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High Speed Two: Engine for Growth Peter Fry Public Affairs Manager – HS2 Ltd.

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1 High Speed Two: Engine for Growth Peter Fry Public Affairs Manager – HS2 Ltd

2 The case for HS2 Key rail routes connecting London, the Midlands and the North will be overwhelmed without HS2. We need to act to increase capacity. During the morning peak, there are on average 4,000 people standing on arrival into London Euston; and 5,000 people standing on arrival into Birmingham. OECD rank the UK lower than Mexico, Chile and Hungary in terms of public investment in infrastructure between 2006 and 2011. The core cities predict that HS2 will underpin the delivery of 400,000 jobs HS2 will link 8 out of Britains 10 largest cities, serving one in five of the UK population.

3 The vision for HS2: the catalyst for high speed Britain A 21 st century high speed rail backbone, integrated with existing network Direct, high capacity, rail links between our major cities Foundation for future growth and prosperity Investment in infrastructure that will deliver a lasting dividend

4 Addressing the capacity crunch In 2011/12 passengers made around 1.5 billion journeys, almost doubled since 1994/95 125 million long distance journeys were made in 2011/12, more than doubled since 1994/95 By mid 2020s, key routes will be severely crowded HS2 provides high frequency and high capacity services Up to 18 trains per hour, each carrying up to 1,100 passengers Capacity freed up on existing network More freight trains using the space freed up on the existing rail network

5 Key facts: Phase One Connection between London and the West Midlands allowing through trains to run onto the West Coast Main Line to serve cities further north and Scotland A new interchange station at Old Oak Common in West London linking with Crossrail, the Heathrow Express, the Great Western Main Line and other public transport Stations in Central Birmingham and near Birmingham Airport 140 miles (225km) route length Remodelling of Euston station Route crosses 24 local authorities – 50% in tunnel or cutting

6 Key facts: Phase Two The high speed lines will be extended further north, to Manchester on the western leg and to Leeds on the eastern leg The western leg will serve Manchester Airport and Manchester Piccadilly The eastern leg will serve stations in the East Midlands, South Yorkshire and Leeds Link to the West Coast Main Line at Crewe for services to Liverpool Link to the West Coast Main Line near Wigan for services to Scotland Link to the East Coast Main Line for York and Newcastle Phase Two adds another 211 miles (365km) of new railway onto Phase One Leeds 116 miles Manchester 95 miles

7 High speed rail and regeneration HS1 has seen regeneration at Ebbsfleet, Stratford and Kings Cross worth £10bn, plus wider economic benefits of £3.8bn; Lille has developed a major commercial centre around its new station; Crossrail is already affecting investment decisions; HS2 already working in collaboration with the Core Cities, London Boroughs and the GLA and other stakeholders to maximise the regeneration opportunities

8 Opportunities around HS2 stations Over-site development Working with local authorities on wider opportunities Joining up station with surrounding areas Different opportunities at each of the stations

9 East Midlands Hub – proposed location Makes use of existing railway land Good access to M1 Could be served by: Dedicated rail service to Derby, Nottingham and Leicester Bus services Extension of the Nottingham tram

10 Derby via HS2 – journey times Leeds = 50mins (currently 77mins) London = 71mins (currently 91mins) Heathrow Airport = 1hr 26mins (currently 2hrs 31mins)

11 Timeline – the story so far DateMilestone 2009 HS2 Ltd established 2010 Phase One command paper and HS2 report 2011 Consultation on high speed rail and Phase One route 2012 Government decision to proceed with high speed rail and decision on preferred route for Phase One Property compensation consultation Phase Two station and route options submitted to Sec of State Jan 2013 Publication of the Governments initial route, stations and depot preferences for Phase Two Launch of the consultation on Exceptional Hardship Scheme for Phase Two Spring 2013 Informal Engagement activities including preparation for public consultation for Phase Two Paving Bill and Consultation on draft Environmental Statement including design refinements for Phase One Summer 2013 Consultation on preferred route, stations and depots for Phase Two launches Safeguarding for Phase One Nov 2013 Hybrid Bill for Phase One submitted to Parliament

12 Hybrid Bill Process

13 The Act gives powers to: Build and operate the railway Acquire land without the owners consent Lease land without the owners consent Stop up roads and waterways (permanently or temporarily) Modify Statutory Undertaker's equipment Carry out works to listed buildings Carry out protective works to 3 rd party infrastructure Grants outline planning consent for the works November 2013 - The hybrid Bill submission

14 Timeline – next steps DateMilestone End of 2014 Governments announcement of final decision on the chose route, station and depots for Phase Two Hybrid Bill process for Phase One continues 2015 Commence engineering design, environmental impact assessment and preparation of Hybrid Bill for Phase Two Target date for Royal Assent to Hybrid Bill for Phase One, containing legal powers to construct Phase One Next Parliament Deposit Hybrid Bill for Phase Two 2016/2017 Construction on Phase One commences 2026 Phase One opens to passengers 2033 Phase Two opens to passengers

15 Higgins Report Reviewed HS2 with the view that it must: Stand the test of time; Be the right strategic answer; Be integrated with existing and future transport services; Maximise the value added to local and national economies; and Be a catalyst for change, both nationally and locally.

16 Recommendations To extend the route to Crewe earlier (by 2027) and create a regional transport hub – allowing faster services to the north sooner Consider an alternative to the current proposals for the HS1 link Consider an alternative (more ambitious) Euston Station Integrate phase 2 with local and network rail plans and bring forward the enabling legislation to 2017

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