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IMBA student: Chiachen Lin. Dual degree program Courses Environment Budgeting Gallery More Information.

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1 IMBA student: Chiachen Lin

2 Dual degree program Courses Environment Budgeting Gallery More Information

3 2 master degrees 1 academic year in NKFUST 1 academic year in UMSL International internship Students will be required to obtain 39 credits from UMSL 9 credits can be transfer from NKFUST and undergrad credit* 6 credit hours of internship are included in 39 credits NKFUST admits ½ credits from UMSL** * Not guaranteed, only business related class may be waived ** Regulation varies in different departments

4 NKFUST students TOFEL 550/ iBT 79 / IELTS 6.0 GMAT 500 GPA 3.0 (Last semester)

5 I) General Requirements BA 5900Law, Ethics and Business BA 6990Strategy Formulation and Implementation 6 credits II) Core Requirements ACCT 5400Financial and Managerial Accounting FIN 6500Financial Management (taught in Nanjing) IS 5800Management Information Systems LOM 5320Production and Operations Management 9 credits III) Business Breadth Requirements Management:Any approved graduate management course beyond MGT 5600 Marketing:Any approved graduate marketing course beyond MKTG 5700 6 credits IV) Electives IMBA students complete 6 credits of internship/directed study, and one elective course. 9 credits 30 credits * Substitutions may be required, depending on the students academic preparation.

6 You will have many chance to do presentation Group projects are very common Some pop-quiz People like to discuss issues in class with professors You will need to spend 3 times more than American classmates on previewing, reviewing, and doing homework. In class group discussion was a challenge to me Never miss chances to get extra credit You are welcome to drop by or just shoot professor an email if you have difficulty in learning, or you can also just to have a cup of coffee!

7 Every non-native English speaker student is required to take an EAP diagnostic test during orientation week, which is one week before classes start. Three sections: Listening and note taking with follow-up questions Writing/grammar test essay Speaking test Student who didnt pass the test will be required to take EAP class, 3 credits per course.

8 40 hours/week 20% Tax $10~15/ hour At least 8 weeks Grade is determine by supervisors evaluation and the final report

9 Located in St. Louis, Missouri 5 mins away from Lambert International Airport

10 Weather changes frequently in spring Hot in summer, some hurricanes (44 degree in 2012) Comfortable in fall Snows in winter (-24 in 2014) Dry weather all the time If you dont like the weather, just wait a few minutes.

11 10~15 mins walking distance to campus and metro station $429/ month for 4-bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment Official website University Meadows is the best choice compare to others. (Secure, convenience, and friend circle.)

12 MetroLink & Bus Car School grocery shuttle On campus metro station (free for UMSL students) Grocery shuttle goes to Wal-Mart & Chinese market every week and every other week

13 Eat out (Asian food are relevant expensive): $5~7 (McDonald/ Subway/ small restaurant level) $10~17 ( better food, restaurant/ buffet level) $18~ ( fancy food, hotel level) Cook at home: $ 300 per month Cook at home is the best way to save money, and prevent from gaining weight…

14 Rental rate: about $500/month (this is long term rate for a economic car from Enterprise) Buy a used-car: $4500(owner) ~ $7000 (dealership) Usually you can sale it by $1000 lower than your purchasing price Car insurance: $1350/ 6 months (full coverage), $100/ month (half coverage) Note: Driver whos less than 25 years old will be charged young drivers fee, and the insurance will be higher

15 Mainly Car purchasing, Rent, Tuition, insurance, and… & Traveling! Tuition: $400/credit in UMSL Insurance: about $1350 / 6 months Shopping & Traveling budgets are not included in this estimation!

16 Income Scholarship8,000 Car resale4,000 Internship – 10 months20,800 $ 32,800 Expense Tuition - NKFUST9,000 Tuition - UMSL12,000 Insurance - Car2,450 Insurance - Life1,750 Car (Buy from owner)6,000 Gas1,260 Accomandation8,600 Electricity700 Internet160 Cell phone760 Food & Grocery9,500 $ 52,180

17 Total spending is about $52,180 $ 52,180 – $ 32,800 = $ 19,380 (about NT$ 581,400) We transfer 9 credit from NKFUST to we actually save $ 3,600 on tuition! Also, we can transfer credits from UMSL back to NKFUST, saving unto half of the graduate credits tuition in NKFUST!


19 About how to apply: umsl.html Dual Degree Q&A fb page: Or search: Q&A Q&A

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