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TF-CPR Compendium Results 2009 TF-CPR Vilnius 30 May 2010.

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1 TF-CPR Compendium Results 2009 TF-CPR Vilnius 30 May 2010

2 Agenda Short overview of results TF-CPR Compendium Feedback on new questionnaire Brainstorm Follow up Slide 2

3 Slide 3 Introduction Fifth TF-CPR Compendium Designed to complement the main TERENA Compendium, by providing a more PR-specific overview Focus more on activities and less on resources Purpose -> enabling us to collaborate easier Many new questions Comparison with previous editions not possible 28 organisations responded

4 Section 1: Overview (1) Number of Communications/PR staff 40% do not have PR staff About 40% have 1-3 number of staff Slide 4

5 Section 1: Overview (2) Annual Communications/PR budget 30% has no dedicated PR budget 25% has less than 50.000 euros 28% has 100.00 – 500.000 euros Slide 5

6 Section 2: Target audience Number of contacts Five market segments Connected organisations staff End users General public Other Government Other Interesting to see which market segments NRENs do or dont target 5 organisations expect changes in # of people 3 organisations expect changes in target job function/titles 2 organisations expect changes in market segments Slide 6

7 Section 3: Comms/PR Tools Most popular tools: websites (25%) conferences (22%) Least popular: advertising (2%) social media (5%) 65% of the organisations hasnt use social media The organisations that use social media: Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are used most. 95% do not use a CRM tool. Slide 7

8 Section 4: Focus areas (1) Top focus areas 61 % of the organisations point out that NREN in general is a top focus area 1/3 of the organisations indicate that IPv6, AAI and videoconferencing are top focus areas Slide 8

9 Section 4: Focus areas (2) Collaboration interests NRENs would like to collaborate on: NREN in general, eduroam, AAI, video and IPv6. This outcome will be input for future TF-CPR meetings Slide 9

10 Section 5: Results Communication and PR results We asked you about your most and least successful campaign. In the printed version these outcomes are included In the online version for the TERENA website we will exclude this information Slide 10

11 Evaluation Feedback on new questionnaire Your experience with the new questions Was it easier to fill in? Are the questions clear? Slide 11

12 Brainstorm How could we use the collaboration interests topic in future meetings? What did you expect by filling in these topics? Did you have any ideas how to collaborate on the topics you choose? Per meeting work on one/two topics Slide 12

13 Follow up Online version on TERENA website Collect feedback from you on new questionnaire Next edition will be combined with regular Compendium in a separate section Slide 13

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