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OPEN HOUSE OCTOBER 18, 2010 Presentation on Port of Tillamook Bay FEMA Alternate Projects.

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1 OPEN HOUSE OCTOBER 18, 2010 Presentation on Port of Tillamook Bay FEMA Alternate Projects

2 Introductions Port of Tillamook Bay: Michele Bradley – General Manager Aaron Palter – Project Coordinator Karin Gitchel – Office Administrator FEMA Region X: Lois Lopez – Public Assistance Officer John Medina – Project Specialist Barb Gimlin – Environmental and Historic Preservation Specialist Recognition of Elected Officials

3 Railroad Storm Damage Insert Pix.


5 Project #1 – Equipment Purchase

6 Project #2.1: Administration Building Acquire and Improve as a for-lease facility

7 Project #2.2: Airport T-Hangar Demolition and Reconstruction

8 Project #2.3: Building #7/Port Shops Demolish Building and Reconstruct New Port Shops at different location

9 Project #2.4: Building #11/Warehouse B Building Improvements

10 Project #2.5: Building #12/Servicemaster Building Improvements

11 Project #2.6: Building #18/Stimson Lumber Building Improvements

12 Project #2.7: Building #19/Main Offices Building Improvements

13 Project #2.8: Building 59/Warehouse A Building Improvements

14 Project #2.9: Building #1/#66/Headquarters Building Building Improvements

15 Project #2.10: Building 69 Building Improvements

16 Project #2.11/#12: Hooley Digester Facility Improvements

17 Project #2.12: RV Park Facility Upgrades

18 Project #2.13: Third Parcel (TSD#9) Acquisition and Building Improvements as for-lease facilities.

19 Project #3.1: Tillamook Municipal Airport Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Construction of new Airport FBO

20 Project #3.2 – Old Rec. Hall (TSD#9) Acquisition and Construction of new Port of Tillamook Bay Industrial Warehouse Business Park along Blimp Boulevard

21 Project #3.3: New Construction Port Shops Old Site New Site

22 Project #3.4: Building #61/Shed Row Building Improvements

23 Project #3.5: Truck Storage Facility Construction of a secure storage area along Blimp Boulevard

24 Project #3.6: Airport Hangars Construction of additional airplane hangars at Tillamook Municipal Airport Picture shown here is for conceptual purposes only

25 Project #5: POTB Railroad Property in Buxton, Oregon Construction of Grain/Lumber Transload Facility

26 Project #7: Hangar B (Air Museum) Building Improvements

27 Project #8: Port of Tillamook Bay Road System Road Improvements (c. 4.3 Miles)

28 Project #9: New Construction Port of Tillamook Bay Airport Business Park

29 Project #10: Industrial Park Utility Improvements

30 Project #11: Septage Receiving Improvements

31 Project #13 – Southern Flow Corridor Project (Oregon Solutions)

32 Project #15: Sewer Lagoon Improvements

33 Project #16 – Truck Scales

34 Public Contracting Opportunities Invitations to Bid (ITB) for project construction are expected to be released late Winter of 2010/2011 through the middle of Spring 2011 and beyond. ITBs will be advertised in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 279 and posted to the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN). Registration for free at http://orpin.oregon.gov Information will also be made available on the Ports website at For more information, contact Aaron Palter (Project Coordinator) at 503-842-2413 x. 116 or by email to:

35 Stations History of POTB – Michele Bradley Current POTB Projects – Aaron Palter FEMAs Role – Lois Lopez / John Medina EHP Compliance – Barb Gimlin

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