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Welcome TFASA Group.

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1 Welcome TFASA Group

2 COMPANY HISTORY Formed in 1998 in South Africa As National Test pilot School of South Africa (NTPS SA) a division of NTPS USA In 2003 political pressure (from USA) due to NTPS USA links, compromised Chinese operations. NTPS SA ceased operating TFASA was formed in 2003 as a wholly South African Company with the full support of the South African Government in order to pursue friendship and cooperation with China TFASA Group

3 COMPANY AIM The aim of TFASA is to provide our customers, be they military or civil, national or international, with the best quality training and professional support TFASA Group

4 TFASA International Recognition
Corporate Member of: The Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP)

5 TFASA Management TFASA Management TFASA TFASA Group
Operations Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Surveillance Flight Test Services Consultation Certification Simulation and Design TFASA Test Pilot School Principal: Petri van Zyl Chief Operating Officer Keith Hartley TFASA Chief Executive Officer Jean Rossouw Administration Military Operational Flight Training (Fixed Wing) AVIC INT FLIGHT TRAINING ACADEMY (AIFA) AVIC 70%; TFASA 30% CEO: Willie Marais George Base Oudtshoorn Base Human Resources Military Operational Flight Training (Helicopter) TFASA Group

6 TFASA Location Flying Areas 400 km Oudtshoorn Cape Town George OTB
(Flight Test Area) 400 km Oudtshoorn Cape Town George OTB

7 TFASA Main Location Oudtshoorn Airport TFASA Group

8 TFASA Secondary Base George Airport TFASA Group

9 Other TFASA Locations Cape Town International Airport TFASA Group

10 Other TFASA Locations Mafikeng Airport
Long term agreement with North West Government Maintenance facility 4th longest runway in the world Good security No commercial traffic TFASA

11 Other TFASA Locations Bisho Airport
Long term agreement with Eastern Cape Government Maintenance facility Good security No commercial traffic TFASA

12 TFASA Facilities Oudtshoorn


14 TFASA Aircraft (In Partnership with AIFA)

15 TFASA Accommodation Oudtshoorn: 4 Star guest House:
Own 3 Crew Houses and lease 3 more in town George: 5 Crew Houses in town

16 TFASA Group Four main areas of expertise TFASA Test Pilot School
TFASA Flight Test Services Military Operational Flight Training Commercial Pilot Training: - In partnership with Avic-International Flight Training Academy, AIFA (Fixed Wing), - Helicopter CPL and Advanced Training

17 TFASA Areas of Expertise
Civil flight testing and training FAR and EASA certification High Risk Testing Aircraft and systems development Military flight testing and training National or MILSPEC requirements Performance, Handling Qualities, Systems Weapons systems development System integration cockpit design Flight control systems development and testing Military Ab-Initio thru Advanced Operational and Tactical Training, Fixed Wing and Helicopter. NATO Standards Civil commercial pilot training, including Upset Recovery Training TFASA Group

18 TFASA Test Pilot School
Test Pilot training, FTE training, Aircraft development, FTI, Systems Flight Test and specialist courses tailored to meet customer requirements: Pilots, FTEs, systems, FTI and engineering specialists Fixed and Rotary Wing Dedicated facilities at Oudtshoorn Can be delivered at customer facilities Content and length tailored for customer Dedicated aircraft - Highly instrumented Real time air-to-ground Telemetry Dedicated data capture and analysis capabilities Access to many other ac types Variable Stability Simulators World class staff

19 TFASA Test Pilot School
Scope of Training Available Full Graduate Test Pilot and FTE training courses Fixed and Rotary Wing Civilian and Military Modular Short Courses Performance Handling Qualities FTI Weapon and Avionic Systems Introduction to Flight Test Flight Test Management Digital Flight Controls Upset Recovery Training Special Courses

20 TFASA Test Pilot School Strategic Partnership with CALSPAN Corporation, USA
CALSPAN – Provide training and in-flight simulation for: Theory lectures on principles of Flight Control Sysytem design Handling Qualities and FCS System Design Different types of control laws Relation of control laws to the Handling Qualities Requirements Practical FCS design exercises Students design FCS to a point where it can be programmed into LearJet Practical Flight Test of the students FCS design Best way to understand the design principles TFASA Group

21 TFASA Test Pilot School
Some Previous Courses presented by TFASA: CFTE Helicopter Training (2003) CFTE HAOA Training (2008) COMAC FTE Introduction to Flight Test Course (2009) CFTE Handling Qualities, Stability and Control Course and CALSPAN (2010) CFTE Handling Qualities, Stability and Control Course (Mafikeng, 2010) COMAC FTE Training One Year Graduate Course (2010) CFTE Handling Qualities, Stability and Control Course Heavy Aircraft (Feb 2011) COMAC Acceptance Test Pilots Course (Jan 2012) COMAC Stability, Control and Handling Qualities (Jan 2012) COMAC Flight Test Management Courses (March 2012) Shenyang Aircraft Corporation Stability and Control Theory (May 2012) Shenyang Aircraft Corporation Handling Qualities (May 2012) COMAC FTI Course (Sept 2012) CFTE Handling Qualities, Stability and Control Course (Oct 2012) CFTE Handling Qualities, Stability and Control Course (April 2013)

22 TFASA Flight Test Services
Operating since 2003 both in China and South Africa Training of CFTE (Chinese Flight Test Establishment) test pilots and flight test engineers – both fixed wing and rotary wing Flight test in China on various military and civil aircraft, fixed wing and helicopter TFASA is very experienced in various Chinese operations and the flight test culture of China TFASA Group

23 TFASA Flight Test Services
In South Africa: Aircraft Certification and Flight Testing sevices to General Aviation, DENEL Aviation (Rooivalk and Oryx flight test) and CAA In China: Flight Test Execution and Consultation, Flight Test Training and Certification with some of the following companies: AVIC-International China Aviation Industry Helicopter (AVICOPTER) Changhe Aircraft Industries Group (CAIG) China Helicopter Research and Development Institute (CHRDI) Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. Chinese Flight Test Establishment (CFTE) HONGDU Aircraft Corporation Zhuhai General Aviation Company Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) Nanjing Light Aircraft Company Limited Shijiazhuang Aircraft Industry LODE Technologies TFASA Group

24 TFASA Flight Test Services: China
Some of the programs in China: K8 (Hongdu JL-8) Engine Program, Including Stalling and spinning Shijiazhuang LE-500 Little Eagle: Spin Clearance and Certification Hongdu L15 Envelope Expansion HAOA, Avionics Development (ongoing) “Air Car” AC 500 Spin Clearance Nanjing Light Aircraft Company Limited and the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)

25 TFASA Flight Test Services: China
Z10 Attack Helicopter Envelope Expansion Changhe Aircraft Industries Group (CAIG) and China Helicopter Research and Development Institute (CHRDI) Z8 Power-off Autorotation Certification Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation COMAC ARJ Civil Certification (ongoing) C919 Development, Training and SME Support , Certification (ongoing) China Aviation Industry Helicopters (Avicopter) AC313 and AC311 Civil Certification

26 TFASA Operational Pilot Training
Operational Military Pilot Training Training to NATO Training Standards Operational tactics training Detailed Theory and Practical Instruction Operational Training content developed and optimised to specific customer needs TFASA Group

27 Commercial Pilot Training in cooperation with China
Chinese Joint Venture Company with AVIC-International, Nanjing University of Aerodynamics and Astronautics (NUAA) Name: NUAA International Flight Training Academy (NAFA) Registered and Business License for China in June 2010 Jan 2011 Establish training base in Xuzhou Airport, China AVIC International Flight Training Academy (AIFA) TFASA 30%, AVIC-International 70% Based in George and Oudtshoorn, South Africa Civil Aviation Authority of China, CAAC, Accreditation in December 2011 Training of pilots for Chinese Airline Industry TFASA Group

28 Overseas Training Base, George and Oudtshoorn
Commercial Pilot Training in cooperation with China 35% 35% 30% 70% 30% Overseas Training Base, George and Oudtshoorn

29 TFASA Staff Core Staff Background
Military trained operational pilots who have completed the Class 1 Test Pilot course Military trained graduate Flight Test Engineers who have completed the graduate FTE Course Military trained Aerosystems Specialists who have completed the Graduate Aerosystems Course Military trained Attack Pilot Instructors Maintenance Staff Ex-Military Fully Licensed

30 TFASA Staff Backgrounds
Multinational staff pilots drawn from many western- based and trained air forces, as well as aerospace companies like BAE Systems All Test Pilots are ex-military operational pilots with extensive operational and training experience Engineers are all ex-military with most coming from BAE Systems, specialists in FCS Design, Data Regression, Aircraft Flight Models, Simulation, etc Staff pilot experience includes Eurofighter, Gripen, Hawk, Tornado and numerous fighter trainers; Rooivalk, Apache, Tiger, Merlin, Mi24, numerous civil types Civil Airliners such as Boeing, Airbus, Dornier, Bombardier and even Concorde TFASA Group

31 TFASA Contact Details Pearl Coral1173 CC t/a TFASA
Reg No: 2005/024922/23 Address: PO Box 890, Oudtshoorn 6620 Physical Address: Oudtshoorn Airfield, Oudtshoorn Tel: Cell: (Jean Rossouw, CEO) (Admin: Alta van Niekerk) Fax:

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