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Strategic Worldwide Fulfillment

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1 Strategic Worldwide Fulfillment
LWE-USA Strategic Worldwide Fulfillment

2 Contents Our Mission How do we benefit you … About us …
Feasibility Network JFK Airport Services Export Parcel Services Global Import into USA | Canada Supply Chain Network Management Information Systems

3 Our Mission Establish an International network of integrators for global B2C fulfilment and excellence in Service Affordability, Efficiency and Consistency !

4 LWE-USA About us … Established in 2012 in New York
100,000 sq. ft. warehouse at JFK Airport Key hub in supporting services at JFK Airport and Tri-state area Over 20 years of global experience in freight movements using world class carriers Effective and efficient customs clearance processes.

5 LWE-USA About us … New York Los Angeles Chicago Atlanta
Fort Erie Canada London England

6 ? How do we benefit you … Global Import and Export into and out of USA
Export Parcel Services through an international network into Europe, Asia , Canada and Australia Versatile technologies for efficient and informative global distribution Robust Strategies for economical and consistent shipping lead time ?

7 Feasibility Network Pick Up Entry Line Haul Delivery
1.Goods manufactured in country of origin 2.Order processed / labels printed by factory 3.Picked up or delivered to international shipping depot 4.Transport to destination country 5. Customs 6.Depositat postal facility for last mile delivery 7.Delivered “End to End Track & Trace” lwe-usa E-Commerce System

8 JFK Airport Services Pickup & delivery for Airlines & Freight forwarding community at JFK airport & tri-state area. Pick & pack | Fulfillment | Returns management Cross docking - access to national parcel network TSA Cargo Screening Bespoke services for ecommerce & general cargo services

9 Global Offices – Hong Kong
Shanghai Export Gateway for shipments from Eastern Provinces including Jiangsu and Zhejiang Hong Kong Customs and Distribution window for inbound into Far East and China Transshipment for Asia-Pacific Traffic Kuala Lumpur Main hub for South East Asian Countries Seoul Key Gateway for E-commerce exports into USA and Europe

10 Export parcel services
Canada | UK | EU | Australia | Far East Export parcel services

11 Global Distribution Transshipment Hubs DDU|DDP Arrangements
New York, Los Angeles Hong Kong, Frankfurt, London DDU|DDP Arrangements B2B and B2C delivery options Hybrid integration with integrators and postal networks Delivery lead time 5-7 days Returns Management Regional Consolidation – New York Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong

12 Benefits for US Export Parcel Services
Duty Basket Duty collect service to Retailers through web based platform Offers Retailers/Clients the ability to pre-calculate Duties and Taxes for Over 121 countries This enables a Retailer to offer a duty paid service to its consumers

13 European Union Coverage
Austria Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Great Britain Netherlands Luxembourg France Italy Switzerland Spain Germany Belgium Poland Czech Rep.

14 European Union Coverage

15 United Kingdom Home Deliveries
One of the UK’s leading parcel delivery networks – 2nd only to Royal Mail Resource and capacity to deliver over 200 million parcels per annum Supported by 4 sort centers and 54 service centers with 1,100 trailers feeding those service centers Delivery fleet of over 5,000 vehicles delivering to 1.76m Post code areas

16 Australia Deliveries Australian Post Fastway Courier
1 to 3 days Delivery after Clearance Major Cities & Regional Inter-city transit by Air (AAE) Own freighter fleet High priority uplift on Qantas Flights as back up Full Track & Trace Australian Post – Non POD Services Ports of Entry – MEL, SYD, PER & BNE

17 Asia and African Network
Major Domestic Integrators 1 to 3 days Delivery after Clearance Major Cities & Regional Full Track & Trace with POD integrated Transship at Hong Kong hub Countries Covered China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka South Africa

18 Asian Partners

19 Global import into usa | canada
Northern American Deliveries Global import into usa | canada

20 LWE-USA Canada

21 Direct Entry Solutions
USA | Canada Direct Entry Solutions Accessing best in class postal administrations and specialized commercial carriers Integrated Shipping platform for Parcel manifesting Customs clearance Tracking management VAT and Duty Management – Duty Baskets Managed Returns Solution

22 Delivery to any address in the USA in 5-7 working days from export.
USA | Canada Delivery to any address in the USA in 5-7 working days from export. Maximize your supply chain - combining best in class delivery with effective and efficient customs clearance Features Delivery Monday to Saturday at no extra costs Delivery to PO Boxes and armed forces facilities Maximum weight up to 70lbs (30,5 kilos)

23 Expedited Process USA Deliveries Expedited Direct Injection into USPS
Los Angeles Atlanta Chicago New York Expedited Process Proper USPS Labeling Completed in China Sort and Tender to 4 US Facilities Each Sort Contains Direct Entry Facility and Regional Facilities Eliminates need for Domestic TSA Known Shipper Status Maximizes Delivery within the US - 2 to 5 Business Days

24 National Network USA Deliveries Direct Entry Facility
Distribution Facilities

25 USA Deliveries Fully Integrated Label applied in China
USPS Imp Barcode and Customs require barcode Compliant USPS Address with sorting codes database Package scan at the 4 US Direct Entry Facilities Instant notification of missing/damaged pieces Enables package intercept Package intercept by Unique ID or IMpb Return to client Update Address Update Delivery Method Overnight, etc.

26 Customs Clearance and Services
Accessing U.S Customs 321 Ruling Allows For Import of Goods Under $200 FREE of Duty Importer of Records is the Ultimate Consignee Customs Clearance Options Bulk clearance (Low Value), Pre validation of SKU to facilitate DDP Live validation prior to processing of orders with DDU options

27 Global Direct Entry An integrated global shipping solution that facilitates the induction of USPS parcels from foreign origin points USPS works with private international logistics providers These providers transport parcels from various origin countries providing all logistics and brokerage activities, and hand-off to the USPS   Integrated with USPS systems to facilitate package preparation and tracking

28 Supply Chain Network

29 USA Import Shipment Arrive by Air Pre-alert data generated system
CFS AMS Pre-alert data generated system Customs Clearance Inspection Customs Broker

30 Last Mile Delivery Cleared Customs Truck to final Depot
Break Bulk Zone Skipping Inject into final Depot Delivered

31 Management Information Systems
Solutions Provided by the new IT Logistic System Multi Carrier Labeling system, mainly for B2C shipments Courier and Export Management solution Document Management System Warehouse Management System Multi Carrier Track and Trace Integration

32 API’s integration to import orders Multi-Carriers Shipping modules
Shipment Processing API’s integration to import orders Multi-Carriers Shipping modules Address Compliances for USA, UK, Australia, Canada Pickup and Last mile labels automatically picked and printed Shipping information integrated with lwe system, customs brokers and last mile carriers Pre-paid duty options

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