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Canada Border Services Agency Presentation for The NATO Biometric Workshop October 18-20, 2004 CANPASS Air / NEXUS Air CANPASS Air / NEXUS Air Border clearance.

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1 Canada Border Services Agency Presentation for The NATO Biometric Workshop October 18-20, 2004 CANPASS Air / NEXUS Air CANPASS Air / NEXUS Air Border clearance in the blink of an eye Border clearance in the blink of an eye

2 Outline CANPASS Air & NEXUS Air: What are they? Background? When? Iris Biometric Recognition Technology: Why did we choose it? CANPASS Air & NEXUS Air: How do they work? Application,Enrolment and Kiosk Passage What are the benefits to members and airports?

3 An Overview

4 CANPASS Air & NEXUS Air: What are they? CANPASS Air and NEXUS Air are voluntary traveller programs designed to streamline the border clearance process for the low-risk segment of the travelling pubic Members do not need to present themselves to a Customs Inspector. Instead, they use the self-serve kiosk to facilitate their passage. A North American first for the implementation of the innovative iris recognition technology for border control.

5 CANPASS Air: Background Canada Customs has developed the CANPASS Air program in partnership with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) CANPASS Air builds on the success of the 1995 CANPASS Airport pilot project at Vancouver International Airport CANPASS Air expedites border clearance into Canada for members by using iris recognition biometric technology

6 NEXUS Air: Background NEXUS Air is being developed by Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA), and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, specifically Customs Border Protection (CBP) NEXUS Air will expedite border clearance between the United States and Canada using iris recognition biometric technology NEXUS Air is a one-year pilot project which will follow in the footsteps of the CANPASS-Air program

7 CANPASS Air - Timeline July 2003 – Vancouver International Airport November 2003 – Halifax International Airport June 14, 2004 – L.B. Pearson International Airport Fall 2004 – Montreal, Calgary, and Winnipeg- International Airport Spring 2005 – Edmonton International Airport

8 NEXUS Air - Timeline Implementation November 2004 at Vancouver International Airport NEXUS Air Pilot project duration one (1) year Phased implementation at other Canadian international airports based on the success of the pilot phase

9 The Target Audience Transborder and International Frequent Flyers Business Class Travellers Air Flight Crews

10 CANPASS Air & NEXUS Air How do they work? Voluntary programs Canadian citizens and permanent residents and U.S. citizens and resident aliens can apply Applicants must pass a joint Canada-U.S. risk- assessment in order to become a member Both CANPASS Air and NEXUS Air will use the same enrolment centres in Canada All members will use the same kiosks for entry into Canada, and NEXUS Air members entering the U.S.will use kiosks located in U.S. Pre- clearance area

11 Waiting times at busy airports can be avoided Improves airports ability to process increasing passenger volumes Improves airport ratings by increasing client service The Benefits…

12 The Benefits Members are not required to interact with inspection officers unless randomly referred for further inspection Members more likely not to miss connecting flights Provides travellers with a self-service option Members under the age of 18 are not required to pay a fee

13 Our Benefits Allows us to focus our efforts on potentially higher- risk (unknown) travellers Will lighten primary inspection lines allowing us to participate in more secondary examinations and roving positions Leverages the technology to provide improved customer service, while demonstrating our commitment to modernizing, securing and streamlining the traveller process

14 Iris Recognition: Why Iris? It is considered to be… accurate safe fast non-invasive highly secure

15 The Process

16 Involes three major steps: Registration Risk Assessment Finalization Enrolment

17 Registration & Risk Assessment Basic flow for Registration & Risk Assessment.

18 Basic flow for Finalize Enrolment. Finalize Enrolment @ the Enrolment Centre

19 Enrolment Centres @ Airports Staffed by CBSA & CIC CBP Officers (VIA Only). Equipment Includes: Super Work Stations equipped with: Iris digital camera Digital photo camera Document Scanner Card Printer U.S. IDENT (NEXUS)

20 The Kiosk Iris Camera Travellers Declaration Card Touch Screen Receipt Printer Card Reader

21 Passage Overview… A member is identified at the kiosk using iris recognition. They can either start the process using their membership card (1:1) search or they may select iris,(1: many ) search The members identity is confirmed by comparing the iris presented at the kiosk to the template stored in a secure database

22 Once the active membership status is confirmed by consulting the membership file, a risk assessment is performed automatically At the kiosk, the member is prompted to answer a series of questions pertaining to the importation of goods A recommendation for release or referral is generated and coded on a receipt and the member is then directed to the Baggage/exit area Passage Overview Cont…

23 Kiosk Receipt Referral Code Monies Owed Members Name Members ID Work Location Time and Date of Passage

24 Passage… To Baggage Hall PIL Booths CANPASS Air Kiosks Special Services Counter Coming from plane

25 To date, the system has failed to enroll 6 adult members due to cataract surgery as well as a handful of children ranging in ages from 18 months to 5 years of age. Enrolling children is one of our most significant challenges as the child has to remain motionless in front of the camera for a few seconds. Finalize Enrollment Challenges

26 From an end users point of view, we spend allot of time trying to figure out why an iris capture was unsuccessful. It would be helpful to the users to have access to the Iridian codes or a meaningful code displayed that would assist our field staff in determining why an iris capture was unsuccessful. If we had more information displayed as to the reason for the unsuccessful capture, we could provide better customer service to the traveller. Enrollment Challenges Cont

27 More research is needed on the development of intelligent camera devices capable of capturing iris-based biometric traits in infants and toddlers. It is important to note that Iridian is working with us to help resolve these issues of concern. Plans are underway to start testing the new dual iris Panasonic 300 camera. We hope that this camera may help eliminate some of the enrolment problems mentioned. Enrollment Challenges Cont





32 Approx. 5000 Active members <13 years old = 1.36% 13 – 17 years old = 0.63% > 18 years old = 98.01% 80% Canadian 20% American Membership (CANPASS Air)

33 When the system was first introduced, we observed that 25% of members had to try more than once to complete an iris capture Today, that figure has dropped to 10% and we believe that as the traveller becomes more familiar with the technology this number will be reduced even further. Passage Statistics (CANPASS Air)

34 During initial enrollment we noticed some clients had to cover one eye (dominant eye) to complete the iris capture process. During passage they may encountered trouble because they have forgotten to cover that one eye and the system times out. Members also forget that they need to present their iris within 6 inches of the kiosk camera. If the member is tired, their eyelids tend to close slightly and this also affects their iris photo Passage Challenges

35 If the client is not a frequent user of the system, or if they did not receive training via the demo kiosk, they may time out on the iris capture screen for this purpose only. Training is the key to a member having a successful passage. Passage Challenges Cont




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