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Training Center Katana/MSR Mission Support Resources © 2011.

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1 Training Center Katana/MSR Mission Support Resources © 2011

2 Overview Mission Support Resources with Katana, provides a state of the art training center, located within minutes of Prishtina, Kosovo, a strategic location to serve the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe Regions. This power point represents the features that are current features of the facility. Mission Support Resources © 2011

3 Training Center Features Prime and USG office space Full service training center Housing for staff and instructors on site Housing for students nearby US Embassy within 10 minute drive Pristina International Airport 15 minutes with office space on the aerodrome with staff housing MSR- Coordinated travel service Charter flights to end destination through teaming partner Illyrian Airways Indoor 25 meter range (climate controlled) Outdoor 100 meter range Defensive tactics area/soccer field Gym with resistance and cardio equipment On site dining facility 3 Classrooms (climate controlled) with up to 250 seats and writing surfaces Wi-Fi at housing and training center Secure armory and storage areas with electronic security Gear issue and supply Mission Support Resources © 2011

4 Training Center Mission Support Resources © 2011

5 Office Mission Support Resources © 2011

6 Student Housing Mission Support Resources © 2011

7 Embassy U.S. Embassy in Pristina Arberia/Dragodan, Nazim Hikmet 30, Pristina, Kosovo Telephone: + 381 38 59 59 3000 Fax: + 381 38 549 890 E-mail: For Consular related issues: E-mail: Mission Support Resources © 2011

8 Pristina International Airport and Galla Center Mission Support Resources © 2011

9 Charter Aircraft through Teaming Partner, Illyrian Airways Boeing 737-500 Seat Numbers: 120 Cruising Speed: 920/km h Cruising Altitude: 12,500 m Maximum Range: 4,400 km Mission Support Resources © 2011

10 Charter Aircraft through Teaming Partner, Illyrian Airways EMBRAER 145 ER Seat Numbers: 49 Cruising Speed: 835/km h Cruising Altitude: 10,800 m Maximum Range: 2,445 km (Full Cargo) Mission Support Resources © 2011

11 Pristina International Airport Mission Support Resources © 2011 Stops Turkish Airlines UnitedAustrian Airlines Continent al Airlines LufthansaDelta Air Lines Croatia Airlines British Midland International One Stop$1,072$1,176 $1,225$1,373 Multiple Stops$1,420$1,592$3,568 *Random round trip air fares from IAD to PRN departing 30 November 2011 returning 20 December 2011 *Source: American Express Travel

12 25 Meter Indoor Range Mission Support Resources © 2011

13 100 Meter Carbine Range Mission Support Resources © 2011

14 Indoor soccer field/defensive tactics area Mission Support Resources © 2011

15 Gym Mission Support Resources © 2011

16 Dining Facility Mission Support Resources © 2011

17 1 of 2 Small 35Student Classrooms with Audio/Video Mission Support Resources © 2011

18 Pristina University Hospital (15 minute drive) Mission Support Resources © 2011

19 Classroom and Reception Area at Student Housing Mission Support Resources © 2011

20 Secure storage with electronic security Mission Support Resources © 2011

21 Additional Amenities Vehicles for Primes staff 2x 35 Passenger buses for daily student transport to and from housing/training center; Housing for staff is available on airport site (3 minute walk from arrival terminal) with office space; MSR concierge on the airport site 24/7 at Galla Center to assist all arriving passengers; Snack bar on training site; Stocked fishing pond on training site; Nearby shopping and movie cinema Designate female and male restrooms and shower rooms on training site. Mission Support Resources © 2011

22 Contact Information Miguel Martinez P.O. Box 156 Rensselaer, IN 47978-0156 USA Director of Training Services Email: T: 317-429-0231 extension 302 C: 972-900-4902 Shane Menehira P.O. Box 156 Rensselaer, IN 47978-0156 US Director of Operations Email: Iraq T: +964 750 899 1583 Egypt T: +201 054 62720 Mission Support Resources 201 North Illinois Street, South Tower- 16 th Floor Indianapolis, IN 46204-4218 T: 317-429-0231 F:317-536-3998 Katana-MSR Training Center Hasan Prishtina 11500 Obiliq, Kosovë Tel: +386 49 505302 Mission Support Resources © 2011

23 Project pricing is available upon the provision of statement of work: Mission Support Resources © 2011 Facility Rental Training Course SIA Training NGO Pre-deployment Training Recruiting and vetting services for operational and support staff Static security training

24 MSR is a Proud Teaming Partner of: Globe Risk International Mission Support Resources © 2011 Alea Holdings Galla Center Galla Hotel Illyria Airways Emerald Hotel Katana Training Globe Risk International

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