to airport infrastructure should have the objective of ensuring that the long term development of aviation maximizes the expected net benefits to society in a sustainable way. Our mission is to deliver a full scope of management solutions and services to control costs, develop and enhance sources of non-aeronautical revenues and optimize operational efficiencies while maintaining high levels of service for airline passengers and other users. Commercial Air Carriers. Passengers Operators and Cargo Operators. Corporate Operators. Maintenance Repair Centers. Technical Support and Maintenance Management Functionalities.

7 TARGET Our goal is to conduct business activities in a spirit of partnership and with fiduciary duty and strip to serve SAIL by providing management service and business system that meet and surpass all expectations.

8 Proposal for SIAL Airports are an essential component of any nation's economic infrastructure. Airport can be regarded both as enterprises are evolving in a competitive environment and as public sector bodies having a public service duty, consequently it is considered that quality of service is a major issue in airport management, and measurement is a necessary step to improve it. Oracle Aviation's starting point is to look to market mechanisms and provide skilled management to deliver the appropriate level of management services.

9 Contd… Oracle Aviation intends to use an integrated physical – financial approach to planning and management for SIAL. This integrated approach will ensure that proposed developments are financially feasible and commercially optimized. In an environment where airport costs are even most important, this integrated approach will offer particular value at SIAL at minimum incremental cost and best management solutions. Oracle Aviation shall analyze airport functions to identify opportunities for operational efficiency performance improvement, and cost containment through internal change; re-engineering of management systems and business process; and development of implementation strategies to address labour and employee concern associate with change.

10 Contd.. Oracle Aviation will also perform comparative analysis (benchmarking) of SIAL cost and revenue performance as a diagnostic tool to improve performance. Oracle Aviation will implement cost reduction measures, revenue enhancements, service improvement and changes to internal process and management systems for SIAL.

11 SUMMATION Oracle Aviation is able to bring SIAL a wide variety of aviation related services ranging from airport management to aviation infrastructure development; from aircraft and / or passenger facilitation to operational services through management assistance, to actually assisting in establishing and operating the business Our team and associates all are proven leaders and experienced aviation senior managers and executives, who have the ability to organize and impact the management and business systems to the benefit of SIAL. Always uppermost in our considerations is committed planning and project management, operations, safety, followed closely by cost reductions, improved efficiencies, and increased profit. Hence we offer and apply management services that cover a very wide variety of disciplines.

12 PROPOSED OPERATIONS FOR AIR-TRANSPORTATION & AIRPORT MANAGEMENT – FOCUS AND TARGETS Passenger and baggage handling Aircraft Technical handling Mail, Courier & Cargo handling

13 AIR OPERATIONS Domestic low-cost no frill airline Sialkot Air-taxi service on hub and spoke system Regional Cargo Airline, (Fleet to be selected from a range of 5-50 Tons capacity cargo aircraft) International Passengers / Cargo / Combi Operations (Non Scheduled) U.N humanitarian aid & food program operation based on rotary and fixed wing aircrafts. Air – ambulance service. Tourism operations – Air safari for Northern areas and Kashmir on light aircrafts and helicopters. Dangerous goods air-transportation with perishable process and packages project. Non- transport revenue projects. Aviation academy. Cargo village. Duty Free Shop / Duty Free Zone. Public, Private, Partnership Agreement.

14 Sialkot International Airport, Pakistan Master plan envisages phased development of facilities. First phase includes all essential facilities to make airport fully functional. Airside facilities: Runway: 3600m long, 45m wide with 7.5m wide shoulders corresponding to International Civil Aviation Authority Category 4E. Flexible pavement (bituminous surface) for ease in construction maintenance. Link Taxiway: 23m wide with 7.5m wide shoulders. Apron: For both passenger & cargo use. 30,500 m2 area. Combination of flexible/rigid pavements. Nose-in parking for 3 wide-bodied aircrafts. Separate equipment parking area. Illumination for night time operations. Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower: Facilities and equipment for communications and control. Air Field Lighting: Simple approach lighting system on centerline of one side of runway. Threshold lighting at both ends of runway. Elevated edge lights along runway & taxiway length. PAPI system on simple approach lighting side. Provision for future ILS. FCR Facility: To be designed and equipped as per ICAO Category 9 airport requirements.

15 Sialkot Intl Airports Landside Facilities : Passenger Terminal Building: Covered area 5,000m2. Seating for over 500 passengers in departure lounge. Check-in, departure & arrival facilities for domestic & int'l pax. Provision for modular growth. All necessary facilities and equipment to be provided. Cargo Terminal Building: Covered area 4000 m2. Large, unobstructed floor areas with adequate free heights. Facilities for cargo processing, customs, storage, delivery offices for airlines, banks, traders, brokers etc. Car Park : Capacity 300 cars. General Aviation (future): For private aircraft, charter operations, etc.. Infrastructure & Airport Support: Security & Fencing: Chain link fencing along airport perimeter; security arrangements, barriers. Approach Road: 4-lane divided carriageway with ROW of 40m, about 1-km in length connecting to link road from Sialkot & surrounding areas. Utilities: Water supply, sewerage, drainage, solid waste disposal, telecommunications, power, gas to be provided. Other services: Fuel farm, aircraft ground maintenance services, catering etc. to be provided through concessions given to private parties

16 Sialkot Intl Airport Terminal Building

17 General Layout of Sialkot Intl Airport

18 Business Plan Routine Public Transport General Chartered Flight Cargo Special Goods Technical Assistance Maintenance Services Flying School

19 Management Services & Business Systems Assignments at Oracle Aviation range from a very broad scope to a single technical or functional area of activity. The practice embraces many topical areas whereby the company has developed and extensive body of aviation related experience, namely; Management Services to include on-site management assistance and direct involvement in senior management, operation, maintenance, human resources, purchasing and store, line stations, facilities etc. Business Systems: That encompasses long-range strategic planning designed to position an organization to successfully achieve its objectives well into the future; management systems oriented toward effectively reaching the organization's objectives while considering the well-being and morale of the individuals involved; assets management systems; and economic planning for the present and the future.

20 Passenger and Cargo Operators The creation of major and regional airline, cargo carriers, and/or special charter carriers. Oracle Aviation is expert in the creation and implementation of the necessary systems, procedures. Policies and organizational structure required to build a passenger or cargo airline. In addition to the creation of the airline, Oracle Aviation will manage the start-up carrier until the stockholders require their own organization and personnel. Oracle Aviation is also expert in establishing the management, labor and staff training programs necessary to transfer the operation of the airline to the company's permanent personnel. Ref: Our associate team is the Founder and rehabilitation group of Emirates Airline, Gulf Airways, Mongolian Airways, Guinea Airways and many others.

21 Aircraft Audit and Assessment Programs Oracle Aviation personnel are expert in all aspects relative to the investigation and identification of an aircraft audit, such as airframe and engine records (including all hard time and life limited items). Our firm also performs physical identification of component serial numbers and the mapping of all aircraft exterior repairs. Oracle Aviation provides these programs to banking institutions, leasing companies, federal aviation regulatory agencies, and both major and regional airlines. Human Resource Programs, addressing employee/workplace/environment surveys, employee incentive plans, manpower development and evaluation, interpersonal relations, organization and salary administration, personnel and senior management recruiting, organization planning and communications programs. Airport Planning, Program management and project control Aircraft Service Centre, establishment from a "Zero-Base" or through using existing facilities, including cost-effective strategies designed to attract tenants and clients.

22 Methodology Experience has proven that a successful assignment is built around a specific well-defined project. The first objective of Oracle Aviation in any engagement is to develop a clear understanding with our client as to the extent and nature of the specifics under assessment. We accomplish this through a comprehensive review of the client's operations. Once the scope and nature of the engagement are mutually agreed upon, Oracle Aviation prepares a written proposal setting forth the overall situation, the objectives that are to be achieved, the methodology that will be employed, the resources (of both Oracle Aviation and the client) to be utilized, a schedule accomplishment, and a fee schedule. It is the experience of Oracle Aviation that although clients frequently share many of the same traits, problems, and even opportunities, each client is an unique entity having its own culture, traditions, history, and shared expectations.

23 TEAM WORK Our most successful engagements are always a result of a high level of teamwork and interface between the client and the company. Where possible, Oracle Aviation will arrange for the members of the client staff, who will be responsible for carrying out the result of the effort, to work as team members with Oracle Aviation's associates. This arrangement creates maximum client involvement and helps to establish a pride of authorship and commitment within the client's management team. Each engagement is under the complete direction of an Oracle Aviation Executive Officer who has been involved in defining and negotiating the management. This officer normally works extensively on the program and then coordinates its use through an experienced Program Manager. This arrangement ensure faithful application of the agreed upon agenda and affords the client the benefits of the Officer's experience. Oracle Aviation also seeks to arrange regular meeting with the client's key manager. These meetings provide a formal opportunity to review the progress, give the client senior managers the opportunity to apply their expertise and review interim report presented by the Oracle Aviation team. Since Oracle Aviation always structure their engagement to produce results yielding the greatest benefits as quickly as possible, the described approach also simplifies putting in practice the recommended actions and solution as they arise.

24 Benefits One of the principle benefits Oracle Aviation brings to our client is the firm's active participation in setting up the system we establish or enhance. Oracle Aviation does not simply identify problems or opportunities and then suggest actions to be taken. Rather, the firm assists in achieving the recommended actions to which the client has committed and agreed to. On the other hand, Oracle Aviation does not become a permanent fixture in the client's operations. The firm fully recognizes that the client's management team is responsible for making the program a success. Oracle Aviation is there to assist in making the process as effective as possible, for only as long as you want us there.

25 Contd.. Operate aircraft from various domestic and international airports to UAE, Sialkot Int'l Airport & AJ&K Govt. * Non-Scheduled cargo/courier/passenger flights ranging from 800 KGs to 20 Ton. * The flights operated shall be off loaded and cargo/courier/passengers transit to other scheduled airlines for further destinations. * To provide transit facilities to our clients at Ras-al-Khaima Airport including Lounges, Accommodations, Facilitation and Transport etc. * To provide cargo hub and transit facilities to various scheduled and non- scheduled airlines. * To provide basic transit checks and light maintenance facilities to the aircraft.

26 Current Arrangements of Oracle Aviation Aircraft: 767-222, 767-222EM, 727F, 737F & 737-800, DC-8, Helicopters Passenger:More than 1.0 Million from UK 25,000+ passengers for Umra and Hajj Cargo: Pakistan-UAE, UAE – Pakistan, UAE – Afghanistan & United Nation's Cargo Flight Route:Macau – Thailand – UAE – India – Pakistan – Bangladesh – Far East - Middle East – Africa – United Kingdom - California Funds:Own arrangements from the international market, for Aircrafts. After permission and agreement Oracle Aviation can start operation in short period (next 90 days) can operate 100+ flights for passenger, and can manage maximum cargo from Ras-al-Khaima, and it would be gradually increased. Moreover, Oracle Aviation can start flying school at Ras-al-Khaima, for Pilot training. Oracle Aviation has arrangements to built 7 star hotels, Mega Projects, development of Tour and Tourism sites at Ras-al-Khaima on Joint Venture basis.

27 Aircrafts Arrangement # 1 767 Series (Photographs of aircraft just for reference)

28 Improvement (In) Aircraft System

29 Proposed Aircraft Boeing 767-200EM (ETOPS) [General Specs] ModelB767-222EM (ETOPS) Fleet Size 8 Aircraft Dates of Manufacture1982 – 1983 Delivery Dates1982 – 1983 Engine and apu data Engine TypePratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4D APU TypeHoneywell GTCP331-200ER Operating weights and performance Max. Take-Off Gross Weight320,000 lbs. Max. Taxi Weight322,000 lbs. Max. Landing Weight 272,000 lbs. Max Zero Fuel weight 250,000 lbs. Operating Empty Weight190,443 lbs. Max. Structural Payload 59,557 lbs. Fuel Capacity @ 6.8 lb / gal 113,560 lbs. Fuel Reserve 13,000 lbs. Cruise (Mach) 0.80 Initial Cruise Altitude 31,000 ft. Final Cruise Altitude 35,000 ft. Maximum Operating Altitude 43,100 ft.

30 Aircrafts Arrangement # 2 Photographs of aircraft just for reference

31 Aircrafts Arrangement # 3 Photographs of aircraft just for reference

32 Aircrafts Arrangement # 4 Photographs of aircraft just for reference

33 Aircrafts Arrangement # 5 Photographs of aircraft just for reference

34 767 seating arrangements interior configuration Seat Capacity168 passengers Class Split10 First Class Seats (Weber) 33 Business Class Seats (Weber) 125 Economy Class Seats (BE-PTC) Crew Restnone Galleys6 (Weber), 2 (Driessen) Lavatories5 (Jamco) In-flight Entertainment System First ClassPersonal Video – IEC (formerly Hunting) In-seat Phone – Verizon (formerly GTE) Business ClassOverhead Video – Rockwell Collins (formerly Sony) In-seat Phone – Verizon (formerly GTE) EconomyOverhead Video – Rockwell Collins (formerly Sony) maintenance program Airframe ChecksFrequency A Check500 hrs. C Check456 days Landing Gear Overhaul Frequency MLG LH30,000 hrs. 18,000 cyc. 10 yrs. MLG RH30,000 hrs. 18,000 cyc. 10 yrs. NLG30,000 hrs. 10 yrs.

35 Aircrafts Arrangement # 6 B737F (Photographs of aircraft just for reference) Cargo Handling from Sialkot Intl Airport to UAE & to Pakistan

36 Aircrafts Arrangement # 7 B727F (Photographs of aircraft just for reference) Cargo Handling from Sialkot Intl Airport to UAE & to Pakistan


38 Aircrafts Arrangement # 8 737-800 (Photographs of aircraft just for reference)

39 Specs of 737-800

40 Aircrafts Arrangement # 9 Photographs of aircraft just for reference

41 Aircrafts Arrangement # 10 Photographs of aircraft just for reference

42 Specs of DC-8-63F Aircraft Model/Series:DC-8-63F Fuselage Number:439 Ship Code:SAS-72 IPC Code:SK072 Date of Manufacture:08FEB1969 Engines:Pratt & Whitney JT3D-* (See Below) Max. Ramp Weight:358,000 lbs. Max. Gross Takeoff Weight:353,000 lbs. Max. Landing Weight:258,000 lbs. Max. Zero Fuel Weight:45,000 lbs. Adjusted Operating Empty Weight:149,716.35 lbs. (A container), or 156,516.5 lbs. (C container) Fuel Capacity (6.7 US pounds/gal):Total: 165,856Usable: 165,075 Airframe Total Hours/Cycles:88,874:38 hrs:min 28,467 cycles Total Hours/Cycles operated last 6 months:240:46 hrs:min 180 cycles Last C Check Info:19SEP2004 (date) at AFTT 87,973:44 & AFTC 27,793 Next C Check Due Date:20MAY2006 Last D Check Info:07JUL1991 at AFTT 74,186:30 & AFTC 21,302 Next D Check Due Date:n/a * (*D check has been incorporated into C check) Stage III Hush Kit Manufacturer:Burbank Aeronautical Landing Gear Overhaul Interval (hrs):Nose: 22000 hr Left Main: 20000 hr Right Main: 20000 hr Landing Gear TSONose: 902:02 Left Main: 14,696:02 Right Main: 8,304:44 Engines (JT3D-__) #1 model: -7 s/n: 645970 TSN/CSN: 58,121:41 / 19,868 Rem. to next sched. removal: 3694 cycles (C1) #2 model: -7 s/n: 671366 TSN/CSN: 54,492:23 / 19,041 Rem. to next sched. removal: 2928 cycles (C1) #3 model: -7 s/n: 669748 TSN/CSN: 60,968:43 / 20,668 Rem. to next sched. removal: 5 cycles (T1) #4 model: -3B s/n: 669379 TSN/CSN: 52,474:20 / 17,198 Rem. to next sched. removal: 96 cycles (HT shaft)

43 1.0 Million Passenger's basic deficiencies from UK to onward especially UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (for Hajj & Umra) as well as Pakistan Those Non-Resident / Resident Kashmiries are frequent traveler between Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom. They are facing too much difficulty during their travel. Re-confirmation of their reservation Non availability of the seats Excess Baggage Traveling from Islamabad to (Kashmir) remote access for their residents. Vehicle arrangements Shopping for their nearest and dearest in UK. Air Ambulance services Shifting of Dead bodies Hajj and Umra arrangements & managements Staying and shopping in UAE, due to traffic load The same problems are with the Sikh community, from Birmingham to Amritsar (India) & Nankana Saheb (Pakistan) Almost the South Indian, Cochin & Karalla people are traveling as a transit passenger from UAE.

44 How to make your tension free journey? To become a member of the tourist group Oracle Aviation is trying to establish a Tourist Club between United Kingdom and AJ&Kashmir, by the patronage of the Govt. Of Azad Jammu and Kashmir to provide a better and tension free journey. Oracle Aviation is also proposed for providing an Air Ambulance services (Helicopters) to meet rescue and emergencies in the disasters effected area especially for the locals of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

45 Facilitation to Members of the Tourist Club * Excess baggage up to:50 KGs * Above 70+ Years of Age: 25% Discount on Fare * Above 75+ Years of Age: 50% Discount on Fare * Above 80+ Years of Age: 100% Discount on Fare * Air Ambulance:FREE * Shifting of Dead Body:FREE * Transit Passengers: Dubai/Ras-al-Khaima 1 night/day stay in (5 star, option) hotel, sight seeing, shopping facilities: FREE

46 Aircrafts Arrangement # 11 Photographs of Helicopter (MI-2) just for reference

47 Aircrafts Arrangement # 12 Photographs of Helicopter (MI-2) just for reference

48 Aircrafts Arrangement # 13 Photographs of Helicopter (MI-2) just for reference

49 MI-2 Description & Technical Information DESCRIPTION: Incredible value: MI-2 twin Turbine-powered helicopter. This helicopters has a valid Experimental registration and current Airworthiness Certificate. It is now flying Seats 8 passengers, or can easily be converted to carry over 1,540 lbs of cargo. Powered by 2 Isotov GTD-350 engines of 431 hp each. The rotor blades are nearly new. A test flight is available for serious buyers. Technical information: Tail number: N116GC Body: #544448105, manufactured in 1975 Total time: 2354 hours Time since factory overhaul of aircraft: 207 hours Left Engine 1: #481671191 Hours since overhaul: 270 hours Right Engine 2: #481651043 Hours since overhaul: 447 hours Main blade #1: 80 hours, blade #2: 12hours, blade #3: 7 hours Tail rotor: 130 hours

50 General description of the Mi-2 helicopters The MI-2 powered by two turbine engines was the first MI-2 helicopter manufactured in 1965. Until the end of the 1980s they sold over 5500 helicopters. The PZL-Kania helicopter is derived from the MI-2 helicopter and made in Poland. The test flight of its prototype was performed on June 6th, 1979.The standard passenger version of MI-2 helicopter has seating for 1 pilot and 8 passengers. The interior can be quickly converted for transport of 700 kg of cargo. The range of the helicopter with external tanks, as standard, is 580km. This version is designed for transporting 2-4 casualties on stretchers and seating for medical attendants. It is equipped with stretchers, intensive care medical devices necessary during flight & other first aid equipment. Internal cargo carrier of loads up to 700 kg (1544 lb), or as a flying crane with cargo sling for loads up to 800kg (1764 lb). The helicopter is equipped in standard with a set of load tie-down rings, load securing ropes and nets, protecting the load from movement during flight. Electric hoists can be installed for lifting loads of up to 120 kg (276 lbs). The MI-2 found widespread fields of activity both with military, state and commercial operators. Besides transport of freight and passengers, the MI-2 has also found work as ambulance, police and search-and-rescue helicopter. There are many MI-2 s still in service all around the CIS and in many of its former satellite states.

51 Proposed Offer for Motorway & Azad Jammu & Kashmir authorities (MI-17) Rescue Services The MI-17, helicopter is proposed for Motorway & Azad Jammu & Kashmir authorities for rescue services. Photograph is for reference only.

52 Proposed Offer for Motorway & Azad Jammu & Kashmir authorities (MI-24) Rescue Services The MI-24, helicopter is proposed for Motorway & Azad Jammu & Kashmir authorities for rescue services. Photograph is for reference only.

53 Other Services for our Tourists / Members *Hajj & Umra (Group / Family) Guidance & Assistance from UAE to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia * Sialkot / Islamabad to Mirpur / Muzaffarabad: (Helicopter) FREE other places vehicle's provision * Lahore, Karachi, Quetta & Peshawar: Domestic Airlines, Vehicle & Hotel Services * Special Facilities (Discounts) for Delegation and Tourists Groups The International Data and working opinion is provided, for preliminary PRESENTATION purposes Comparison Chart for Dubai, is provided for the authorities of Ras-al-Khaima, and Sialkot Intl Airport to estimates the business opportunities in the other part of UAE, Pakistan And Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

54 Airline Safety Management Depth of inquiry is critical Explanation Blame System improvement What? Why?

55 Todays world Safety and Security, How to Manage? A systems approach focuses on Interaction Goal: Fly from A to B safely and profitably

56 Question to ask about Safety Data Oracle Aviation knows Where to check/manage for Safety Trend Accident Incidents Events Deviations Who? Where? What? How? Identify

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