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Textual Analysis of Collateral By Yasmin Hoque. Location/setting Airport: The first location is set at an airport, which is clear when we see the character.

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1 Textual Analysis of Collateral By Yasmin Hoque

2 Location/setting Airport: The first location is set at an airport, which is clear when we see the character Vincent walking through. The idea that Vincent is walking through the airport shows the audience that he is on business, as he is just arriving. Taxi Rank: The second location tells the audience about the character Max, that he is a taxi driver. These two locations are typical of the Thriller genre, as in Thriller films are often set at normal places. These locations also demonstrate the social class of each character, this shows that Max is working class.

3 Lighting/Colour Stock Airport: Natural lighting is used to demonstrate the time of day, which is day time. The natural lighting shows that is a new day, that everything seems normal, such as Vincent just arriving on business. The lighting looks like it has been dis-saturated a bit, which is typical for most Thriller films, as it makes it look like a dull, average life. Taxi Rank: Natural lighting is also used to tell the audience that is day time, and so is a new, normal day for the character Max. The lighting has also be de-saturated here, to create the same effect as at the airport, that its just another average dull day.

4 Costume Vincent: Vincent wears a grey suit, which makes his appearance look professional and reinforces that he looks like he is going on a business trip. The grey suit is quite boring, formal, and emotionless. He wears sunglasses, which can represent him trying to hide his identity. Vincent costume shows that he is wealthy and makes him stand out in the crowd. Max: Max clothes is more casual compared to Vincent. Max wears a top, hoodie and jeans. Maxs costume portrays him laid back, and does his social class. Costume also shows that he does not have a professional job. Maxs glasses also makes him seem intelligent.

5 Props The brief case creates mystery and suspense for the audience, as they dont know what is in there, this hidden identity. Some of the props gives small information about the characters such as Maxs glasses, which is stereotypical as glasses seem intelligent. Another example is the picture we Max puts up a picture, which shows the viewers that he is not happy with his job and shows his dream. The viewers also see Max cleaning his car windows with spray, which shows that he is not comfortable with his present job.

6 Performance The viewers first see Max slouched down doing a puzzle. This shows the viewers that Max is isolating himself by not talking to anyone and getting on with his job. We first see Vincent walking through the airport, standing up straight looking confident, and stands out from the crowd. Tom Cruise character Vincent than bumps into Jason, where we can see a smirk on face, which tells the audience he knows.

7 Camera shots/angles/movements Airport: One of the first shots we see of Vincent is a medium close up within a distance long shot of the people surrounding him, with a shallow dept effect where Vincent is the focus. This effect makes him stand out within the crowd, as well giving information about his costume and physical expression, as well as giving a sense of the location. Medium shot of Vincent and Jason bumping into each other with next shot of briefcase, shows it is bad they bump into each other. There is a medium shot of the brief case which generates mystery of what is in there, as there is some focus on it. Shots gets close on two characters to show their reactions. An associated P.O.V shot of Tom Cruise, with his face in focus and the background blurred. This effects focus on Tom Cruise face which emphasises his hidden identity and it shows his sunglasses.

8 Taxi Rank: There are different Close ups and extreme close up of the taxi rank, which gives small information of the next location. Pan movement of people talking to show how it is busy. Tilt of Max doing crossword up to his face, which gives information to the audience about his character, through what he is doing, body language and clothing. There is a low angle shot of the bag when Max gets into his Taxi. This shows the bag is important and is contains his things, which tells us about his character. There are close ups of his actions, for example putting his picture up, cleaning the window, which tells the audience what he is like. We see a wide shot of his cab going off which shows the audience that he is starting his day. Editing: Slow motion effect when Tom Cruise is walking through airport, which makes him look cooler and calmer through his physical expression. Where as Jason is walking normal and looks tense. Match on action is used when Tom Cruise and Jason Statham bump into each other and drop their brief cases. The shot includes both bumping into each other dropping their cases, then the next shot is the briefcases landing in the floor. This shows the use of continuity editing, and reinforces the importance of the briefcases and mystery it creates.

9 Sound Airport: First hear digetic sound of people talking and aeroplane. This tells the audience that the location is at an airport, and it is a normal busy day. This tells the audience that Tom cruse is at the airport. These is also digetic sound of his footsteps which becomes louder as he comes closer to the camera. Can hear Jason footsteps which are much quicker and rush, where Tom is much more calmer and cooler. There is dialogue between Tom Cruise Jason. Jason says to Tom Enjoy LA which can show to the audience that Jason knows what Tom is going to be up to. The drop of the briefcase is also louder than usual, which emphasises its importance. Non-digetic soundtrack starts out after Tom Cruise picks up his briefcase and continues. This music is upbeat and fast pace which represents Tom Cruise staring his day and mission. Taxi Rank: Digetic sound of the taxi rank, such as beeping noises from the cars, TV, people talking, engines etc. This gives small detail of where the location is, and shows the audience that is an ordinary busy day. When Max gets into the car, all the digetic sound stops from the outside which can represent Max shutting himself out from the world. The music volume decreases to reinforce this meaning. Digetic sound of Max cleaning the car with spray, enforces the shots.

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