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TITLE OF PRESENTATION JAS Forwarding (Korea) Co., Ltd January 2014.

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1 TITLE OF PRESENTATION JAS Forwarding (Korea) Co., Ltd January 2014

2 Growth of JAS Forwarding Worldwide
1978 Biagio Bruni founds JAS in Milan, Italy 1988 Named Italy’s #1 IATA ranked Freight Forwarder 2006 Worldwide HQ moves to Atlanta, GA (USA) 2011 Completion of New Global Campus in Atlanta, GA (USA) 1985 Service portfolio expanded to include ocean freight 1996 Logistics facilities in key gateway hubs developed to enhance JAS’ operations 2008 JAS Celebrates 30th Anniversary Add animation/cut text on slide. Founded in 1978 by Mr. Biagio Bruni, JAS Forwarding worldwide initially targeted Italy’s growing fashion industry and brought those products to a global market. The company was focused on providing air freight services, but by 1985, JAS’ portfolio expanded to include ocean freight. The late 1980’s and 90’s were a period of substantial growth for JAS with the addition of networks in China, the US and South America. JAS created a global presence, allowing evenly-balanced trade flows over all major trading zones in Europe, the Americas and the Far East. The past decade has also been notable for JAS with the opening of JAS India in 2005, as well as subsidiaries in South America, Northern and Eastern Europe and throughout the US. The company’s 30th anniversary in 2008 marked the beginning of a significant reorganization for JAS, transforming the JAS group of companies into one global organization. Our corporate campus in Atlanta, Georgia opened in early 2011, offering a state-of-the-art facility for our global JAS subsidiary and our customers. Networks in China, US & South America established, permitting a truly global presence & evenly balanced trade flows over major trading zones of Europe, the Americas & Far East JAS expands its worldwide footprint, opening subsidiaries in India, South America, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe & US During the first 10 years, JAS focused on Europe & the Far East, resulting in dominant market share from Italy to Japan

3 JAS Worldwide at a glance
JAS Group Today: offices Countries ,600 employees worldwide 2011 Worldwide Consolidated Revenue: USD $1.304 Billion Privately Held

4 JAS Global Network China Korea England Canada Australia New Zealand
U S A Mexico Brazil Argentina Hong Kong Chile South Africa Peru India Saudi Arabia UAE Bel Neth France Spain Portugal Ger. Ireland Poland Sweden Finland Italy Greece Swiss Columbia Turkey Norway Denmark Egypt Indonesia Philippines Malaysia Israel Kenya Kuwait Singapore Vietnam Thailand Taiwan Ecuador Kazakhstan Morocco Japan Venezuela Uruguay

5 JAS Global Network

6 JAS Korea Overview JAS Korea’s success has been and will continue to be built on our commitment to excellence on customer service. This commitment has been inspired by the belief that our client’s success is our success. Established in April 1987, JAS Korea is among the leading forwarders in Korea providing services to all aspects of the Korea’s Import & Export market with support of JAS Worldwide Group. JAS Korea’s success has been and will continue to be built on our commitment to excellence on customer service. This commitment has been inspired by the belief that our client’s success is our success.

7 JAS Korea Overview In December 2006, we were successful in obtaining our IATA License (Int’l Air Transport Association). This enabled us to deal directly with all major airlines without an intermediary which offered us for comprehensive international air freight service

8 JAS Korea Overview December 2011 We were approved by The Korea Customs service (KCS) as an Authorized Economic Operator(AEO). The AEO program is designed to increase focus on security measures at the company level, thus helping not only to prevent a possible terrorist attack, but also to increase transparency in the supply chain and to initiate control programs using risk management tools. Being AEO certified, you realize benefits including: - a reduced number of cargo inspections at community borders; - a more efficient customs clearance process; - improved supply chain visibility (access to data); - improved inventory management; -reliance on self-policing, rather than on customs verifications.

9 JAS Forwarding Korea History
SEP/2013 Incheon Airport Logistics Center Launched DEC/2011 AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) Certified JAN/2011 JAS Projects Korea Launched APR/2008 Busan Seaport Office Launched JAN/2007 100% owned company shares by JAS Worldwide DEC/2006 IATA Licensed FEB/2005 Capital Increased to KRW 1 Billion DEC/2004 ISO9001:2000 Certified MAR/2001 Incheon Airport Office Launched MAY/1997 Registration as Foreigner Invested Company APR/1997 Connection to Customs EDI System APR/1996 Capital Increased to KRW 500 Million JAN/1993 Multimodal Freight Forwarding Licensed AUG/1989 FIATA Certificated MAR/1989 CASS Certificated FEB/1988 Ocean Freight Forwarding Licensed APR/1987 JAS Forwarding (Korea) Co., Ltd. Incorporated

10 Organization Chart Hojin Lee Managing Director Steven Han Harry Kim
Accountings Hojin Lee Managing Director Sung Ho Choi Ocean Freight Jaeeuk Lee Hyunjung Kang Jay Jung Chris Choi Sunghoon Kim Max Kim S. E. Chang Jinny Kim Jake Yeom Fiona Choi Erica Won Su Son Clara Jang Elly Kim Chloe Baek Annie Lee Juliet Park Jessie Park Cecilia Lee Sungmo Choi Alex Kim Tony Hwang Jin Kim Hyunsoo Ryu Ryan Seo Justin Choi Stacey Yang Lily Choi Amy Kim Victoria Lee Rosy Kim Ysabel Jeong Nicole Kim Reina Lee Caroline Lee Summer Kim Kahlen Moon Won Jowa Blair Han Youngho Seo Hanguk Jo Minsu Choi Ida Lee Joo Kim Harry Kim Air Freight James Kim Sales Kevin Shin Intra Asia Manager Logistics Woods Kim Busan Port Il sub Ahn Incheon Airport Olive Kim Import Jason Lee Air Export Simon Jeong Ocean Export

11 I.T. for Customer Service
Purchase Order Management System We have extended the cargo tracing service range through WEB into the point of Purchase Order while conventional tracing is only available after the H/B issued. This service is proved by our customers as the most efficient way of communication between importer and forwarder to save costs and time. We are implementing sales activity to introduce this service to more customers, and utilize it as a sales tool. Tracing Cargo Handling List Accounting Statement Shipping Status by Order Item Cargo Status by Purchase Order

12 WEB Reports for Customers

13 Incheon Airport Logistics Center
Address : # C2, Airport Logispark. FTZ, Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea 5 min. from Incheon Airport. 1 hour distance to Downtown in Seoul Nearby local express train and buses 3,300 sq. meter of warehouse 24 hours CCTV JAS Logo painted trucks

14 Incheon Airport Logistics Center
1) Allocated space 2) Packing & Wrapping Provider. 3) DB Management. 4) Real Time Inventory Status Check. 5) Mezzanine Rack (3 Floor, Total 4,000㎡)

15 Our Major Clients

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