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June 2-15, 2011 While youre waiting… Review the light yellow and tan handouts Fill out the information for the phone chain.

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1 June 2-15, 2011 While youre waiting… Review the light yellow and tan handouts Fill out the information for the phone chain

2 –- Henry Miller

3 Wear: Tee shirt Neck Pouch (with name tag & passport) Bring: ISE luggage tags – 1 on your checked bag & 1 on your carry-on, clearly filled out with black Sharpie In your carry-on: Trip binder: Guía de Costa Rica Student Journal: Recuerdos de mi viaje a Costa Rica ISE Recuerdos de Mi Viaje for the family stay Phrasebook: Lonely Planet Costa Rica Phrasebook Sharpie time! ISE Recuerdos de mi viaje Luggage tags

4 for parents and students to refer to BEFORE the trip. Dont need to bring them with you. Any information pertinent to the trip itself is reprinted and included in the trip binder. We will review the information in these handouts this evening.

5 Anything you want us to know about your child Individual questions that you want us to follow up on

6 You have already signed this and we have copies. You have also already signed Rockwoods Code of Conduct. Be aware that if you do something that endangers yourself or the group, you may be sent home at your own expense. Rockwood School District discipline policy is in effect throughout the trip.

7 Common sense rules Guidelines for a successful family stay Photo album (required) Gifts – see orchid handout. Thank you note Photo contest Luggage guidelines (p. 8-9) Air travel information and Insurance (will discuss later tonight) Checklist: Before you leave home Notarized Parental Permission Form – will receive at airport

8 Thursday, June 2 nd Depart St. Louis 11:25 AM, American Airlines Arrive in Miami 3:10 PM (2:10 St. Louis time) Depart Miami 6:20 PM (5:20 St. Louis time) Arrive in San José 7:10 PM (8:10 St. Louis time) Lunch in St. Louis airport Dinner in Miami airport MUST BRING snack for evening at hotel

9 Thursday, June 2 nd – arrive at the airport at 8:30 AM. Meet leaders at American Airlines ticket counter. Bloomrosen through Jansma, check in with Sra. Pahl. Martinelli through Wilson, check in with Sra. Lackey. If parents accompanied students inside, they will need to say good-bye before we go down the escalator to the concourse.

10 Stay in groups of 3 or more while in the airport and let us know if youre going to the bathroom, etc. Bring your phone and have it on – if we need to inform you about a change of gate, etc., we will text or call you if youre not next to us. Because you are travelling as a group, you should check in at the airport. Do not check- in online from home.

11 Wednesday, June 15 th Depart San Jose 1:30 PM, American Airlines Arrive in Miami 6:30 PM (5:30 St. Louis time) Depart Miami 9:15 PM (8:15 St. Louis time) Arrive in St. Louis 10:55 PM Lunch in San José airport Dinner in Miami airport

12 Check with American Airlines about delays. If we are aware of a delay, we will activate the phone chain. Meet your child at the end of security or at baggage claim.

13 Señora Pahls budget / ISEs budget $264-$405 spending money Colones (500 = $1) and exchange information Bank / ATM / Debit cards Credit cards Options Inform your bank and credit card companies before departure that you will be in Costa Rica

14 Students should not carry excess cash in their pockets or purses. Never carry money in your back pocket! Leaders advise students on upcoming needs for cash. Most hotels have safes in rooms. Can store in locked suitcase in room or give to Señoras for safe keeping Security in hotel rooms has NEVER been an issue!

15 Consider the weather before you pack It will rain. It is the rainy season. Altitude makes the difference in temperature.

16 Please take our suggestions seriously. Highlights 1 checked bag (50 lbs or less!), 1 carry on carry on should be a backpack (bring umbrella and rain jacket in carry on) wear long pants and your T-shirt camera and memory cards, charger

17 Hiking / athletic shoes Wool or synthetic hiking socks, lightweight is fine Water shoes (not flip flops) Sandals Do not go barefoot anywhere.

18 Water bottle Plastic Zip-Lock Bags (3-1-1 in carry on + extras) Trash bags TSA lock First Aid kit

19 Hat Sunscreen body face lips Sunglasses Insect repellent

20 Sun and insect protection Wash your hands Bring medications Back-up antibiotics Dont go barefoot Take care of minor injuries promptly Drink plenty of water (tap water vs bottled) Eat well

21 Sanitary standards are very good! Medical services are very good. Health insurance forms Water is potable but bottled tastes better. Bring a water bottle htat can be refilled. See How to Stay Healthy in Costa Rica. No shots required – not in malaria areas.

22 Good hygiene. Wash hands. Antibacterial hand gel. Clean, medicate, & bandage cuts. Medications & back-up meds. Dont go barefoot – EVER! Drink plenty of water! Get some for the plane after passing security. Eat well. Inform teachers if you dont feel well If you are prone to tummy troubles eat yogurt and possibly take probiotics

23 Teacher Cell Phone Number in Costa Rica From US to Costa Rica 011-506-8975-6306 (write in at the top of the hot pink handout) From within Costa Rica 8975-6306 (write in section 1, page 1 of trip binder) Phone chain Unplug Email Phone calls Texting Blog Emergency Numbers

24 We will email you as soon as we hear from ISE (they think it will be finalized this week) Check your SPAM folder on your email in case a message from your family gets sent there

25 Neck pouch Costa Rica t-shirt Long pants Jacket or sweatshirt Rain jacket Umbrella Black pen that doesnt leak (immigration forms)

26 Neck pouch! Wear it to the airport! Wear in the airport with passport & boarding passes! Do NOT take off until we ask for them after arriving in San José! ALWAYS stop and put your documents away in the pouch BEFORE doing anything else!

27 -- Mark Twain



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