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Bert Craven Enterprise Architect, Every Cloud has an Orange Lining : How easyJet.

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2 Bert Craven Enterprise Architect, easyJet @bertcraven Every Cloud has an Orange Lining : How easyJet is making cloud work



5 Servers Go Here Planes Go Here


7 Growth easyJets Cloud Story InnovationValue

8 3 Airports 2 Countries 2 Aircraft 2 Routes Main Airport Other Airport

9 130 Airports 32 Countries 204 Aircraft 560 Routes 1330 Flights/day 50 M Seats/year Main Airport Other Airport

10 Avg Annual Growth Revenue20.82% Passengers18.02% Airports16.75% Routes24.74% Aircraft19.60% Employees15.68% An average of 20% per year for the last 10 years

11 Planes Go Here Servers Go Here


13 Innovation Delivery Services & Vendor Management * Business Process Outsource * Software as a service * Managed Services * Cloud Infrastructure

14 Image courtesy of Jeffrey Baumgartner -





19 Our models for delivering IT and for innovation have only been sustainable, i.e. delivering good business value, up to a given point on our growth curve. Beyond that point we have had to evolve and find new models. For the first 10 years or so we took a very D.I.Y approach. This had maximum flexibility and was sustainable for an SME. From around 2005 we started moving to managed services. This was less flexible but more sustainable. Competition is hotting-up in our business sector and our continued expansion means we are competing in an ever- increasing number of markets We have to innovate faster and cheaper than ever before The adoption of cloud perhaps signals another evolutionary trigger point. We are buying back some of our flexibility and trying to find the next sweet spot in terms of sustainability and business value.


21 Sharing & Community Game Mechanics Achievements & Rewards Federated Identity Social Sign-On Advanced Web Analytics In-Channel Retail Analytics

22 Mobile Web iPhone Android Blackberry iPad Other Tablets

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