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Exchange to Collège Joffre de Rivesaltes, Perpignan, France ADD DATE OF PARENTS MEETING.

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1 Exchange to Collège Joffre de Rivesaltes, Perpignan, France ADD DATE OF PARENTS MEETING

2 Welcome Introductions

3 Contacts during our stay School address: Collège Joffre de Rivesaltes, 31, Rue Louis Torcatis 66600 RIVESALTES Phone 00 33 4 68 64 12 95 Fax 00 33 4 68 64 49 18 French Contacts (both speak English!): Monsieur Jérome Onillon OR Madame Nadia Tonji

4 Dates and Times for Diary Depart Newent Commnity School and Sixth Form Centre Friday 19 October at 8am Depart Bristol International Airport at 11:50 on flight FR6022 Arrive Béziers Internatinal Airport at 14:50 Friday 26 October Depart Béziers International Airport at 15:15 Arrive Bristol International Airport at 16:15 Arrive Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre approximately 6pm

5 Itinerary Friday 19 October Transfer from Béziers to Rivesaltes and meet up with penfriends. Transfer to penfriends home. Saturday 20 October With penfriends Sunday 21 October With penfriends Monday 22 October am. In school pm. Visit to the nearby City of Perpignan

6 Itinerary continued Tuesday 23 October Full day visit to the coastal town of Collioure with the possibility of a visit to an anchovy factory and anchovy tasting! Wednesday 24 October Visit the village of Rivesaltes with a stop at the Mayors office Visit of the Rivesaltes concentration camps: Spanish Republicans held here when when chased out of Spain by Franco Thursday 25 October Full day visit to Villefranche and a trip in the mountains on the Train Jaune

7 Itinerary continued Friday 26 October Morning spent in school before our transfer back to Béziers International Airport It is hoped the French students will meet us at Béziers International Airport and travel back with us to Rivesaltes. It is also hoped they will be able to join us on one of our planned day trips.

8 General Information Clothes to bring: October should be approximately 20 degrees with even up to 25 degrees in the day Evenings will be cooler so warmer clothes should be packed Although unlikely there is always a chance of rain so coat/waterproof should be packed as well as sensible walking shoes.

9 General Information REMEMBER HOWEVER Ryanair operate a strict baggage limit of 15 kg per checked in item of luggage and a single piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 10 kg and measuring 55cmx40cmx15cm Liquids over 100ml MUST NOT be placed in hand luggage otherwise they will be removed and disposed of. Any charges due to overweight/oversized luggage will be met by the individual student.

10 General Information Medical Information Please inform the group leader of any existing medical conditions prior to departure. Make sure your son/daughter has sufficient medication for the duration of the trip. It is your son/daughters responsibility to take any travel sickness tablets prior to any coach/plane travel

11 General Information Spending Money As the trip is all inclusive only a small amount of spending money is required. I would estimate £50 maximum in Euros for buying incidentals/gifts/treats. Packed lunch Please supply your son/daughter with a packed lunch on the day of departure. Food can be purchased at the airport/on board the plane however both tend to be very expensive

12 General Information Valuables I would dissuade from bringing expensive phones/hand held games/cameras in case they are lost or damaged. An old phone and disposable cameras would be advisable Gifts It may be a nice gesture to take a small gift for the host family

13 General Information Phoning Using a mobile to phone the UK from France is expensive so think before you dial. It is also worth checking with your phone provider that you can use the phone abroad. Dialling from the UK – add 00 33 before the number (remembering to remove the 0 first from the area code) Dialling from France – add 00 44 before the number (remembering to remove the 0 first)

14 General Information Emergency Contacts One of the UK teachers will be staying with Jérome Onillon who can be contacted on: Home – 00 33 4 68 53 39 17 Mobile – 00 33 6 17 49 34 93 SCHOOL MOBILE FOR THIS TRIP – 07799 147774

15 General Information Swimming Swimming will only be allowed if written consent has been received from parents prior to departure. No member of staff has life saving certificates therefore swimming will only be allowed on beaches with life guards. When students are with their host family they may take them swimming to a beach without life guards. Teachers will not be present to supervise therefore please state clearly if you do not want your son/daughter to swim and we will ensure the host families are aware.

16 General Information Passports/EHIC (former E111) These will be collected at the end of the meeting so copies can be taken. Please wait to take your documents back (and keep them safe until the trip!). It will be your responsibility to arrive on the day of departure with the necessary travel documents. If you forget your passport, the plane leaves without you!

17 Questions If you have any questions, please use this opportunity now. Any parent wishing to discuss individual issues will have the opportunity after the meeting

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