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Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

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1 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Linda Valdez Thompson, Executive Vice President, Administration and Diversity Norma Carabajal Essary, Vice President, Risk Management Dallas Business Journal “Honoring the Champions of Health” April 7, 2011

2 Capture Executive Support Create an Employee Champion Council
DFW Wellness Program – LiveWell Success Factors for a Winning Wellness Program Capture Executive Support Create an Employee Champion Council Create a Comprehensive Wellness Model Choose Health Interventions that Target Your Audience Communicate and Promote a Health-awareness environment Collect Data to Drive a Winning Wellness Initiative Celebrate successes, and evaluate program Source: Adopted from WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks of Success

3 Executive Team Support
Strategic Objective: Ensure that the workforce is engaged, healthy, inclusive and diverse Capture executive-level sponsorship to help you secure resources, buy-in and support for the program LiveWell supports key results of DFW’s Strategic Plan Employee Engagement and Cost Competitiveness Visible participation of the senior leadership team in the program is essential for others to follow PRIMARY BUSINESS GOAL: Grow the core business of domestic and international passenger and cargo airline service. COST COMPETITIVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT 3 3

4 Vision: Embrace a healthy lifestyle. Mission Statement:
Create an Employee Champions Council Establish Program Vision & Mission Statements Vision: Embrace a healthy lifestyle. Mission Statement: To create a supportive work environment that educates and encourages, and empowers employees and their families to make lifestyle choices that optimize their health, well-being, safety, and contribution to the Airport and the community.

5 Create an Employee Champions Council Employee team to promote program involvement
LiveWell Council comprised of 15 cross-functional employees Executive team approves all appointments on the council Most serve in a leadership or supervisory role, allowing them time and flexibility to participate Primary role is to promote, help communicate wellness initiatives at department level, lead in organizing employee programs

6 Prior to launch of LiveWell, DFW conducted online employee survey
Collect Data to Drive a Winning Wellness Initiative Conduct research and benchmark relevant companies Prior to launch of LiveWell, DFW conducted online employee survey Close to 800 employees responded and key findings included: 78% prefer an onsite facility that provides exercise equipment, cardio group exercise and nutrition programs 90% indicated they would participate in programs and utilize services offered of a wellness center 60% of employees exercise 3 or more days per week Benchmarked organizations in North Texas City of Fort Worth (5,900 employees) City of Garland (2,100 employees) City of Fort Worth (5,900 employees) – Education/Prevention Focus Prior to launch of LiveWell, DFW conducted online employee survey to measure both interest and types of activities of important to employees Education and prevention focused program that includes employee discounts to fitness centers City of Garland (2,100 employees): Program focuses on weight management and offers an on-site fitness facility

7 Create a Comprehensive Wellness Model DFW LiveWell Model

8 Create a Comprehensive Wellness Model DFW Integrated Disability Continuum Model
Lost Time/ Productivity Management Programs Sick Leave Presenteeism Absenteeism WC/STD/LTD FMLA Well No Disease At Risk Weight Blood Pressure Stress Management Acute Illness Flu/Colds Stress Strains/Sprains Fractures Chronic Illness Diabetes Heart Disease Cholesterol Depression Hypertension Asthma Catastrophic Illness / Injury Cancer Medical Care Management Programs LiveWell HRA Screenings Annual physicals Vaccinations EAP Annual Physicals Interventions Flu Clinic Safety Prevention Case mgmt Return to work Disease mgmt Reasonable accommodations (ADA) Rehabilitation LiveWell Program, EAP & Behavioral Health/Pharmacy Management/Gaps in Care Health/Disability Risk Assessment/Health Information & Tools *Source: Adapted from Cigna Group Insurance 8 8

9 Choose Health Interventions that Meet Audience Needs Assessments & Interventions Components
On-line Health Risk Assessments (HRA) Customized by the University of Michigan, a globally recognized data source for health risk assessment Average DFW employee participation rate, % Annual physical or dental examination Absence Management Integrated disability program Intervention Programs Education based Reported health risk factors Annual health fair Seminars, workshops, lunch & learns Reported health risk factors Overweight Blood Pressure Stress Smoking Sedentary Lifestyle (inactivity)

10 Choose Health Interventions that Meet Audience Needs Lifestyle/Behavioral Component
On-site Wellness Center Monthly group exercise Pilates/Yoga – 12 classes Circuit Training – 12 classes Strength Training/Boot camp – 16 classes Zumba – 4 classes Basketball, racquetball, volleyball and tennis tournaments Weight Management Classes

11 Choose Health Interventions that Meet Audience Needs Incentive Policy
Replaced sick leave incentive to a wellness-based program Incentives are core elements of wellness programs Days of pay awarded for enhanced wellness behavior Incentive Components Assessments Interventions Lifestyle & Behavioral Health Risk Assessment Annual Physical/Dental Exam <7 Days of Lost Time Four (4) Educational Requirements – seminars, online training, workshops, lunch & learns LiveWell Center Utilization – 36 visits 6 Week Challenge Participation Converted sick leave program to wellness incentive program, minimal increase if any A day of pay per component completed

12 Promote a Health-Awareness Environment Communication Strategy
Dedicated website In-home newsletter developed in partnership with WELCOA Know your Numbers campaign Award-wining LiveWell Guide Education Online education modules Seminars conducted monthly “Healthier at Home” book resource Guide FedEx Kitty Hawk Korean Air Cargo Lufthansa Cargo Martinaire Singapore Cargo UPS DFW Cargo (Thousands of Metric Tonnes)

13 Most Prevalent Health Conditions
These preventable health conditions were identified in 2010 health care claims data. Source: Aetna Group Health Claims Data, March 2011 – HMO & PPO Plans Combined

14 Celebrate Successes and Evaluate Program
DFW has experienced a decrease in the utilization of various medical services from 2009 to ER visits and prescription drugs increased. Services Year-over-Year Variance Total Medical Paid (dollars) -3.3 % Office Visits (days) -3.4 % Hospital Admissions -2.0 % Average Hospital Length Stays -20.0 % Emergency Room (ER) Visits +2.7 % Total Prescription Paid (dollars) +7.9 % Number of Prescription Claims +1.0 % Source: Aetna Group Health Claims Data, March 2011 – HMO & PPO Plans Combined

15 Celebrate Successes and Evaluate Program
Risk Factor Program Employee Participation Results Overweight Nutrition and weight management classes 163 2,063+ lbs lost Blood pressure Screenings, BP machines, online education, and classes 1,300 19% increase in awareness of numbers Stress management Online education, and EAP classes 1,600 4% improvement measured for life satisfaction factors Smoking cessation BreatheWell program, 12-week class 40 60% quit rate Sedentary lifestyle Fitness (group exercise, tournaments, fun runs 890 Increased wellness center membership; 5% increase in physical activity Blood pressure checks – partner with EMS, machine located at Wellness Center and DPS Stations On average, an obeses employee costs X A smoker costs X People who are more physically fit, cost less.XX

16 Celebrate Successes and Evaluate Program
Through LiveWell, DFW has created a culture of wellness that supports positive health habits Airport has experienced a positive impact on medical claims costs due to a comprehensive wellness program and benefit plan design changes Integrated wellness approach allows DFW to focus on prevention, and interventions that increase employee productivity and engagement New Opportunities Continue to build on success of the program Create wellness environment in all office buildings and work areas, other than wellness center Expand programs to include employee family members and retirees Leverage terminal clinic services and pharmacy Pursue additional cost-saving opportunities by utilizing the facility for screenings, physicals and employee events to achieve Promote medical plan offerings (i.e. prenatal classes, disease management) that support LiveWell initiatives Movement towards becoming a smoke-free organization

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