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1 welcome

2 Teacher’s Identification
Teacher’s Name : Md. Abul Kalam Azad Assistant Head Teacher Ghuniatala High School Sabgram :Bogra Sadar,Bogra I D NO.13

3 Introduction of Lesson
Class: Eight English First Paper Unit: One Time:50 Minutes Dated:01/03/2014

4 LESSON TITLE At the Airport Key words: lounge, immigration, departure, booth, counter, scan, machine readable, derived, parallel, cargo, capacity

5 Learning Outcomes Students will be able to……….. Express about airport.
Express about immigration. Tell about passport.

6 Vocabulary: Immigration Lounge Passport
The place of processing passport. Lounge Shade for passengers in the airport waiting for boarding. Permission papers for going abroad Passport

7 Look at the pictures Airport Airport Lounge Runway

8 Individual work 1.What is an airport?

9 Solution of Individual
An airport is a place where planes are landed down and going for abroad.

10 Look at the pictures Plane Airport

11 Write the name of Bangladeshi airport?
Pair work Write the name of Bangladeshi airport?

12 Solution Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport,Dhaka.
Chittagong Airport. Rajshahi Airport. Syeedpur Airport.

13 EVALUATION A.Guess which is the meaning of the word start
Finish 2) begin 3) stop 4) above all B.What is the meaning of parents 1) Father 2) mother 3) father & mother 4) grantmother C.Which is appropriate meaning of great 1) Noble 2)big 3) large 4) small

14 Write a paragraph about An Airport.
HOME WORK Write a paragraph about An Airport.

15 Thanks for all

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