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Environmentally Friendly Alternative Fuels - Critical to Aviations Future Future of Aviation Advisory Committee (FAAC) Subcommittee on the.

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1 Environmentally Friendly Alternative Fuels - Critical to Aviations Future Future of Aviation Advisory Committee (FAAC) Subcommittee on the Environment August 10, 2010 Richard L. Altman Executive Director, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI)

2 (The) U.S. aviation industry is eager for an entirely new fuel dynamic and will be an enthusiastic purchaser ……..Letter dated 1/16/09 to President Elect Obama Aviation Biofuels – Multi-year History CAAFI Formed 2006

3 F Improve Fuel Fraction Reduce Crack Spread Enhance Supply Security New Sustainable Dynamic Economic Need Jet < 10% Gasoline Diesel 3

4 Global Climate Reduce PM 2.5 Contain CO2 Growth Air Quality New Sustainable Dynamic Environment Need

5 Aerospace Industries Association Air Transport Association Airports Council International – North America 350 Sponsors/Stakeholders From All Continents * Actual attendance at 9/30/09 meeting 230 people, 125 entities 45 fuel producers 8 Universities, FAA Center of Excellence 15 Think Tanks, Consultants 21 Airlines, Exec Jets, Military, airport orgs. CAAFI - Who We Are 14 Aircraft, engine, subsystem OEMs 4 Oil service providers 3 International Finance Federal Aviation Administration 17 government agencies / labs

6 COMMERCIAL AVIATION 10X USAF fuel market Multi-year procurement and hedging fuel purchasing oversight of certification via ASTM Concentrated Airport Distribution (80% of fuel to 35 locations) Single global environmental framework via ICAO (U.N.) – FAA is U.S. Representative R&D Resources via NASA, FAA (CLEEN), Many Commercial teams DOD/USAF Self contained development, certification, procurement. R&D Fuels research assets at via AFRL Initial Fit for Purpose testing via AFRL Section -526 LCA compliance with DOE Certification for Synfuel via Mil Spec Initial purchases of synfuels to verify production Scale up. CAAFI/FAA Leveraging Government Partners

7 FEEDSTOCK SUPPLIERS FUEL PRODUCERS DISTRIBUTORS / FBOS CAAFI – How We Operate Facilitate Maximum Opportunity Flow-up Focus and Communicate Requirements Flow Down DevelopDeploy

8 2009 Aviation Achievements First Major Aviation Fuel Qualification in 20 Years passed – ASTM D7566! Four flight programs of Biofuels ICAO Accepted Best Practices - Fuel Readiness Level risk management. - CO2 LCA Analysis Principles Four Commercial projects formed Winner 2010 Air Transport World Joseph S. Murphy Award for Industry Service!

9 2010 Off to Excellent Start Hydrotreated Renewable Jet (HRJ/ Bio-SPK) tracking to 12/10 ASTM Approvals (Jan. - June) White House recognition of Aviation as lead customer for Biofuels (Feb.) FAA/DESC Single Fuel Buyer Alliance (March) Greatly expanding the scope of potential supplier discussions (April, May) First Quantitative Jet Fuel Carbon LCA (PARTNER) leads aviation centric impact quantification (May) Farm to Fly with USDA announced (July) One Buyer United Aviation Exhibit at Farnborough Air Show (July)

10 Going Forward Approach/Challenges Accelerate Development and Certification Mechanisms for Rapid Deployment and Quality Assurance Environmental Certainty and Crediting (Carbon and PM2.5) International Harmonization and Cooperation Fiberized Sweet Sorghum Camelina Rotation Crop

11 Accelerated Development / Certificaton In Process Execute Fuel Readiness with USDA/DOE/DOD to one roadmap Increase Number of processes and feedstocks qualified Implement Feedstock Readiness Risk Management (FERL) to Match Fuel Readiness Issue / Challenges Current FAA Advanced Fuel Programs is one year Congressional Plus up

12 Year Fuel TypeStatus 2009 - 50% FT Synjet blends including biomass/coal/gas - Approval executed September 09 under ASTM D7566 2010 - 50% HRJ Synjet Blend - Currently being balloted…12/10 Approval target 2013.4 - Other Biofuel process blends - Fermentation Processes from sugar and Cellulosic material - Catalytic Processes processes from sugar and cellulosic material - Pyrolisis from cellulosic material. CAAFI Certification Timing Targets and Status 12

13 Rapid Deployment / Quality Assured In Process: Initial MOUs, intent to execute Purchase agreements, signed Many Success Models Being Pursued at State Level Top Down regional studies (farm to fly), tools development Quality Assurance targeted with Congressional Plus- up Issues/Challenges Financial Support inadequate: - One year funding of $1/gallon introductory credit - 80% Loan guarantees for production facilities - 5 year max. purchase agreements for government buyer Quality Program multi-year to assure success.

14 Multiple Success Models (most promising) California* Florida ** Georgia Hawaii** Illinois** Michigan** Minnesota** Mississippi* Ohio** New York** North Carolina North Dakota** Pennsylvania** Oklahoma Tennessee** Texas** Washington* * airline/producer agreements ** study proposals or Pilot Plants

15 Planning & Tools Developments Tool Suite Available or in process ACRP 02-07 Fuel Cost /benefit (complete) ACRP 02-18 Airport / Supply chain handbook ACRP 02-23 PM 2.5 Airport Priorities Carbon Neutral Growth Scenario Analysis Next Gen Insertion Optimization Tool Projects to Begin Soon Farm to Fly Regional Top Down analysis ACRP Multi-Modal Assessment project USAF / CAAFI Biofuels Summit II with USDA with USDA regions. Feedstock Readiness Level Risk Management Construct under USDA / FAA MOU

16 Environmental Certainty / Crediting In Process DOE / USAF carbon LCA (sec -526) Compliance Model (with FAA/EPA) PARTNER (MIT) / FAA Aviation Specific Carbon Life Cycle Analysis Air Quality PM 2.5 measurement and analysis process gains Examination of Verification Process candidates Issues and Challenges Crediting benefits fo Purchaser under co- mingling How will Renewable Index Number process be applied in RFS-2? Slow development of Aviation specific Particle modeling tool Will Aviation Specific Issues have priority at EPA (were 2% of GHG)?

17 Ground to Wake Carbon LCA Aviation Specific LCA Executed by DOE / USAF with FAA/MIT and EPA

18 Compatible International Planning In Process EC Interchange and Contributions with CAAFI Teams Leverating strong Independent Partner Assets with E.C. Specific proposals for areas of cooperation Broad Participation in the Roundtable on Sustainable Fuels, Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) Issues and Challenges Taxes (ETS) vs. Environmental friendly fuel incentives Renewable quotas vs. carbon neutral growth U.S. Cooperative model difficult to emulate owing to member state differences in EC Opportunity cost, time penalties EC/US negotiations

19 Europe/U.S. Have Strong Partner Assets Industry Partnerships – e.g. CFMI, IAE, P&W/MTU Significant standing (FAA/EU) dialogue EU / CAAFI program links now Shared contractors/processes Similar approach to ICAO (U.N.) (2009 common goals/methods )

20 Aviation Positioned on Cutting Edge to be high visibilityFirst Mover Pathways / roadmaps to success established /recognized Challenges / Remedies well understood U.S. CAAFI Public / Private Coalition global model Environment Friendly Aviation Fuels?

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